Ascendant or House 1 in the signs

house icon_1.pngHouse 1 or Ascendant in the signs: What does your Ascendant reveal about your mannerisms and first impressions?

House 1 or Ascendant in Aries

An Aries Ascendant gives the outward appearance and physical traits of the Warrior archetype. You are likely to be athletic and easily gain muscle tone.

Your energy and stamina are both higher than usual and you can become restless if you don’t have adequate outlets for your physical energy. You may remain youthful in appearance and attitude regardless of your physical age.

Aries Rising gives you an enthusiastic, open and bold energy. You love to prove your strength and courage and may frequently take risks or push yourself to the limit just so you can prove that you were able to conquer every obstacle and climb every mountain.

You easily spring into action and may be seen by others as impulsive or intimidating. You usually have no intention of overpowering others and dominating space, except to the extent that you can be overeager to get your point across or to be a champion on behalf of others, even if they did not expect you to lend your strength and energy.

You are easily excited and this can result in a near constant outpouring of energy and optimism, yet it can also make you easily triggered to anger and frustration. You love to do things quickly and can assume faster is better, sacrificing quality and overlooking the importance of experience and being in the moment.

Others will likely admire your endurance and physical strength and energy levels. You pride yourself on getting things done quickly and may struggle to be patient with others who are slower to act or make decisions than you are.

It is easy for you to come to a decision though some times this is because you have jumped to conclusions prematurely or made assumptions about the best way to proceed without first analyzing all the facts.

It doesn’t bother you, however, because busy-ness energizes you and even when the results of your actions aren’t what you expected, you just see it as another challenge to conquer, or as someone else’s fault.

If there is a hard way to accomplish something, you’re all for it. You look to challenges as a way to prove yourself. You may also be determined, intense and sometimes dominating and confrontational.

You can be protective as well and may attract people who need help making decisions or asserting themselves, yet you may also overlook the importance of working with their energy in collaboration with yours rather than rushing to solve their problems for them.

Your mission is important to you and without realizing it you can be perceived as harsh because you chase your objectives like a dog with a bone. When you have a goal in sight, you may literally or figuratively plow through others to achieve it.

House 1 or Ascendant in Taurus

Taurus Ascendant gives you the physical appearance of sturdiness and stability. Regardless of weight, you carry yourself in a grounded way and others can tell you are anchored. This may appear as a solid frame.

With Venus as the ruling planet of your Taurus Rising sign, you are perceived as beautiful and romantic by others. Your body is likely to be strong and your features may be square rather than ectomorphic.

You are in tune with your physical body and love to be pampered. Regardless of conventional gender roles, you are concerned with appearing your best and are drawn to treatments like spas, manicure or pedicures or massages. You are sensual and love to experience luxury. Your clothes must be comfortable, stylish but also high quality.

Your home or office furnishings and decoration also reflect your tastes in fine art, culture and comfort. You have high expectations because you understand your value and will be intolerant of those who try to take advantage of you or who do not recognize your very clear boundaries.

Though you are attractive and romantic you don’t easily convey your emotions and prefer to keep a stoic appearance unless pushed too far and then you are likely to react with anger that is slow to dissipate. In fact, slow pace is part of your demeanor.

You carefully consider things before reacting and even when pleased with others will not overflow with emotion. It takes you a while to settle in and decide the best course of action and you can’t be rushed by others.

You value comfort, beauty and luxury and while you understand how to find bargains you also know how to show off your best attributes with style. You pay attention to physical presentation both in how others appear and dress and also in decoration, food preparation and other areas of life.

You place emphasis on what you can perceive with your physical senses and as such you emphasize the material world. Jewelry, wealth, luxuries and personal comforts are appealing and important to you.

You can be patient, diligent and slow moving because you value quality over quantity and won’t be rushed. Whether in relationships or career change you don’t take risks and want proof that all is solid and stable before proceeding.

You are generous and nurturing to others yet you will not tolerate disrespect or dishonesty of any kind. You are slow to trust and even slower to forgive. Your cautious nature is obvious because you make your boundaries clear. You may feel romantic admiration toward someone and delay taking action for so long as to miss opportunities.

The same can be true in business decisions and career. It will not matter to you in the long run, however, because security is of utmost importance to you and you will simply wait patiently for the opportunity to come again.

