House 8 in the signs

house icon_8.png House 8 in the signs: How do you approach power and control and what is your hidden source of power?

House 8 in Aries

Your eighth house in the sign of Aries gives emphasis to your ability to direct your personal power. You may have hidden strength and courage which is reserved for challenging situations and you may even surprise yourself with your audacious ability to rise to the occasion and reach your goals.

Though you are autonomous and self directed you are likely to hold on to expectations that others should be able to bolster you. You assume others are as passionate about your goals as you are and it can come as a surprise when others are unwilling or unable to help you.

Often however, others believe in your potential and your fiery. Passionate spirit helps encourage others to promote your goals. Others may invest in your success either by serving as mentors or investors. It would be in your best interest to not look a gift horse in the mouth and accept the uplifting support others give you.

This is hard for you because you like to be in control and can be used to doing things your own way, even when you are making decisions which involve other peoples’ money or resources.

You are likely to be a self starter and recognize when deep transformation is needed. With some help and encouragement from others you are typically able to initiate sweeping changes and deepen your own healing and transformation process.

You can be highly sexual and may seek sexual encounters as catalysts for important changes. You may also try to use sex as a form of manipulation or to control others.

House 8 in Taurus

You use power and control to try to achieve financial security thanks to your eighth house in Taurus. Reliability and consistency are important to you and you strive to create a firm foundation. You will be tempted to use other peoples’ finances or resources to build your own foundation and can mistakenly come to feel entitled to other people’s money or assets.

You may also be given opportunities to take power over others’ resources such as serving as a power of attorney or co-owner of a business. When money comes your way due to settlements or inheritances you are likely to invest it cautiously and wisely, recognizing the gift of financial help with gratitude.

You can embody physical power and confidence and need not become excited or overbearing in order to show others your limits and flex your muscle. You prefer calm and orderliness to chaos and domination anyway.

Your sexual relationships can be a form of grounding for you and even then you seek out pleasure combined with commitment and stability. You react with strong boundaries when you suspect others are deceiving you or being dishonest.

You love to stay in control at all times and may confuse money or financial stability with the right to exert power over others or think you can buy your way out of dilemmas.

House 8 in Gemini

Your eighth house in Gemini gives emphasis to your intellectual approach to wielding power. You believe that knowledge is power and try to learn as much as you can about as many topics as possible so that you will always have a way to make the ‘right’ decision. Even still you are likely to default to the opinions of your many friends and contacts before making important decisions.

Your appeal to others, even in sexual relationships, is intellectual and you try to be diplomatic yet you can also become fixated on your agenda and use your skills of communication to try to sway others help you.

You can be highly persuasive and take many different sides of an argument. Your path to deep personal transformation is also paved by becoming educated first. When someone appeals to your knowledge and logic, they can help you initiate powerful changes in your life.

You may experience losses or traumas in your early education which impact how you perceive your intellectual abilities and power of communication.

You may also experience financial assistance or shared resources from a partner or family member or through inheritance or business collaborations, that help you to enhance your education, travel or communication abilities in some way.

You have a high degree of power and attractiveness thanks to your communication style and intellectual gifts though you may squander some of your talents and allow distractions to keep you from fully accessing your potential. Focus and confidence can help you channel your gifts more effectively. A writing collaboration or shared business venture can be lucrative for you.

House 8 in Cancer

Your eighth house in the sign of Cancer places focus on your nurturing power. You may not initially realize the potency of your intuition and ability to sense what others need in order to feel emotionally secure.

When you tap into your own abilities of perception however you find great strength that helps you undergo deep personal transformation and nurture others along the way.

Your family may be a huge source of both conflicts, wounds and healing. A maternal figure in your life can help you find your strength and transform old wounds into healing opportunities. You are caring and compassionate and you may be tempted to use your emotions and intuitive perception to persuade others to act on your behalf.

You are likely to find some financial assistance even in adulthood through family connections or your own family and ability to find a stable home is likely to be helped in some way by others’ investments or resources.

The experience of parenthood or the calling to be in a nurturing role proves profoundly transformational for you and brings out a latent power you may not have been aware of.

House 8 in Leo

Your eighth house in Leo gives emphasis to your hidden sources of power and confidence. You are optimistic, loyal and passionate though you may shine your brightest when your limits are tested by circumstances.

You can take charge in a crisis and have much generosity and concern for others though you expect your loyalty to be returned. You may also feel entitled to others’ money or assets as compensation for generosity shown to them in the past. This can cause trouble in relationships if terms are not made clear from the beginning.

You are dynamic, passionate, assertive and bold and your ability to get attention from others often results in assistance of some kind coming your way, even financial. Others may invest in your ambitions and finance your business start up for example.

