Transiting Mars on natal Midheaven: motivated to seek professional advancement

transit-mars-midheaven.jpg Transiting Mars on natal Midheaven: motivated to seek professional advancement

Transiting Mars conjunct natal Midheaven

Your ambition is projected out into the public arena. You are energized and motivated to seek advancement and it is no secret that you are yearning to increase status and professional standing.

Your focus is singular and you can’t be dissuaded from your mission. You become much more independent and seek leadership and promotional opportunities, likely to be successful, however you are working your own agenda. Collaboration is difficult now.

Your sense of competition will further motivate you and challenge you to push yourself harder to reach your goals.

Work that involves some degree of competition and allows you to take initiative and act independently will be best suited to your strengths now.

You have the confidence and drive to pursue your path and you will not do well with micromanagement.

Transiting Mars sextile natal Midheaven

You are confident and ambitious and have a strong focus on what you need and want. You follow your desires with minimal distraction and you may overlook the needs of others.

In spite of this, you have the support and admiration of friends and loved ones who believe in your ambitions as much as you do.

Now is a great time to act assertively and pursue your goals, challenging yourself outside of your comfort zone.

Transiting Mars square natal Midheaven

You have a conquesting attitude now and pursue your goals relentlessly, even if it is at the expense of others. You may become more domineering and relationships can suffer as you focus more on your own needs than on the needs of others.

You may become more argumentative with co-workers and petty power struggles can impact your reputation. You may also be distracted from your objectives by power struggles with others.

You may also become side tracked by pursuit of power for the sake of power, rather than channeling your ambition toward a positive end result.

Managing power is awkward for you at this time. You may have been given leadership opportunities for which you do not feel confidently suited.

You may be striving for power in ways that are inconsiderate of others. You may also be pushing yourself too hard, not being reasonable about your energy levels or limitations.

You may fear failure while projecting an image of false confidence. This process will help you cultivate your true strengths but you must become aware of the insecurities that drive you to overcompensate with false bravado.

Transiting Mars trine natal Midheaven

You are acutely aware of your true desires and have a clear idea of how to pursue your goals and advance your career. You exert confidence and leadership capacity without dominating others.

You may have an opportunity for promotion or advancement in your career and your leadership abilities will come to the forefront. You will ascend to leadership in group settings and have a good balance between what is best for you as an individual and the needs of others.

Your energy and motivation are heightened and you may have fortunate opportunities to transform challenges into opportunities.

Your competitive edge fuels your motivation rather than pitting you against others, you are competing with your own past experience.

Transiting Mars opposite natal Midheaven

You may become obsessively driven and self centered in your focus on your own ambition. Your career and personal life may feel at odds and you may go to extremes to exert your will over others, trying to impose your views and will on others.

Your desires may be obscured by power struggles. Be aware of the temptation to sacrifice relationships and supports in reckless pursuit of your goals.

You may be more impulsive at this time and mistakes may have public impact or otherwise surface to damage your professional reputation.

You may become mistrusting of others and more territorial or possessive than usual. Be mindful to consider the circumstances of your actions.

Transiting Mars quincunx natal Midheaven

Your efforts are not yielding the results you expected and you may be surprised to find that pushing harder to get your way is not effective. Less may be more at this time, yet you will feel compelled to continue to try to exert your will.

Step back and adjust to what is happening in your career ad work life even though it may not be what you think should be happening. You are likely to find that you have been exerting effort in vain and will need to avoid burn out.

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