Synastry Uranus in the other person's houses

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PlanHouse-Uranus-House12.jpg Synastry Uranus in the other person's 1st house: How do you help each other break down barriers and inspire unique ideas?

Uranus person brings rebellious energy into House 1 person's life. Uranus person may serve as a catalyst for growth and change for House 1 person.

Uranus person serves House 1 person by demolishing illusions that kept House 1 person confined. Aspects of House 1 person's identity that were not authentic or sustainable are challenged by Uranus person.

Some aspects of this relationship involve confrontation and sudden, sweeping changes. House 1 person is not able to hide in false delusions when Uranus person is around. Uranus person is a truth seeker who will help House 1 person blast through any outmoded beliefs or traditions.

Synastry Uranus in the other person's 2nd house: How do you inspire shocking innovations to each others’ financial lives?

House 2 person may suddenly abandon their ideas about finances and economic security when Uranus person comes into their life. Uranus person serves as a catalyst, instigating House 2 person's desire to radically reform their budget or financial life.

Uranus person may inspire House 2 person to ditch old beliefs about money and security and to explore what they truly value. House 2 person may be introduced to cryptocurrency or radical economic ideas as a result of their relationship with Uranus person.

Uranus person finds security in their connection to House 2 person where House 2 person is liberated from old ways of managing finances or fears about money thanks to Uranus person.

This pair may experience surprise windfalls when it comes to House 2 person's wealth and net worth and Uranus person will be there to guide the way.

In some cases, Uranus person may influence House 2 person to make decisions regarding finances which prove careless in the long run.

Synastry Uranus in the other person's 3rd house: How do you break through each others’ mental barriers and blocks and inspire innovation and creativity?

Uranus person inspires House 3 person to embrace radically different ideas. House 3 person's world view and mindset may be turned upside down when Uranus person walks into their life.

This couple connects around intellectually stimulating topics. Uranus person's unique interests and unconventional perspective feed House 3 person's curiosity for information and novelty.

Uranus person may serve as a mentor or guide who opens House 3 person's mind to new worlds. They may explore taboo subjects, conspiracy theories or metaphysics, sciences and social issues together.

House 3 person learns to be bold and daring in their views and communication thanks to Uranus person's style of bluntly asserting themselves.

This couple is likely to play off of each other’s creative energy and House 3 person may inspire Uranus person to write a book or teach a class.

Synastry Uranus in the other person's 4th house: How do you inspire sudden, revolutionary changes within each others’ family and home lives?

House 4 person may think they know exactly what they want when it comes to home and family. Until they meet Uranus person, that is. Uranus person is likely to shake up the foundation that House 4 person built their security and sense of home around.

Uranus person may introduce House 4 person to new concepts of things like family and home. House 4 person is also likely to try to bring security and consistency to the relationship.

Uranus person may be drawn to this at times but will inevitably rebel and assert their independence. When this happens, it may leave House 4 person feeling abandoned and hurt.

Uranus person helps House 4 person break through barriers and preconceived ideas passed down through their family. House 4 person may give Uranus person a new appreciation for roots and heritage.

Still, Uranus person is a catalyst for change and does not want to be anchored down even in the comfort of home. Uranus person may help House 4 person make a significant move or assert their independence in the family as well.

Synastry Uranus in the other person's 5th house: How do you break down barriers and express your spontaneous, romantic sides?

Uranus person brings excitement and surprises to House 5 person's life. This pair loves to have fun and explore their shared creative interests.

House 5 person's drive and optimism may help fuel Uranus person's desire to change the world. These two can have successful collaborations on any ventures requiring channeling their unique and creative energies to improve society.

They may be drawn to athletics or the arts, but each will want to assert their independence in the relationship and value fun and games.

House 5 person will never get bored with Uranus person because they are full of rebellious energy and can shock and inspire everyone. Uranus person will be drawn to House 5 person's enthusiasm and joyful side.

This couple can face challenges when it comes to asserting power however. House 5 person likes to take the lead yet Uranus person will not take instructions from anyone and prefers to find their own way.

Generally, House 5 person is flexible and open minded enough to go with the flow and not insist on being in charge. House 5 person's ego may be sensitive to Uranus person's at times aloof behavior.

Synastry Uranus in the other person's 6th house: How do you break through obstacles and bring change to daily routines?

This couple will likely succeed in any tasks requiring unique approach to solving problems. House 6 person values routine and orderliness, the very things Uranus person is prone to rebel against.

This can bring challenges to the relationship when both may insist on having their own way in daily routines and work.

What unites them both is a desire to be of service. House 6 person is concerned with the details and serving the individuals and possibly the community.

Uranus person sees the bigger picture and is willing to make small scale sacrifices for large scale gains in society at large.