You can be theatrical and dramatic and as a result people are persuaded by your convictions. It is important for you to avoid using your dramatic nature to manipulate or dominate others.

You are seen as confident, enthusiastic and sexually attractive to others as well. Power is important to you and you may measure your self esteem by how much authority others grant you.

When you need to undergo personal change and transformation you embark on the journey in dramatic and often public ways. Your wounds and struggles are visible to others and you play out your greatest lessons in the spotlight.

House 8 in Virgo

Your eighth house in the sign of Virgo gives you power through practicality. Your best kept secret weapon is your sharp mind, ever assessing and analyzing. You are research oriented and can be subdued, keeping your cards close to your chest but nevertheless being able to assert your ideas with force when need be.

You are drawn to be of service to others and to the community. Your tireless efforts and even perfectionism are part of your intense personality and how you wield power.

Your intelligence is also portrayed in a type of innocence. You are not corrupted by the agendas or feelings of others and seldom even have your own emotional based biases.

You can be a beacon of powerful transformation through your objectivity and willingness to give advice to others. You may thrive in your own healing journey as a result of the objective guidance of others as well. An inheritance, settlement or other shared source of income or resources can lead you to further advance your knowledge base or succeed in a career in healthcare or in your own healing or transformative journey.

You may have opportunities to invest shared resources and your meticulous nature will come in handy in these situations. You are organized, efficient and operate like a machine. You may be the treasurer of an organization or shared business.

You don’t let your passions get the better of you and always apply logic and reason in your decision making. In a conflict, your cool, collected demeanor gives you an advantage.

You may try to exercise power over others through your constant use of advice and suggestions. Sometimes helping is altruistic though you are prone to the pattern of ‘helping’ with strings attached if you are not working from a balanced expression of this energy.

House 8 in Libra

Your eighth house in the sign of Libra gives you the urge to create balance and harmony in your relationships. This is part of a path of unresolved healing that is needed for you to transform and evolve. You have great inner strength and power though you are likely to take an understated approach to this.

Rather than dominating others you may be compliant. You may also become prone to passive aggressive measures because you still want things your way, you just don’t feel comfortable challenging and confronting people directly in order to obtain your goals.

Your successes come in part by learning to access your own inner power but also by collaborating in partnerships. You may be promoted or helped through transformation thanks in part to the investment of others who support your goals. You may marry into a successful business partnership or attain resources and wealth as the result of an inheritance.

You may also attain resources or wealth through a legal process such as a settlement or inheritance. In the process of balancing the scales or seeking justice, you come into greater financial stability.

You are charming and seductive and may be prone to using your flirtatious and attractive nature to persuade others to assist you financially or even support you. One of your life lessons involves collaboration without becoming financially dependent on others or feeling entitled to be taken care of by others.

You must be mindful of the tendency to manipulate others through sexuality or flirtation. You may also need to take a more serious look at relationship issues in need of healing. Especially important are life lessons involving balance, beauty and harmony. Jealousy, possessiveness or a fickle attitude toward romance can work against you in the long run.

House 8 in Scorpio

Your eighth house in Scorpio gives you intense energy and amplifies the energy of this archetype because Scorpio is the natural ruler of this house. You are strong and have a magnetic energy which helps you attract people and situations you most need in order to heal deep wounds and undergo transformation.

You are attracted to power in all its forms and may have numerous unresolved wounds surrounding control and addictions. You can be persuasive but must be careful not to use your influence over others in a selfish way.

It is tempting for you to want to manipulate others because you can perceive their deep inner fears and thoughts. You may even have a better handle on the inner workings of those around you than they do.

You seek out wealth as a form of power and control and may even come into money as the result of a settlement, lawsuit or inheritance. Your life is marked by challenges when it comes to compromise and shared assets but these serve to help you lean where your power truly comes from. Chances are you will spend significant parts of your life chasing the illusion of power and missing the mark altogether.

When you remember that your greatest strengths can be understated or hidden powers such as self awareness, intuition and empathy with others, you will be much more successful. You will embrace initiation and let go of control dramas. You will also become willing to confront the fears and addictions that keep you distracted.

Sex can be transformational for you yet it can also become another process by which you try to dominate or manipulate others.

You may need to reinvent yourself several times in order to release what you have outgrown. You may initially be attracted to edgy, taboo or dangerous persona which you convey when you are trying to control people or situations. This can be transmuted however and you can evolve into a highly psychic, self possessed healer.

House 8 in Sagittarius

Your eighth house in Sagittarius gives you an expansive and philosophical approach to power. Your issues with control may be amplified by repeated challenges which call you to take a new perspective and broaden your views.

You may repeatedly encounter the same types of lessons all encouraging you to seek higher ground, get out of your comfort zone and draw on spirituality, science and philosophy to overcome power struggles.

