Synastry Sun in the other person's houses

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    PlanHouse-Sun-House12.jpg Synastry Sun in the other person's 1st house: How do you support each other's personality and unique talents?

    Sun person helps to illuminate House 1 person's strengths and unique talents. This is because Sun person's Sun is in House 1 person's first house, and reflects House 1 person's outward personality and appearance.

    There is likely a strong physical attraction that Sun person feels for House 1 person, and for Sun person it may have been love at first sight.

    Sun person's unique personal strengths help House 1 person come out of their shell and shine in the spotlight. Sun person is attracted to House 1 person's outward personality and feels uplifted and inspired by the first impression House 1 person makes.

    This couple can easily charm each other and help each other succeed in their goals. Sun person's optimism is attractive to House 1 person and House 1 person may see Sun person as a leader within the partnership, deferring to their vision for guidance.

    Synastry Sun in the other person's 2nd house: How do you inspire each other to feel comfortable and secure?

    Sun person's Sun in House 2 person's second house sheds light on a connection to finances, value and stability. Sun person is likely to inspire House 2 person's goals when it comes to financial security.

    Sun person may be instrumental in empowering House 2 person to make choices that are financially beneficial and may also contribute to a more optimistic outlook on enjoying the fruits of their labor.

    Sun person may be more likely to overestimate financial security though and House 2 person will have to be careful not to become too careless with spending in pursuit of pleasure or status.

    Sun person is likely to inspire some awakening in values not only regarding finances but also what House 2 person values. They may share common financial or material goals or be drawn to the idea of House 2 person's potential for abundance.

    Synastry Sun in the other person's 3rd house: How do you inspire confidence and creativity in your communication style?

    This couple communicates with ease and has a natural connection on an intellectual level. Sun person helps to inspire House 3 person's creativity and writing or speaking style. House 3 person can teach Sun person new things that cultivate new interests.

    Sun person is attracted to House 3 person's ideas and knowledge base and may help stimulate House 3 person's vision of furthering their education, teaching others or writing a book.

    House 3 person may see Sun person as a natural leader or expert on a subject of interest because Sun person can make their case with confidence.

    Both will enjoy sharing ideas and even when debating can keep things mutually friendly and uplifting. Sun person seeks to empower House 3 person by showing them how to see their own talents and capabilities in new ways.

    While there may also be an emotional attraction, the early attraction here is intellectual and all about mental stimulation.

    Synastry Sun in the other person's 4th house: How do you show your talents and strengths in establishing a secure home life together?

    Sun person acts as a positive, encouraging mentor or guide in House 4 person's home and family life.

    They may share a family connection or Sun person may act as a benevolent guardian or father figure to House 4 person. House 4 person on the other hand provides a secure basis for Sun person to explore their talents and creativity.

    Sun person adds charm and unique vision to House 4 person's home and family life. Sun person may be able to cheer House 4 person up by helping them strive for their goals when it comes to having the ideal home or making changes to the home.

    Each contributes to the other’s sense of security. House 4 person gives Sun person the feeling that they are unconditionally accepted as family and admired for their uniqueness. Sun person can be entertaining and amusing and lightens up the home for House 4 person.

    Synastry Sun in the other person's 5th house: How do you enjoy pleasure, romance and connection to children and creativity?

    This couple can have a playful affair or engage in lighthearted competition with each other. Each stimulates the others’ need for recreational outlets. Sun person brings creativity and individual vision to House 5 person's life and stimulates House 5 person's need for fun and excitement.

    House 5 person can challenge Sun person to stay on top of their game in sports or athletic outlets. Both will be drawn to each other’s flirtatious and attractive energy. Both share an enjoyment of fun and games and aren’t afraid to take a risk in the pursuit of pleasure.

    This can be a good natured friendship or pleasurable affair yet both Sun person and House 5 person may struggle to deal with harsh realities in this relationship because enjoyment is prioritized over practical matters.

    Sun person may look to House 5 person as an escape from daily obligations yet become resentful when mundane matters require their attention. Sun person may also become insecure or jealous if House 5 person is not showing them the admiration they were expecting.

    Synastry Sun in the other person's 6th house: How do you help each other serve communities and tend to details in your daily routines?

    This partnership can help each other accomplish routine tasks. Sun person helps inspire House 6 person to discover how they can best be of service to others.

    Sun person may also help House 6 person find ways to improve their physical health through changes in diet or nutrition.

    House 6 person helps groups Sun person and brings their meticulous, analytical gifts to the table, helping Sun person to achieve their practical goals.

    Both Sun person and House 6 person can be hardworking and persistent. House 6 person may seem critical at times but they are trying to help Sun person achieve their full potential.

    Sun person's unique talents and vision help House 6 person in their daily work and can inspire their routines and habits.

