Synastry Neptune in the other person's houses


    PlanHouse-Neptune-House12.jpg Synastry Neptune in the other person's 1st house: How do you express your empathy for each other and connect your emotions and fantasies?

    There may be a powerful emotional attraction between this pair. Neptune person feels deeply connected from the very first moment and may be drawn to some aspect of House 1 person's personality or appearance that is felt but hard to describe.

    This couple will likely easily understand each other. Neptune person's compassion and emotional side provide warmth and nurturing for House 1 person. House 1 person's personality and image attract Neptune person as well.

    Neptune person may project their unmet emotional needs onto House 1 person at times as they are likely to fall as much in love with the image of House 1 person as the actual person.

    Synastry Neptune in the other person's 2nd house: How do you inspire each others’ dreams and attract abundance through creative channels?

    Neptune person is drawn to House 2 person because House 2 person represents security. House 2 person's practical nature and sturdy disposition makes Neptune person feel secure.

    Neptune person's compassion and creativity warm House 2 person's heart and trigger their sentimentality.

    Neptune person brings dreamy idealistic energy to the relationship, balanced out by House 2 person's down to earth approach and practical nature.

    Neptune person may inspire House 2 person to reconnect with their ideals and dreams. Although this can be an uplifting pairing, House 2 person may also feel confused and ambivalent about their own sense of security and what they value. This is because Neptune person introduces a mystical, spiritual influence into House 2 person's life.

    Neptune person may be drawn to House 2 person's stable secure foundation, yet if House 2 person tries to impose their concrete views on Neptune person they run the risk of alienating Neptune person.

    Synastry Neptune in the other person's 3rd house: How do you communicate about your deep emotional wounds, dreams and fantasies?

    Neptune person inspires House 3 person to get in touch with their spiritual side. House 3 person helps Neptune person articulate and communicate their mystical beliefs and dreams. House 3 person may also help Neptune person channel their creativity through spoken and written works.

    On the other hand, Neptune person may bring an element of confusion to House 3 person's typically logical world view. This is because Neptune person reminds House 3 person that some things are supernatural and can’t be understood rationally.

    Neptune person reminds House 3 person of their need to connect heart and mind. This pairing can supplement each others’ strengths, giving both the mental focus through House 3 person's gifts and the compassion and intuition that Neptune person brings to the relationship.

    Creativity can be enhanced through this pairing as well. Areas of common interest that each may encourage the other to study can include metaphysics, arts and spirituality.

    Synastry Neptune in the other person's 4th house: How do you help each other fulfill your dreams and fantasies of an ideal home and family life?

    Neptune person is dreamy and romantic where House 4 person is concerned with security and family. This pair will find comfort in each other. Neptune person brings compassion and warmth to the relationship. House 4 person makes Neptune person feel at home and accepted as part of the family.

    Nostalgia and a common interest in reminiscing about the past can be shared between these two. They may also bond over a love of children or a shared home.

    Neptune person's creativity can add romance and charm to House 4 person's home. This couple is also likely to be highly nurturing to each other.

    Neptune person can help House 4 person tend to emotional needs and old wounds from childhood. House 4 person can nurture and encourage Neptune person's intuitive, sensitive side.

    Synastry Neptune in the other person's 5th house: How do you explore your dreams, fantasies and romantic impulses?

    This pair can either share in highly creative collaborations or they can experience a romantic and emotionally deep affair.

    Neptune person may crave a deep emotional connection with House 5 person. They are likely to be attracted to House 5 person's sense of fun and playfulness. House 5 person is likely to be attracted to Neptune person's beauty and compassionate nature.

    Neptune person wants intimacy but also can shy away from the tedious aspects of committed relationships. They prefer to idealize being in love and may idealize their partner as well.

    Both may focus on the pleasures of their connection with each other but not have the patience to create roots for long term commitment.

    Creative gifts can be enhanced in this pairing. House 5 person's fun and childlike side appeals to Neptune person's sensitive nature. Neptune person may look up to House 5 person for leadership and encouragement and House 5 person is fine with this elevated status.

    Synastry Neptune in the other person's 6th house: How do you blend your dreams and fantasies with your practical routines work?

    House 6 person is orderly, detail oriented and predictable. Until Neptune person comes along.

    Neptune person may inspire House 6 person to question some of the concrete beliefs that underly their routines and plans. This is because Neptune person introduces mystical, dreamy energy to the relationship.

    This energy also reminds House 6 person of their higher ideals which may not be reflected in their daily routines. If this is the case, the discrepancy can be a catalyst for healing and change for House 6 person.

    Neptune person is compassionate and nurturing and brings creativity to House 6 person's life. House 6 person is methodical and a perfectionist.

    As a result they may appear critical of Neptune person's idealism and intuitively based choices. It will be important for House 6 person to not unintentionally crush Neptune person's spirit in their attempt to bring Neptune person back down to earth.

    This pair can channel their energies to be of service to the community especially in arenas of healing and recovery.