You can be strong and hard working yet you will usually not put yourself in situations in which your work is too fast paced, demanding, dangerous or dirty. You can be dedicated and thorough in your career but will draw the line and refuse to do anything you feel is too demeaning or degrading based on your strong sense of self esteem and self value.

House 1 or Ascendant in Gemini

You are outgoing, social and witty with Gemini Ascendant. You may embody the archetypal Messenger even physically as your dress and appearance may reflect that you are always on the move and always mingling with the crowd.

Your love for various trivia topics is evident to those who meet you. You may be carrying numerous electronic devices, books or journals at one time because your ideas and ability to connect with others is prominent. Your love of pop culture, books, music and trivia is also evident in your style and appearance. You are flexible, adaptable, open minded, curious and chatty.

Usually others will find you at the hub of social activity, either checking your social media accounts or hovering with friends in the office break room or at a trendy club or bookstore.

Others are charmed by your engaging and inspiring nature. You have a lot to say on a number of subjects and feel comfortable expressing yourself freely and often quickly. You may be comfortable as a speaker or teacher, writer or messenger, though ending a conversation can be difficult for you because you love to keep the flow of information going.

You love to share ideas and will talk to anyone about anything. You can become excited easily but also bored easily, losing interest in people or situations and moving on in search of the next best thing.

If someone doesn’t really understand your nature they may assume you are duplicitous or dishonest. Your intention is seldom if ever to cause harm to others, if anything you want to be liked by everyone and want to be perceived as smart, friendly and charming.

Thus, you may change your outward appearance like a chameleon, adapting to your surroundings as a means to try to connect with various groups of people but appearing shallow to those who are on high alert for honesty and inconsistency.

Just as you can shape shift your interests and conversation to fit with the different people around you, you can also hold very flexible ideas, even about your basic beliefs and values. Thus you must take care to avoid the temptation of cutting corners and acting in ways which are dishonest just to get ahead in career, finance or even in your social network.

You are aware of the power of words and can have a gift for charming others and conveying ideas yet you can also use your powers of embodying the archetypal Messenger in order to sell people on an image that isn’t accurate.

In business or romance you learn easily what people want to hear and can be a great sales person or negotiator, as well as a mediator or marketer. At the same time you can also end up burying your own feelings and beliefs in an effort to avoid confrontation and this can come back to haunt you in your relationships.

House 1 or Ascendant in Cancer

You are outwardly nurturing and intuitive thanks to Cancer Ascendant. You are sensitive and may seem shy and reserved at first. Your appearance may seem dreamy, romantic and ‘watery’ meaning regardless of weight you have a round and soft appearance.

Your weight may fluctuate due to stress related or emotional eating. When you are content and feeling secure it is not hard for you to stick to a diet and eat in healthy ways. On the other hand, when you are concerned for your loved ones or feeling insecure about your relationships, which is almost always, it becomes challenging for you to control food portions and keep your weight stabilized.

Cancer Rising gives you the inability to have a Poker face. Instead your emotions are transparent and obvious and you may be moved to cry easily. Others see your rapidly changing and openly expressed emotions and may consider you moody.

You can’t easily contain your deep well of feelings and may vacillate between trying to suppress your emotional and vulnerable nature and letting all of your feelings out publicly.

You are nurturing and empathic and you treat others as if they are your family. If you are carried away with the nurturing role you may even treat others as if they are your children, regardless of age.

Ruled by the Moon, your Cancer Rising sign gives you emphasized feminine energy regardless of gender identity. You are sensitive and caring and can be introverted, preferring the comforts of home to new places with too much noise and excitement.

You can be affectionate and connect well with children and young people. You feel deeply and are ruled by your emotions. Others don’t have to guess what you are feeling. It shows on your face. You may also be so ruled by emotions that you let your heart guide you without consulting with your rational mind.

You can find yourself in one chaotic relationship after another because you are likely to attract people who need mothering and nurturing and may eagerly jump in to fulfill this role. You may then become frustrated with others when they act as if they were your grown children rather than partners or friends.

Learning to set boundaries with others is important to you. You may be inclined to fall for others who share stories of woe and victimhood and may sacrifice your own needs and preferences in order please others.

In spite of your deep and powerful emotions, you can be a tenacious business person because you have a keen sense of what others respond to emotionally and what creates security for others. You can be a shrewd negotiator when protecting those you love.

You are a welcoming host and may be concerned with validating others and making them feel at home. You also have a knack for immediately making others feel they can trust and confide in you.