This couple can pool their strengths and work to bring revolutionary ideas to the forefront especially in sciences, healthcare and wellness fields. House 6 person likes to be an expert on various topics and has a methodical approach to life.

Uranus person may cause discomfort to House 6 person by shaking up their routines and sense of security. Also Uranus person does not like to be told ‘expert’ advice but prefers to do their own research and form their own opinions.

With effort and dedication this couple can accomplish their goals by focusing on common interests.

Synastry Uranus in the other person's 7th house: How do you bring unusual and extreme changes into your partnerships?

Uranus person is a catalyst for change in House 7 person's life. They may inspire House 7 person to leave a relationship or make other seemingly sudden, drastic changes in their romantic life.

Uranus person is drawn to House 7 person's compassionate and caring side and may desire romance and connection. House 7 person is intrigued by Uranus person's unique personality and world view.

Uranus person brings rebellious energy to House 7 person's life. Uranus person may also introduce House 7 person to new concepts of love and relationship or introduce them to different philosophies of relationship and romance.

Uranus person brings sweeping changes to House 7 person's love life and understanding of romance and partnerships. Uranus person may help House 7 person let go of relationships or patterns from the past which they have outgrown.

Uranus person may struggle with intimacy and House 7 person can try to teach them about reciprocity in relationships. Uranus person's tendencies toward aloofness when others seek commitment can be an issue in this relationship.

Synastry Uranus in the other person's 8th house: How do you manage extreme changes and transformation?

Uranus person shakes up House 8 person's views of power and sexuality. Uranus person may introduce House 8 person to alternative or different expressions of sexuality.

Healing may result from Uranus person helping House 8 person to radically release old patterns and attachments to the material world including House 8 person's attachment to money and security.

Uranus person may also help House 8 person come into money unexpectedly in the form of settlements or prizes.

House 8 person helps Uranus person embrace deep personal change and transformation. This couple can undergo radical changes and rebirth process together.

They each have valuable lessons for each other regarding power and confidence as well.

Uranus person can help House 8 person see their power in a new and radical way. House 8 person may help Uranus person recognize deep seated wounds that block them from embracing their own power.

Synastry Uranus in the other person's 9th house: How do you help each other break through barriers and become more spiritually aware?

Uranus person may bring sudden, unexpected opportunities for House 9 person to expand their education. Uranus person can inspire House 9 person to pursue an advanced degree or take on a radical course of study that benefits society at large.

House 9 person can help Uranus person expand their mind which Uranus person enjoys doing.

While Uranus person can find themselves immersed in chaos and sudden changes, House 9 person is more diplomatic and prefers to expand in ways that uplift others.

Uranus person on the other hand may tend to throw the baby out with the bathwater, preferring sudden change over no change at all even if it is in some ways detrimental.

Uranus person and House 9 person may explore subjects of mutual interest together including spirituality, metaphysics and social justice issues.

Synastry Uranus in the other person's 10th house: How are you catalysts for change for each others’ career path?

Uranus person helps House 10 person make radical changes in their career path.

Uranus person may initially disrupt House 10 person's career goals sending them in a radically new direction. Ultimately this is a change that will benefit House 10 person if they can embrace the journey.

House 10 person provides Uranus person with social status and recognition which gives Uranus person a platform for their unique ideas and plans for social change.

This couple can help each other advance in politics or in situations where social status is required to convey an important message to a broad audience.

Synastry Uranus in the other person's 11th house: How do you create progressive breakthroughs by building on your unique visions and strengths?

Uranus person helps House 11 person remain true to their individualistic nature even in a crowd. Both may have friends and social justice interests in common. Both may also serve on numerous boards or volunteer in groups to further social causes.

Uranus person can be a catalyst for House 11 person to become more conscious of social issues and assert their views on these topics.

Uranus person helps House 11 person stand apart from the crowd without necessarily breaking away from friends altogether.

House 11 person can help Uranus person connect with others whose common ideas and interests advance causes important to House 11 person.

Both can have a dynamic impact on each others’ lives and they aren’t opposed to pooling their creative and intellectual energies to do things that shock others, for a noble cause.

Synastry Uranus in the other person's 12th house: How do you help break through limitations and evolve spiritually together?

Uranus person ushers in sudden changes to House 12 person's spiritual beliefs. House 12 person helps Uranus person connect to and trust their intuition.

Both can understand each other as they both march to a different drum beat than the rest of the crowd. House 12 person validates Uranus person's instincts when it comes to their unique and progressive ideas.

With compassion and warmth, House 12 person helps validate Uranus person's ideas.

Uranus person may also believe in House 12 person's dreams yet does not have the same depth of compassion and may inadvertently say or do things that shock or disrupt House 12 person's sense of serenity.

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