House 6 in the signs

house icon_6.png House 6 in the signs: How do you treat daily routines and what is your attitude toward work?

House 6 in Aries

Your sixth house in Aries places emphasis on your passionate intense approach to even the most mundane daily routines and tasks. You throw yourself into your work impulsively. If there is an easy way to accomplish something, you’ll ignore it. You prefer to test and challenge yourself even if it means doing things the hard way.

You are determined and never give up, even when it may make more sense to reroute your course of action. You can be conscientious and meticulous but also tend to be restless and frequently in a hurry. You take on a lot of responsibilities and try to be the first to finish every task, not always realizing that you will inevitably sacrifice quality for speed.

You can be bold and courageous and in your daily dealings with others you show your decisive and at times dominating energy.

You can be ambitious, especially when it comes to using your analytical strengths and finding new routines to improve your health, diet and nutrition. You love to be of service to others but your zealous style of helpfulness can result in others feeling intruded on or criticized.

Your passion and stamina can bring you success in your work though you may seek out assistant roles you have a hard time taking authoritative direction from those who have power over you in the workplace.

House 6 in Taurus

Your sixth house in Taurus doubles the impact of the earth element in regards to your daily work and attention to practical details. You are down to earth and love to make sure your surroundings are tidy, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and organized.

Your daily tasks and work are likely to involve creating stability and security for others. You love to be of assistance in matters of diet, nutrition and physical healing. You may be drawn to careers in healthcare, nursing or nutrition. You love to make sure others are comfortable and are also sensitive to your own surroundings.

You won’t tolerate chaos, inconsistencies and disorganization. You take hygiene and cleanliness personally and are likely to feel insulted or disrespected if others don’t uphold your high standards of perfection and cleanliness.

You are efficient and skilled with money and finances and understand the intrinsic value of your investments. You also understand that time is money and you try to organize routines so that you waste no time getting your work done. At the same time you are not one to rush. You would rather work slowly and diligently and can be a perfectionist.

You love others but don’t allow them to get in the way of your goals. You can be nurturing but don’t tolerate others wasting your time or resources. You find it frustrating when others ask for your advice and then ignore it or when others act irrationally or let their emotions get the better of them.

House 6 in Gemini

Your sixth house in Gemini places emphasis on your intellectual approach to work and daily routines. You are highly intelligent and can store data like a computer. You may also be drawn to computers and other forms of research and communication. You may work in a capacity that helps you connect with others as a messenger or delivery person.

You have a gift for languages and may use your speaking, writing or communication skills on a regular basis either at work or in your daily life.

You are curious by nature and detail oriented. As a result you can be thorough and meticulous about your work. You love to be of service to others by drawing on your intellectual gifts. You can seem like a paradox to others however because you can be patient and persistent one moment and then seem flighty and distracted the next.

You like to apply yourself and take pride in the work you do but you need a certain amount of flexibility and change to avoid getting bored. Your mind works quickly and your health and digestion can be affected by anxiety or lack of stimulation or intellectual expression.

You have a dual nature and may live two distinct lifetyles at once or work two jobs, maintain two different sets of routines or have an equally active daily and nightly set of routines.

House 6 in Cancer

Your sixth house in Cancer emphasizes nurturing in your daily routines and work. Your job may revolve around homemaking, caretaking for family, children or the elderly, or even nurturing animals.

You are also likely to have your own business at some point and can be savvy in business even as you are soft and nurturing in your personal life. Your routines are subject to your mood at any given time. You may struggle to stick with schedules and plans when your emotions aren’t stable.

You may be interested in diet and nutrition and this may be due in part to a radical shift in your own weight or frequent changes in health that accompany your constantly changing emotional tides.

You may thrive in work situations which are family friendly and may prefer to work from home. You treat your colleagues and coworkers like family and may be just as nurturing to those you encounter through your daily routines as you are toward your family.

You approach your work with emotion and heart and will not be satisfied to just enter data or push paper. You need work that fulfills you emotionally.

Your health, especially stomach and digestion, can be effected by your mood and your sensitivity and intuition make you susceptible to stress and emotional illnesses when you aren’t making self care a priority.

House 6 in Leo

Your sixth house in Leo places emphasis on your dramatic and grandiose approach to routines and daily work. You need to be admired for your work and even the most routine chores and tasks can be turned into a production for you.

On a positive note, you can find ways to entertain yourself in every aspect of your routines and mundane life. On a negative note, you may expect praise and admiration for doing things that are considered ordinary or common place.

You love to be in the spotlight and may seek work that allows you to be of service to society while also expressing your bold individual energy. You love to put on a show and can excel in theater and the performing arts.

You may also have high expectations of yourself and others and overreact when others do not live up to your high standards. You are organized and a perfectionist and you bring this attention to details into your work.

You can be demanding of yourself and others and not realize your potential for dominating others or becoming overbearing. You are attracted to power and status in everyday situations but may also seek out work that requires assisting others rather than leading.

You are at your happiest when you are an official or unofficial leader and will try to take charge. It is hard for you to accept authority from others. When you don’t have outlets for your passions and creativity or when you feel unappreciated or smothered you can become anxious or depressed and your health can suffer as a result.