Those around you will open up and convey their feelings and desires because of your receptive nature. You are connected to the past and to childhood and may cling to memories of your own past or family.

House 1 or Ascendant in Leo

Leo Ascendant gives you bold, confident, powerful energy. You are a colorful character and natural leader. You have a unique style which reflects your creativity and optimism. Like the Sun, you have a bright, brilliant energy which helps uplift those around you.

You seek pleasure and happiness in everything you do and love to engage in activities that are playful and demonstrate your skill and strength. You are a natural leader and this can reflect in your physical appearance. You may have such prominent energy, for example, as to appear tall and confident even if your body is of average or petit build.

Your energy is radiant and dynamic. You often feel as if your life is a reality television show and the cameras are always rolling. As a result you pick your fashion and image carefully and love to accentuate your best features.

You also understand how to dress for success. In career, romance or personal life, you make sure your clothing and style convey the image you want others to associate you with. Typically this is an image of power, wealth and prestige.

Also like the sun, you love to show your power and can be dazzling to others. You are drawn toward wealth, fame and status. Your appearance may be eccentric, dramatic and commanding of attention. You may carry yourself in dramatic and theatrical ways. Your energy is dynamic and regardless of body size your presence fills the room and calls attention from everyone around you.

Your reputation and status are well earned because you are charismatic, courageous and friendly. You are generous and love to make grand gestures to show your affection for others. You expect to be praised and recognized for your many talents and you have no problem showing off your many skills. When others don’t recognize you as special and unique, you can become cranky and disappointed.

You can be so caught up in your own goals and ambitions that you don’t realize when you have begun to overpower. You aren’t usually intimidating yet you can steal the spotlight without realizing it. When you don’t feel appreciated or when others trigger your insecurities, you may storm off or go into theatrical tantrums.

You don’t hide your disappointment and will make sure others see how much you are suffering because of their insensitivity to your needs. Unfortunately, these dramatic gestures seldom accomplish what you want and tend to drive others even farther away.

By working to become more secure in your value and talents you will come to understand that you don’t need the attention and admiration of everyone around you and not everyone needs to agree with you at all times. You can become more flexible and confident in yourself regardless of whether you have others’ approval or not.

House 1 or Ascendant in Virgo

You are intellectual yet also grounded. Change makes you uncomfortable because of your earthy Virgo Ascendant. You are also likely to somaticize your worry, showing symptoms in your body when you feel stressed.

You are likely to be highly sensitive to physical changes in your body as well. Others who don’t appreciate this may accuse you of being a hypochondriac but you are in tune with your physical needs. You may be focused on diet, wellness and strive to perfect your body or appearance.

You can be meticulous in other ways as well. You strive to function like a robot and may even try to pretend you aren’t subject to messy emotions. You appear to be stable and grounded and so people who need grounding are likely drawn to you.

Your exterior appearance of stability is likely to be conservative, serious and subdued. You may avoid embodying emotion or sexuality through your dress and appearance, rather keeping the attention off your physical features and on your mind and message.

For this reason you seldom play up your sexuality by accentuating your appearance with revealing clothes or makeup. Instead you attract people based on your intelligence and authenticity. You strive to be of service and have a knack for being straightforward and objective.

Your ability to analyze and organize information makes you an excellent person to have around during a crisis, you seldom act based on emotion alone without considering intellect and rationality.

You may appear serious, reserved and quiet even when you are content your natural expression may be thoughtful or troubled. You may frequently carry books with you. When you become curious about something, which is almost always, you will usually seek out the answer through research online or at the library rather than pontificating and making guesses or forming opinions.

You are likely to become irritated when others pass opinion off as fact also and will naturally move to fill in missing facts and data for those around you without realizing the subtle criticism that carries over in these actions. You aren’t trying to show others up or act like a know-it-all. You genuinely want to be informed on everything and can’t understand why others wouldn’t want the same.

You are concerned with being of service to others and may assume it is your role to give advice or find solutions for people around you. You may turn others off by offering unsolicited guidance and trying to impose your high standards on others.

You can also be practical, methodical and organized. You have a high standard for hygiene and cleanliness. You can be structured and regimented. You may have specific dietary preferences which you are convinced are essential to your body’s needs.

Sometimes this is in fact the case, yet you are also prone to researching dietary trends and experimenting on yourself with various health and nutrition programs.

House 1 or Ascendant in Libra

Libra Ascendant gives you a romantic, sentimental and artistic appearance. You are expressive and intelligent and you seek harmony and balance in all things. For this reason you are conscious of balance and beauty in your physical appearance.