Significant others in your life can be a source of many blessings which may include abundance. Others may invest in your goals and business or you may thrive financially because of an inheritance or because of marrying into a business.

You can be quite fortunate when it comes to investing and joint ventures and you easily connect with others who foster your growth and help you expand your resources. You are likely to gamble more with others’ money and resources than with your own.

You are also likely to have a risky or whimsical attitude toward things like shared finances or taxation. Accidental or careless mistakes can cost you if you aren’t careful in calculating your debts and taxes for example.

You may also have an interest in the afterlife and become a seeker of wisdom into various beliefs and secrets regarding death, rebirth and initiation. You may become interested in the occult or develop psychic awareness so you can more easily communication with the deceased and understand the mysteries of death.

You can be benevolent and forgiving but you may have to evolve to the point of using your powers of persuasion wisely and fairly. Otherwise you can become possessive and jealous of material wealth that others have but which you feel you are entitled to.

You are charismatic and optimistic and can easily influence others. You may excel at grantwriting or lobbying or other roles in which you petition others for financial support of a cause or issue.

House 8 in Capricorn

Your eighth house in the sign of Capricorn gives you a grounded and practical approach to power. You are traditional and conservative when it comes to investing. You don’t like to take risks even with other peoples’ money. You are likely to benefit because others, especially elders, invest in your goals and promote your secure foundation.

You may get a jumpstart in business for example thanks to an angel investor or partnership or as a result of an inheritance.

You may experience trials and hardships which help you better understand your true inner power. By experiencing losses and restriction or even oppression of some kind, you become aware of your value and worth and learn to create solid foundation from which to grow and eventually succeed.

You may think of yourself as an old fashioned self made person but the reality is influential people or even difficult situations helped to propel you on your path.

You experience deep personal transformation as a result of loss and hardship. You may struggle greatly, climbing uphill until finally relenting and allowing transformation to take place. You may not go willingly into the process of rebirth yet in retrospect you will understand that things didn’t have to be so hard to begin with. In some situations you exacerbate struggle by insisting on walking the same path even when it disempowers you.

Other times however your determination and patience are exactly what help you fully blossom. When you come to understand the importance of right timing you will have a great advantage which helps you to succeed.

House 8 in Aquarius

House 8 in Aquarius gives emphasis to your radical and unconventional approach to power and control. You can be fixated on having things your way only to later explode and abruptly wipe the slate clean and change everything.

You aren’t consistent but your tendencies to create friction and sudden changes are beneficial as they help you to initiate deep and sweeping personal changes. Your own personal rebirth and initiations may be intuitively guided and coincide with coming shifts in society or humanity at large, though you are likely to be on the cutting edge. In this way you become a pioneer.

You are inventive and creative and you use your power to solve problems by making connections that others do not make.

You are independent and one of your lessons involves learning how others can assist you and when and how to allow them. Sudden windfalls and miraculous unexpected events can benefit you financially. You may unexpectedly receive a settlement, inheritance or engage in a business merger or partnership which enhances your net worth.

This is a slippery slope for you however. You both detest the thought of having to surrender any level of control to others, yet are helped by the intervention of those around you.

Take care not to bite the hand that is trying to feed you though you can be prone to outbursts and shocking behavior and may not be able to help it.

Investments led by your intuition or understanding of social trends can pay off well for you, however money from such investments may be easy-come-easy-go.

You may become fascinated by the occult, spirituality, science and religion and delve deep into taboo or unorthodox subjects. You may also sharpen your intuition and delve into spirit communication or studying ancient mysteries.

House 8 in Pisces

With your eighth house in Pisces, your approach to power and control is subtle and emotional. You would rather appeal to the soft and loving nature of others than confront them head on or aggressively.

You may be dreamy, mystical and idealistic and your true source of power may be concealed even from yourself. Hardships or illnesses can reveal your true power and this includes your compassion, empathy, intuition, spiritual connection and your ability to facilitate healing for yourself and others.

Your personal initiations and transformation go hand in hand with emotional healing as well. You may struggle with self deception, passivity and people pleasing, over compromising with others and not standing your ground until you learn valuable lessons about your own limits and boundaries. Your healing may also involve trauma, addictions and past life issues.

You are likely to have artistic or musical talents enhanced in some way by people around you who either invest time, money or attention into helping you to nurture your gifts.

You are likely to advance in your spiritual path or develop your intuition further with the help of someone else’s energy or financial investment as well.

You seek out financially beneficial partnerships, either businesses or other joint ventures which hold promise but can prove disastrous if you don’t take off your rose colored glasses and see them for what they are. You hope for the best in every situation and that can lead you to squander opportunities or money given to you by others if you aren’t careful.

Your romantic ideals and love for others may also lead you into shared financial endeavors in which you are deceived or in which illusions and deceptions feature in some way.

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