Transiting Mars on natal Uranus: craving freedom

transit-mars-uranus.jpg Transiting Mars on natal Uranus: craving freedom

Transiting Mars conjunct natal Uranus

This can be an extremely creative, innovative and productive time for you if you are able to moderate your erratic energy and intense moods.

Find ways to constructively use creative expression to assert your individuality and progressive ideals. You crave freedom and abhor restrictions of any kind right now.

You will feel the urge to abruptly embark on radically different path, or to shock others by making dramatic changes in your life. Resist the urge to follow every whim as some may lead to regrettable decisions. Risky behavior can also lead to injury or accidents. Be especially careful while traveling, using electronics or with fire.

You may have brilliant insights and sudden epiphanies which will help you grow and make personal and professional progress.

Opportunities are often unexpected and your plans may shift suddenly and frequently. Channel your excess energy through physical activity or you may end up experiencing mania like states and insomnia.

Transiting Mars sextile natal Uranus

Unexpected connections can emerge from your social circle. You may suddenly become intensely involved in a new relationship filled with dynamic, sexual energy.

You may also feel compelled to explore various social organizations and progressive groups, going from zero to one hundred in your involvement.

At the same time, you desire freedom and may keep others around you but avoid real intimacy. Instead instigating drama or ghosting others altogether when things get too intense.

You want to explore and expand your understanding of different belief systems and cultures. You may immerse in metaphysical studies and conspiracy theories or become involved in occult groups or progressive activist groups.

Hectic energy surrounds your work and you may experience sudden abrupt shifts in your work routines or even unexpected opportunities to jump from one job to another.

Transiting Mars square natal Uranus

Your wild side needs an outlet or else disruption and chaos can permeate your life right now. Creative outlets are helpful.

Erratic, intense and intense energy is prevalent and you may want to alienate yourself from everyone and everything and strike out in a radically new direction.

Indulging in this instinct is not likely to be helpful.

Instead try to use this energy to release connection to old habits you have outgrown or to set clearer boundaries with others.

You may also be prone to accidents and injuries. Be mindful of electric shock or danger from fire.

Transiting Mars trine natal Uranus

Your desire to break free of restrictions including traditions, habits and routines, will be heightened. You may feel electrified and charged to branch out in new directions. You may completely wipe the slate clear and start over I relationships, or jump from one career to another.

Some of the changes you make will shock you and those around you but you will drive yourself forward, your instincts sharp and innovative, and you will carve a path to success.

You may initiate a romantic or sexual affair but it is likely to be based on physical chemistry more than emotional connection.

You may experiment with sexual experiences at this time and you crave excitement and adventure both in and outside of the bedroom. You may be tempted to have an affair or become independent from an existing partner.

Transiting Mars opposite natal Uranus

You may experience outbursts of anger and sudden erratic emotions. You are surrounded by erratic and chaotic energy. Your defenses may be triggered by others and you are likely to be at odds with authority figures.

You are also likely to feel detached from the crowd, fiercely independent and alienated from your typical social supports. You may feel compelled to cut off certain friends, or contemplate quitting your job or leaving a relationship.

You are likely to make bold statements espousing progressive, radical or shocking ideas and may be so adamant about breaking free from tradition that you end up damaging long standing relationships.

If you see the mounting tension and desire for independence as a beacon getting your attention and preparing you for long term change, without feeling the need to act out impulsively, disruptions can be avoided.

Transiting Mars quincunx natal Uranus

You need a change of scenery and may have to make some adjustments to your mindset, beliefs, and understanding of others.

You will have the opportunity to step outside of what is familiar and embrace a larger understanding of others and the world around you.

In the process, excitement may give way to frustration as you both want to experience new and different ideas, yet also are easily put on the defensive when confronted with some revolutionary and progressive concepts.

Give yourself time to adjust to unexpected surprises that may seem to interfere with your personal goals at first.

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