You will go to some measures to make sure your accessories and outfit complements your physical features and while you love to express your individuality and push the boundaries of art, even fashion as wearable art, you also don’t like harsh contrasts. You want everything to flow and be peaceful. Not only in style and appearance but also in your relationships you want peace and diplomacy rather than confrontation.

You are concerned with equality and justice though you prefer to approach your cause in a peaceful way rather than through creating a commotion. You would rather go along with others for the most part because you never want to intrude or impose. The rare exception to this is when others are acting in ways that promote injustice or unfairness.

You are highly sensitive to those you perceive to not have a voice or platform and will make sure to speak on behalf of others when you feel it is necessary. Sometimes it is your own projection of what you assume others to be thinking or feeling and so you must be mindful not to make assumptions about the best way to advocate for others.

Art is important to you and you have creative style in everything from fashion to hairstyle to decorating your surroundings. You are likely to show talent in several areas of visual and performing arts as well. You can be idealistic and your artistic style reflects your values and message of fairness and equality.

You are also flirty and romantic and you love to embody the energy of Libra Rising’s ruling planet, Venus. You make it obvious that you are loving and compassionate and you can be subtle and passive to avoid conflict.

Boundaries can be difficult for you as a result. You may try too hard to please everyone and as a result waiver when it comes to being direct and making up your own mind. Others may see you as indecisive and you are likely to procrastinate.

You love to enjoy pleasure and be pampered by others, yet you also don’t wait for loved ones to show their affection and adoration. You have no problem treating yourself to a day at the spa or relaxing baths, massages or other body treatments that help you feel renewed and relaxed.

You easily help others feel comfortable and can be naturally disarming. As a result others trust you easily and may confide their secrets without solicitation.

House 1 or Ascendant in Scorpio

Scorpio Ascendant makes you intense, brooding and mysterious. You love to convey your depth and flaunt your edgy, sexual side while being careful to never truly reveal your inner thoughts and feelings.

You may appear like a detective, collecting clues while keeping your hypothesis to yourself. Also like a detective you love to research and come to conclusions based on your deep exploration of your surroundings and interests.

You convey sexuality and magnetic attraction energy. You are powerful and confident and you are attracted to anything associated with wealth and status. You also love to embody the image of toughness. You may join a biker gang, goth group or other subculture which has a secretive or even dangerous connotation to it.

If others are intimidated by you, that is fine with you. You prefer to keep others on their toes than to feel like you’ve been figured out. You prefer a vantage point where you can observe your surroundings without being seen or without revealing your own cards. When not evolved you can be jealous, insecure and attempt to control those around you.

With maturity however you can become highly self controlled and release the jealousies that potentially plague your relationships. You can experience volatile connections to others and your high sex drive and need for connection can lead to addictive relationships and even toxic combinations of passion and anger, jealousy and control.

You may also use sexuality and flirtation as a means to attract and control others until you learn to approach relationships and sex with greater reverence and maturity. If acting in an unevolved way you may even have an addictive attitude toward sexual relationships.

You can be intense and may have challenging experiences with losses and death in your family or among loved ones even from an early age.

Your intensity can result in obsessive thinking. Your interests and dreams are backed by powerful focus and ambition and you will not give up once you have your mind set on a goal. You may have an outward interest in the afterlife, the occult and learning about mysteries or spirituality. This lifetime is all about transformation and symbolic death and rebirth for you.

You may learn important lessons only when you have wiped the slate clean and shed one personality or self image for another. You may evolve through different identities or cultures, frequently reinventing yourself and immersing yourself in new identities.

House 1 or Ascendant in Sagittarius

Sagittarius Ascendant makes you a philosopher, seeker and spiritual individual. Everything you touch or focus on is amplified and that can work for your highest good or can become a source of sabotage.

On the positive side, and with Sagittarius Rising you prefer to look at the positive, your dreams and ambitions are big and bold. You are idealistic and reach for the stars. Unlike many dreamers, you seem to have a streak of good luck and are likely to reach your goals.

On the other hand, Sagittarius in your 1st house can amplify debts or make you susceptible to weight gain. A full figure suits you as it is symbolic of your easy connection to wealth and abundance and you are attractive and radiant regardless of shape or size. Others are drawn to your generosity, friendliness, optimism and fiery spirit. You love to experience pleasure, luxury and to take risks.