    If House 6 person needs to make positive changes to recover from an illness or adapt a healthier lifestyle, Sun person can be an encouraging guide, helping House 6 person to find the confidence to make these changes.

    Synastry Sun in the other person's 7th house: How do you enhance each others’ strengths and talents?

    Sun person and House 7 person are bound to be attracted to each other on a romantic level. Sun person is drawn to House 7 person's desire for balance, harmony and fairness.

    House 7 person provides a balanced perspective to Sun person helping them see what they would otherwise overlook.

    Sun person and House 7 person enhance each others’ personal strengths. Sun person brings optimism, enthusiasm and confidence and helps House 7 person express their creative side. House 7 person is drawn to Sun person's unique vision and allows them to be a leader or mentor.

    House 7 person also balances out Sun person's ego focus, showing compassion, empathy and helping them to collaborate and think beyond their immediate personal needs.

    This couple can help each other learn about relationships, balance, compromise and confidence. This can potentially be a successful partnership as each will help the other realize their goals.

    Synastry Sun in the other person's 8th house: How do you raise each others’ level of confidence and passions?

    Sun person is attracted to House 8 person's seductive, powerful, intense energy. House 8 person can be serious and brooding but Sun person uplifts and encourages them, adding exuberance and playfulness. There may be sexual chemistry in this pairing.

    House 8 person may collaborate with Sun person on a business proposition or may benefit financially from Sun person's resources or wealth.

    House 8 person may also help Sun person embark on a significant personal transformation and this relationship can help Sun person discover deep secrets about themselves.

    The awareness gained by both partners in this relationship can bring healing and deeper understanding.

    Even when facing a crisis, House 8 person is uplifted and encouraged by Sun person's positive attitude.

    Synastry Sun in the other person's 9th house: How do you expand your skills and understanding?

    Sun person helps to activate House 9 person's sense of personal power. Sun person helps broaden House 9 person's perspective and inspire their quest for higher wisdom.

    Sun person may help guide House 9 person in their pursuit of higher education. Sun person and House 9 person help uplift each other through mutual interests in spirituality, philosophy and humanitarian goals.

    Sun person can bring out House 9 person's confidence and help them stretch outside of their comfort zone. They may inspire long distance travel or interaction with a different culture.

    House 9 person helps Sun person realize their opportunities to rise to their potential. House 9 person also shares generously with Sun person and both share a love of luxury, exploration and pleasure seeking. House 9 person can inspire Sun person to take risks. Both may lean toward opulence.

    Synastry Sun in the other person's 10th house: How do you help enhance each others strengths for career growth?

    Sun person encourages House 10 person to pursue their career ambitions and rise in public status. Sun person may be an inspiration to House 10 person's career path and House 10 person can help Sun person to gain status, building a positive reputation.

    This couple loves to shine in the spotlight together and may collaborate on shared career goals. Sun person may serve as a leader or mentor in House 10 person's career.

    Sun person can help kickstart House 10 person's path toward leadership, role modeling by example how to direct others through charisma and encouragement.

    House 10 person may be drawn to Sun person's diplomatic and charming nature. Sun person is drawn to House 10 person's status and apparent power in society.

    Synastry Sun in the other person's 11th house: How do you bring out the individual, creative sides of each other?

    House 11 person will likely notice Sun person even in a crowd and feel drawn to their entertaining, charismatic nature.

    Sun person will trigger House 11 person's social, outgoing side. Sun person is also a catalyst for House 11 person to develop greater confidence in their own individual identity.

    Sun person may help House 11 person to break down barriers to success and rising to status in their social circle.

    House 11 person helps Sun person think outside the box and may significantly challenge Sun person's world view. Sun person takes this in stride and likely appreciates House 11 person's unique perspective.

    Synastry Sun in the other person's 12th house: How do you help each other develop spirituality as part of your identities?

    Sun person helps House 12 person to discover their spiritual connection. Sun person may serve as a spiritual guide or mentor for House 12 person.

    During times of personal crisis or illness, Sun person can play a significant role in House 12 person's recovery process. Sun person helps House 12 person to become more confident in their intuitive senses and creativity.

    House 12 person also helps validate Sun person's creative and unique talents. Through their empathy and compassion House 12 person shows Sun person unconditional love and appreciation.

    Sun person is optimistic where House 12 person is insecure or confused and so Sun person may lead House 12 person when decisions need to be made. House 12 person may defer to Sun person's confident leadership abilities.

    House 12 person may try to lose themselves in the relationship with Sun person, sacrificing their own preferences and choices and Sun person may not realize this at first, believing they are doing what is best for House 12 person.

    This can be a deeply emotional relationship in which both discover new aspects of their personality and spiritual connection.

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