    Synastry Neptune in the other person's 7th house: Do you have a spiritual, deep emotional connection?

    Neptune person can awaken House 7 person's sense of romance and desire for intimacy on a deeper level. House 7 person may feel more profound levels of energetic and spiritual connection to Neptune person than in prior relationships.

    Neptune person may also be a catalyst for House 7 person to learn about codependency and boundaries in relationships. Individualism may unintentionally be lost when Neptune person is around because House 7 person may forget what their own needs and preferences are, instead losing themselves in Neptune person's emotional needs.

    Neptune person is likely to be romantic and attractive to House 7 person. Both are compassionate and loving and there is a high likelihood of romance in this pairing. It will be important for each to maintain individual identity even when seeking intimacy and connection in the relationship.

    Synastry Neptune in the other person's 8th house: How do you empower each others’ dreams and creative fantasies?

    House 8 person can help Neptune person learn to assert themselves and channel their power for personal transformation. At the same time, however, Neptune person may trigger House 8 person's feelings of ambivalence and confusion.

    Neptune person may remind House 8 person of their higher spiritual purpose and help House 8 person experience initiation and rebirth during times of crisis.

    There is potential for both spiritual and psychological healing in this relationship. Both may seek intimacy and connection through sexuality. If this is the case both should also be mindful of boundaries as House 8 person can be dominating and exert unfair influence over Neptune person.

    Neptune person's vulnerability can trigger House 8 person's protective instincts or may make Neptune person an easy target for House 8 person's potential manipulation.

    Synastry Neptune in the other person's 9th house: How do you help to nurture each others’ higher visions and spiritual mission?

    Neptune person and House 9 person may strive for similar ideals and both seek higher spiritual awareness. Neptune person can help House 9 person to awaken their intuitive connection. Both have big dreams and the optimism to believe that they can manifest their ideals.

    Neptune person helps House 9 person find their way to success through trusting their intuition. Spiritual awareness and even mediumship can be developed by House 9 person with Neptune person's help. Neptune person also help House 9 person find their creative powers and bring their skills to fruition before a larger audience.

    Neptune person may prefer to stay in the background while House 9 person takes the spotlight, advancing social causes and advocating for others. Still Neptune person is a steady, nurturing presence in House 9 person's life and may even be the humble mentor who gently encourages House 9 person's plans.

    House 9 person can help Neptune person emerge from their comfort zone and venture into new spiritual and intellectual territory, or perhaps even new surroundings.

    Synastry Neptune in the other person's 10th house: How do you nurture each others’ dreams and fantasies in career?

    Neptune person helps encourage House 10 person to take a compassionate approach to business and career.

    With Neptune person's help, House 10 person can discover the importance of building relationships and tending to the emotional needs of others in order to advance professionally. Neptune person brings heart and creativity to House 10 person's ambitious career life.

    House 10 person finds inspiration in Neptune person's unique, mystical personality. Neptune person may be a guru helping House 10 person develop their leadership style by embracing spirituality, creativity and new age concepts.

    House 10 person helps steady Neptune person's emotions and may also help Neptune person find their own focus and ambition. Neptune person's creative talents can be given a platform thanks to House 10 person's public status.

    Synastry Neptune in the other person's 11th house: How do you inspire each other to make creative breakthroughs?

    Neptune person helps House 11 person nurture their vast social connections from a more emotionally sensitive standpoint. Both have an interest in helping humanity advance and heal.

    House 11 person is concerned with social progress and justice on the community level. House 11 person may also help Neptune person break out of their comfort zone and join groups and organizations that further their interest in being a catalyst for healing and change.

    Neptune person on the other hand can soften some of House 11 person's edges, helping them empathize with others and not just relate on an intellectual level.

    House 11 person is a rugged individualist while Neptune person wants to completely immerse themselves in others’ energy. This pair can help each other find balance in social situations.

    House 11 person can help inspire Neptune person to emerge from their solitary, introverted nature and become more outgoing when it is for a good cause.

    Synastry Neptune in the other person's 12th house: How do you blend compassion, intuition and spirituality in this relationship?

    This couple may bond around shared interests in psychic development, spirituality and metaphysical topics.

    House 12 person and Neptune person are creative and intuitive. Neptune person may trigger House 12 person's efforts to delve deeper into developing their intuition and psychic abilities. Neptune person may also trigger important an important healing process that takes House 12 person out of their illusions.

    Both Neptune person and House 12 person may be tempted at times to escape into addictive behaviors and fantasy and both can nurture each others’ rich inner lives and imagination.

    This is good for creative endeavors that this pair can collaborate on. It becomes potentially destructive however when important matters must be dealt with, not avoided.

    There can be an intense emotional attraction between Neptune person and House 12 person and each may feel a soul level recognition of the other.

    Religious and spiritual interests can be heightened in this relationship and each can help the other to understand their place in the universe and their life purpose even if this emerges as a result of difficult lessons involving Karmic issues.

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