You do everything on a large scale and that can include eating and spending. You aren’t great at moderation and it shows in your lifestyle and attempts to reign in your budget, drinking or eating. You may go through a revolving door of different food or spending plans and while your intentions are good it is difficult for you to bear any kind of restriction for long.

You are cheerful and uplifting to others. You may be drawn to advocate for others and studying law appeals to you. You are interested in science and spirituality and you may speak openly about your beliefs in metaphysics, the occult and the study of energy in both scientific and New Age terms.

Your benevolent energy is apparent to all who know you and you have a way of bringing abundance and good fortune in everything you do. You expect things to work out for the best and have no problem openly endorsing your faith and optimism. One of the reasons that you are so cheerful is your ability to land on your feet no matter what.

You are freedom loving, independent and need a wide range to explore. You are social but you don’t want to become restricted by relationships with needy people. You are likely to have many different groups of friends with whom you socialize and are comfortable with a diverse array of people. In fact you prefer it this way and can become bored easily.

You are caring and generous yet you don’t understand the importance of being emotionally present for others. Instead of listening as others recount their many sorrows, you are eager to help those around you brush off their sadness and embrace all that is wonderful in life.

Your enthusiasm and optimism may be perceived by others as not showing sympathy and support. You strive to be supportive yet you are a problem solver rather than a confidant and so you will be inclined to tell people the truth as you see it, which they may not like to hear.

You are likely to have robust energy and a larger than life presence even if your physical stature is petite. You laugh heartily and enjoy indulging in all of life’s pleasures. Others may be able to see the vitality and fiery spark of life in your eyes and smile.

You love to travel and explore different cultures and may have a collection of keychains, bumper stickers or other mementos from your many adventures.

House 1 or Ascendant in Capricorn

Capricorn Ascendant gives you a wise and mature appearance. You are likely to look older than your age or dress in a fashion reminiscent of a previous era. If not careful, your posture can become stooped and you are prone to arthritis and bone issues.

This may be because you are always hunched over a desk with your nose to the grindstone, working diligently away at your tasks. It may also be because you bear the weight of the world on your shoulders and feel personally responsible for just about everything.

You likely carry a serious expression most of the time. You have a humorous side but you save it for when work is finished or you have taken a break. You thrive on hardship and love to see how much you can endure, embrace asceticism and frugality, self deprivation and discipline.

You approach life’s challenges with self discipline and are likely to be regimented and diligent. You take commitments seriously and don’t make any guarantees unless you are certain you can deliver.

You have a keen sense of timing and can grow frustrated when you perceive your time is being wasted. You also understand the importance of being on time and your daily routines and schedules can have the regularity and efficiency of a train station.

You may also easily relate to elderly people and your upbringing may have been influenced by family elders. You may relate more to past generations in your values and style as well.

As Capricorn Rising is ruled by the planet Saturn, you are efficient and keenly aware of timing. You don’t leave others waiting and expect timeliness from others as well. You are also outwardly working through past life Karma and it may appear that this life is harsh for you. Your struggles are likely to be played out in the open rather than quietly managed behind closed doors.

Typically your attitude is that difficulties help make you who you are and so you carry on through obstacles without much complaint. You can be a workaholic and hide behind tasks and to-do lists rather than giving yourself a break.

You understand the value of your work and the value of your resources. You are drawn to quality and wealth as a form of power and status yet you can also derive excitement from your ability to be frugal.

You understand that less can be more and you avoid drama and flashiness. When others first meet you they may interpret your cool objectivity as detachment and lack of feeling. In truth you are usually trying to figure out how to make a solid foundation for others yet this distracts you from being present for emotional connection.

House 1 or Ascendant in Aquarius

Aquarius Ascendant makes you an eccentric and unique person who is full of surprises. Your physical appearance and style may change on a dime and you can be intense and electrifying. You are all about the unusual and downright strange.

You may identify with misunderstood and misfit groups of people. Though friends are important to you, you never want to be perceived as being identified by a group, preferring instead to stand out.

Aquarius Rising ensures that you do stand out and always make a strong impression that is unforgettable. Perhaps you frequently change your hair color or style, perhaps you wear your political beliefs through your choice of clothing or both, your appearance is likely to be striking and unique.

You abhor stereotypes and will constantly redefine yourself just to avoid being typecast by society. You love to break the rules and this can be evident in your style of dress and how you carry yourself or communicate with others.