You may also try to hide your frustrations only to become resentful or angry when others don’t show you the respect you think you deserve for the work you do.

House 6 in Virgo

Your sixth house in Virgo places emphasis on your practical approach to work. You are vigilant about your desire to be of service with double the Virgo energy as a result of sixth house being ruled by Virgo as well. Your work involves practicality, patience and a desire to serve others.

You are detail oriented in your routines and work and can also be a perfectionist. You don’t tolerate chaos or messes. You are also fastidious about hygiene and health. You may impose strict rules on yourself regarding your routines and work and even your diet. You may work in science, nutrition or human services or in healthcare.

You can be high strung because your mind is active and you are always analyzing and taking in new information. Your susceptibility to anxiety can also lead you to have health issues.

You are focused on routines and schedules and you feel grounded by your daily chores and activities.

You don’t like change and will most likely research thoroughly before committing to any major transitions. Even when armed with plenty of facts and data you are still likely to avoid making changes even if it means talking yourself out of opportunities you otherwise wanted.

You have a knack for seeing the fine details and thinking with a critical mind. This can sometimes translate into an emphasis on what could go wrong rather than being hopeful about what could go right.

It can also reflect in a tendency to be highly critical of yourself and others. If you can curb the tone of criticism and keep your feedback to others objective you can be of tremendous help because you are grounded and don’t let emotions cloud your judgment or analysis.

You may seem aloof to others and this is because you can separate your personal feelings and opinions. You can excel in work like editing, nutrition counseling and healthcare or other fields where an objective view and ability to analyze and draw conclusions may be needed.

You are down to earth and practical and because you value raw data over personal biases, it can baffle you to see others react personally to helpful feedback. It is hard for you to put yourself in others’ shoes because you operate based on logic rather and can are highly rational rather than emotional.

You aren’t void of feelings but you can usually keep them in check. The one exception to this can be anxiety. You are highly intellectual and your mind can race in different directions causing you high stress and anxiety. This may in fact be your baseline and you can channel it to be productive but you also can end up with health problems if you let your stress go unchecked for too long.

House 6 in Libra

Your sixth house in Libra gives emphasis to your knack for blending beauty and pleasure seeking in your daily tasks and work. You are creative, artistic and expressive. You may be drawn to work that involves the arts either visual or performing, in some way.

You are also meticulous about equality, balance and fairness and are likely to insist on making sure that your surroundings are as fair and inclusive as possible. You love to Socialize with others and prefer work spaces that foster lots of interaction. You are charming and peace loving and need a low stress and serene work environment in order to thrive.

You can be sensitive to conflict of any kind and prefer to keep the peace, even if it means compromising when you disagree with others. You are intellectual, cultured and creative and strive for work duties that allow you to showcase these skills.

You are able to blend the artistic with the practical and no matter how mundane your duties you find ways to brighten up your day and cheer those around you. You may be like Snow White, turning your daily tasks into a reason to sing and pass the time rather than complaining about what you have to do.

You embrace your duties with optimism and idealism and yet are also realistic. You are analytical and know how to discern the best strategies not only to accomplish your own goals but to avoid causing friction for others.

Your health can suffer if you are around chaotic environments or if you avoid confrontations by stifling your own needs and feelings. You love to keep everything in balance but can splurge when it comes to your diet because you love to experience pleasure in all that you do.

You are also likely to enjoy the company of animals and if you have pets they are likely rescues who wouldn’t have stood a chance if you hadn’t intervened. You look out for the underdog both in your work and daily routines.

You want everyone to get along and may be the official or unofficial peacekeeper in your workplace. You may be drawn to work that involves fashion, beauty, romance or weddings as well as law or advocacy.

House 6 in Scorpio

Your sixth house in Scorpio emphasizes your strengths when it comes to digging deep beneath the surface to research and analyze information. You use this talent in particular when it comes to your work and daily routines. You are driven to find hidden truths and unearth secrets and you thrive in settings where there is a routine schedule, predictability and efficiency.

You have an eye for small details and can be a great detective. You can also succeed in work requiring data analysis and excavation or construction work which requires precision and attention to the mundane. You are concerned with your own health especially since you are deeply in tune with your own body and can sense when things are out of order. You may respond by trying to diagnose and even treat yourself and may resist the authority of medical professionals and instead research to try to find your own solutions.

You know how to reach people on an intellectual and emotional level and so you can collaborate with others yet are more likely to be observant and withdrawn, minding your own tasks but keeping a sharp and alert radar out to assess the underlying motives of those around you.

When it comes to daily tasks and work you aren’t very trusting. You believe that if you want something done right you’ve got to do it yourself and you seldom ask for or accept help from others.

You may seem edgy or distant but your work is all about your commitment to service for others. You have little tolerance for foolishness however and can be abrupt and direct with your feedback. As a result others may feel harshly criticized but you usually direct your energy toward problem solving rather than tearing others down for vindictive reasons.

