Transiting Mars on natal North Node: active advancements on your path

transit-mars-node.jpg Transiting Mars on natal North Node: active advancements on your path

Transiting Mars conjunct natal North Node

Your destiny is illuminated and you have enough of a glimpse of what could be to get fired up about advancement on your path. You may now become restless to implement changes and work toward your dream or mission.

You may have to overcome lessons in timing and discern the proper way to work with power and energy in order to truly fulfill your purpose and learn Karmic lessons.

Your impulses may prompt you to forge ahead before you are entirely ready. Likewise you may have to develop greater confidence before you are able to take the needed steps and spring into action.

At this time you will begin to see your true strength and your focus and willpower will align with your higher goals.

Transiting Mars sextile natal North Node

You are emerging from the comfort of your past social and familial connections and suddenly feel the urge to strike out on your own.

Whether through your own volition or as a result of crisis you now realize your needs as an individual and what’s more, you realize that although you may be supported by others, you can’t truly count on anyone to walk your path for you.

Lessons emerge now which require you to balance between autonomy and being receptive to guidance and support from others.

You will have a strong sense of purpose and ambition and may have to resolve Karmic issues around asking for help, relying on others, and asserting yourself.

Transiting Mars square natal North Node

Trying to fly out of the nest too soon will result in a failure to launch.

You are inclined to respond to well intentioned impulses only to learn after the fact that you haven’t yet developed enough of a sense of confidence or clarity to really make things work the way you know they should.

You may be distracted from your path by power struggles with others. You may also have come to just enough confidence with your direction and focus to cut yourself off from your intuition and as a result, limit your ability to succeed.

Patience and focus combined with receptivity to the guidance of others are helpful at this time. You don’t need to detach completely from others in order to maintain your sense of individual purpose.

Competing with others is also not helpful at this time.

Transiting Mars trine natal North Node

You have a clear sense of your mission and just enough energy to motivate you into uncharted territory.

Your strengths are amplified at this time and you have no problem acting independently and following your passion.

You will feel as though you are fulfilling your purpose. Even challenges or obstacles on your path will not deter you. There maybe a Karmic lesson involved in any detours or blocks that present at this time and knowing this will only make you more determined to learn life lessons once and for all.

If there is anything that will truly work against you at this time it will be a desire to speed through to the next phase before you have fully integrated lessons and developed your plan.

Transiting Mars opposite natal North Node

You will have to choose between past and future and feel pulled in both directions simultaneously. You may end up spinning your wheels or constantly battling others as a result.

You will need to express your energy in more productive ways toward a higher purpose but will struggle with wanting to exert your will to conquer small challenges and as a result you may win battles here and there but ultimately lose the war.

Even if you don’t get your way, doesn’t mean you haven’t been given the best outcome possible. Be open to the long term benefits of not having things go according to your plan.

Transiting Mars quincunx natal North Node

You may become frustrated when your will and ambition aren’t enough to make things happen.

You may feel like you are fighting an uphill battle and no matter how hard you try things simply aren’t lining up in accordance with your plans.

You may be exerting your energy in the wrong direction or trying to force others or situations to conform to your ideas rather than being open to the larger patterns aligning around you. Perhaps your intuition is being lost as you insist on following your plan.

Step back and consider that there are numerous ways to achieve your ultimate goals and that if you are hitting roadblock after roadblock, what you thought to be your purpose may actually be a function of your ego desires and not your spiritual calling. Adjust your perspective and move forward.

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