It is obvious to those who meet you that you are brilliant and concerned with social progress. You are spiritual and rational and can be so forward thinking as to be ahead of your time. Others may not appreciate your brilliance and view you as an extremist because they aren’t ready to hear your prophetic message.

Your ability to link the apparently separate can be too abstract or confusing to others who are tied to the security of the status quo. When tides change however and your insights and beliefs are proven to be justified, others will definitely recall that they heard it from you first.

You are provocative and love to stir up controversy. You seldom back down from an argument though you will typically stick to facts and avoid digressing into personal attacks.

You are likely to pull information together from numerous sides of a situation to make your point and love arguing for the sake of arguing as it keeps you a step ahead of others.

Your political or social views may be obvious as you ‘decorate’ yourself and your space with messages that speak to your ideals and values. You may accomplish this by wearing clothing with political slogans, or wearing buttons, decorating your car with bumper stickers, or decorating your body with numerous tattoos which proclaim your beliefs and values.

You are almost always progressive and outspoken in radical ways with the rare exception of times when you are surrounded by others who are more radical than you. Then, just for contrast, you are likely to take on the opposing view and argue your case just to challenge others.

You are social but also highly independent and would rather pursue your many causes than become confined by any particular relationship.

House 1 or Ascendant in Pisces

You are a mystical dreamer thanks to Pisces Ascendant. You love to feel deeply emotionally connected with others and may easily lose your sense of self in relationships. You are an empath and not only do you wear your emotions on your sleeve but you also constantly absorb the energies of others.

You are highly intuitive yet can also appear confused because you have one foot in reality and another in your fantasy idea of how things should be. You easily retreat into your imagination and as a result you can be a highly creative and artistic person.

You appear sensitive, soft and romantic and can also have the appearance of being lost in a daydream. Others are easily attracted to you and you are compassionate and good natured. You have a big heart which you open easily to others.

You may also get into a pattern of martyring yourself in relationships if you aren’t careful. Your self sacrificing tendencies may actually be residual from past life issues or wounds which you are still trying to resolve in this life.

Your health and vitality may be effected by this pattern of self deprecation and sacrifice. You also may feel uncomfortable accepting love, help and resources because of this unresolved wound that compels you to be over-giving and overtly selfless.

You can also have an intoxicating effect on others and are sensitive to mind altering substances yourself. You are enticed by the idea of exploring altered states of consciousness yet are also prone to addictions as an escape rather than exploration of different realms. Overcoming escapism in the form of daydreaming, addictions and even addictions to relationships will be an important part of your life lessons in this incarnation.

You are creative and artistic however and can channel your drive toward fantasy and avoidance in recreational or healthy ways. Becoming involved in the theater for example can help you to play out various roles and express the energy of these different sides of yourself.

You may also immerse yourself in fantasy experiences by getting involved in historical re-enactment work, cosplay or various performing arts. You are highly attractive to others and easily attract both relationships and opportunities. In part this is because you are intuitive and sensitive and have a knack for showing up in the right place at the right time.

You don’t typically belabor your problems but rather trust in the divine timing of the universe to guide you. As a result others may panic while you simply go with the flow, others may view you as complacent or lazy because you aren’t quick to take initiative. On the other hand, you know you are just tuning out the panic others feel and waiting for your cue to take action when the situation is just right.

At times this is an avoidance tactic but remaining grounded through meditation or spiritual practices helps you harness the best of your intuition without getting lost in self delusion. Illusions, deceptions, hiding and shifting in a chameleon-like way are all appealing to you. You may be drawn toward mysterious games and stories about mysticism or puzzles where things aren’t always what they appear to be

Just like one of your favorite mystery stories, you aren’t always what you appear to be. You can easily get sidetracked by illusions however and must be careful not to paint an idealistic but false image which you grow to believe is true.

You have great potential to be a facilitator of healing for others if you embrace your own need for healing. You transmute wounds and crisis into empowerment and spiritual advancement but must avoid the traps of addictive behaviors and escapism, even in the form of spiritual practice such as escaping into New Age thought or taking workshop after workshop without applying the concepts. Even escaping through misuse of occult practices such as magick or law of attraction can be a trap for you.

If you are careful to keep yourself grounded you will be able to tap into the best of your intuition and creativity and express yourself as a lover, artist, friend and mystic. If you get lost in your own illusions however you are prone to confusing your psychic connection with wishful thinking.

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