You can be focused and passionate about your work and can become a stickler for routines. You have high expectations and are a perfectionist. You also can become focused on success to the point of obsessing over every detail. When you become overwhelmed, your health may suffer and you can be prone to illness in the reproductive regions or loss of interest in sex. You may also suffer from addictions related to work stress.

You may be drawn to work in healthcare, substance abuse counseling or work requiring excavation either literally or dredging up of facts and information. You are also closely connected with matters of life and death on a daily basis and may work in fields related to mortuary sciences or the afterlife.

House 6 in Sagittarius

Your sixth house in Sagittarius gives emphasis to your free spirited and philosophical approach to work and daily routines. You may be idealistic in your approach to work and your daily routines. You have a larger than life image of the impact you want your work to have. You are generous and benevolent in small ways and use every opportunity to uplift and inspire others.

You are full of ideas and always planning and scheming your next big adventure. Unlike many chronic dreamers you also have enough practical sensibilities and desire to do the dirty work to ensure you create a solid foundation, covering the details and accomplishing your goals.

Your daily routines and work are likely to involve travel especially to foreign countries. You may interact through telephonic work, with those in other countries as well. You are always on the move and your routines are anything but ordinary and stable. You like it this way though because you thrive in work settings that allow independence and change of scenery. You become bored and frustrated if your routines become monotonous or if you feel caged in.

You may seek work related to law, philosophy, higher education and spirituality. Your routine tasks and work relate to higher understanding, abstract concepts and the higher mind.

If you are inclined to keep animals as domesticated pets, you have a soft spot for horses and may gravitate toward them and interact with them on a regular basis.

When you are stressed you may experience health problems related to your legs in particular. You may also go through a healing crisis that helps you to be inspirational for others going through the healing process.

You are lucky when it comes to work and opportunities may fall in your lap. You may also dodge several proverbial bullets when it comes to your health and with your tendency to live large and indulge in food and alcohol, this luck when it comes to physical health is an asset.

House 6 in Capricorn

Your sixth house in Capricorn places emphasis on work, dependability, responsibility and daily routines and tasks. You are self disciplined and detail oriented. You can be a perfectionist and hold a similarly high expectation of others as you do for yourself. You are especially fanatical when it comes to cleanliness and organization and if your work space isn’t tidy you can’t focus and accomplish your tasks. You are also a stickler for timing and have your routines and schedules down to a science. You are efficient and prompt and always make sure you meet your deadlines.

You love to be of service to others by channeling your ambition and hard working nature to any tasks. In particular you can be instrumental in work that helps others create a budget, start a business or stick to a diet or health plan. You are interested in how things work and that includes how bodies work. As a result you may go into nursing or healthcare in some capacity.

You are also interested in traditions, routines and work that brings you close to the earth. You may choose work in archeology, history, or even farming or veterinary science as well.

You have a mind like a machine though you don’t like to get lost in abstract thinking. Instead you prefer to use your skills to process, research and analyze.

You can be a minimalist because you know how to get right to the bare bones and are well aware of what you do and don’t need in order to succeed and get your work accomplished. You may define yourself by work and become ill when over stressed, fatigued or feeling like your work schedule is out of balance.

House 6 in Aquarius

Your sixth house in Aquarius emphasizes your unpredictability even in the most routine matters. Nothing is business as usual for you and you pride yourself on your ability to keep people guessing. You love to break from tradition and abandon routine and schedules, so much so that you actually feel at your best when every day is nothing like the day before.

As a result you crave work that is exciting, unusual, individualized and constantly changing. You detest routines and find ways to shock people and keep yourself submerged in progressive and unorthodox practices even in your mundane life.

You may be drawn to work in the sciences, technology, social justice, or in the non-profit or humanitarian fields. You are brilliant but think in unusual ways and may be too far ahead of your time for others to really appreciate your work at first.

You may also abruptly change jobs frequently and with little warning.

If you are interested at all in pets you are likely to be drawn to unusual or exotic animals. You can be high strung and have a lot of extra nervous energy which you need productive outlets for. When you don’t have the proper channels to release this energy you may experience nervous system related issues or wild mood swings.

House 6 in Pisces

Your sixth house in Pisces places emphasis on your mystical and spiritual approach to mundane matters and work. You find the spiritual in every day life and are drawn to fantasy and imagination even as you go about your business. You are creative, compassionate and sensitive and are drawn to work that engages your artistic skills and love of other people or animals.

You may work as a counselor, a psychic, artist or art teacher or musician. You may also spend a lot of time drifting from one occupation to the next because you build up grand fantasies about how you imagine various jobs to be. When reality doesn’t match your imagination you become disillusioned and may retreat into illness, addiction or simply let one occupation fall by the wayside as you pursue your dreams elsewhere.

You are in tune with the emotions and energies of those around you and can find many work situations overwhelming. You are particularly prone to self sacrifice and sabotage in work situations if you aren’t careful. You are caring and compassionate and want your work to make a difference. You have to work a little harder than some to find the patience to stick with a plan when you don’t see results right away.

You may also find it difficult to stick with any job that does not have a humanistic culture within the company or agency. When you sense that there is no heart in your workplace you will lose interest and move on.

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