Fire and Earth as the most important elements in a birth chart

Elements-FE.jpg Elements combination: Fire Earth

Dominant Fire, Earth, No Water or Air

The dominant element in your natal chart is the element of Fire. This means that regardless of the tendencies given by your Sun sign, Moon sign, Ascendant or other key planets, you are given an energetic boost and additional kinetic energy. Your ability to be a self starter and passionate crusader is enhanced with the prevalence of Fire energy at work within your personality.

Your willpower may be stronger than others who share the position of your personal planets. You can be intense and need to have productive ways to channel your energy. This is fortunately in your nature because your second most prevalent element in your chart is Earth.

Therefore your feisty side is most useful when channeled into work, tasks and achievements. You have extra energy to dedicate to your commitments and you take your obligations and responsibilities seriously. You may even become militant and unyielding when you feel you are on a mission.

You can be practical and vigilant and dedicate your energy to manifesting physical evidence of your successes and ambition. You feel at your best when you have something to show for your efforts.

While the prevalence of Earth energy can bring a healthy balance to your intense fiery nature, it also translates into two extremes in your personality. You tend to be all work and no play. You will focus your energy and efforts only when you perceive definitive value, usually this translates into monetary value, winnings, wages, material growth or some other trophy that you can show for your efforts.

You can be protective and have high expectations for yourself and others yet you interpret the world in concrete terms. You believe things are either good or bad, right or wrong and there is no grey area. This is because the intellectual, flexible and adaptive powers of the Air element are not represented strongly in your chart. It is difficult for you to change your ideas or opinions and you are likely to form strong opinions based only on your own instincts and experiences.

It may not occur to you to research in order to add to or even challenge your own notions. You gain your wisdom through hands on experience and are more trusting of what you can sense physically than what you feel. You also don’t give much credence to philosophy or ideals because these subjects aren’t tangible enough for you.

Relationships can be a struggle. You may intend to be protective and caring but can confuse these impulses with jealousy and control. You also struggle with processes like communication and emotion because they involve lingering in nebulous areas that aren’t clearly defined.

In addition to lacking Air elemental energy in your natal chart you also do not have the influence of Water element. This can cause you to appear detached from your own emotions and indeed you don’t like to deal with feelings. Your preference to avoid your own feelings also makes it difficult for you to empathize with others. Often you are also too task focused and regimented to notice the subtle cues about how others are feeling.

Rarity of this elements combination: Extremely rare

Elements combination: Fire Earth Air

Dominant Fire, Secondary Earth, Tertiary Air, No Water

Dominant Fire makes you passionate, intense and assertive. You play to win and value strength, action, conquest and success. You can be willful, confident and a natural leader.

Your passions are balanced by a prevalence of Earth in your chart. This helps to keep you anchored in practical details and actually slows you down just enough to avoid calamities and burnout while not anchoring you so much that you become paralyzed before you can take action.

These elements work well together because you are able to act on your instincts and take risks without sacrificing your security or making regrettable decisions that cost you money and resources. You make sure that even your seemingly impulsive maneuvers are grounded in practical reasoning.

You are also patient and know that quality is as important as winning. Earth keeps you from sacrificing value and keeps you persistent in the face of difficulties.

Air being your third most prevalent element adds intellectual skills and communication. You can be adaptive when you need to be however you are likely to try to do things your way and only consider research or other perspectives when you hit a road block.

Similarly, your ability to express yourself in diplomatic ways is a skill you keep in the background for when you don’t initially win people over with your charisma and confidence. When need be you can speak to the motivations of others and influence their ideas. You can be flexible with your own mindset and beliefs but are usually motivated by creating financial security and not simply by learning new things.

Water is absent from your chart and so while you can be generous, caring and passionate it is difficult for you to be emotionally vulnerable and receptive to the feelings of others. You would rather lead with passion than compassion. You see emotions as illogical, confusing and messy and prefer to avoid them altogether.

It is difficult for you to be sensitive to the feelings of others and you may act or speak in haste without regarding how your words or actions impact others’ feelings.

Rarity of this elements combination: Rare

Elements combination: Fire Earth Water

Dominant Fire, Secondary Earth, Tertiary Water, No Air

Dominant Fire gives you a passionate nature with a feisty personality. You are active and spontaneous and you have a strong sense of right and wrong. You can be opinionated and strong willed. You easily focus on your ambitions and don’t let anything deter you from your goals.

You can be a strong leader because you are assertive and don’t back down from your mission though you also can be inflexible and don’t always take others’ views into consideration.

Your secondary element is Earth and therefore you are grounded, patient and stable. This element is a good complement to your passionate and edgy side. It slows you down just enough to persevere and not become consumed by your mission as you can become obsessive.

Earth helps you stay the course and gives you the ability to tend to practical details and not get swept away by desires. Earth also relates to what you value and so much of your mission and energy are poured into your career or money or the acquisition of resources that are important to you because they make you feel secure.

Once you make up your mind you are completely invested and will pour all of your energy into a plan of action although you don’t easily pivot when you encounter difficulties, instead you may continually press on even if there is a more effective way to accomplish your goals. This is because your thinking can become regimented and concrete.

Water element helps to give you some empathy toward others. You are sensitive though you hide it behind a tough exterior. You care about others and want to make sure those you love are protected, secure and nurtured.

You can be intuitive if you slow down enough to listen to your inner wisdom. Water can potentially help you relax and become more adaptable and fluid though you often get to the point of near burn out before you accept defeat and allow yourself to go with the process.

Air is absent in your chart and this makes it difficult for you to think in abstract ways. You trust what you feel with your physical senses and aren’t usually inclined to go out of your way to research a topic.

You may trust anecdotal evidence over academic study and may have struggled in school settings because you are always trying to move on to the next thing rather than taking the time to get to know a subject thoroughly. You may limit your communication style to only what you have to do in order to further your mission and get a job done.

You don’t like small talk and it is not important for you to see things from anothers’ perspective when you can just as easily use your own convictions to try to convince others that you are right.

Rarity of this elements combination: Slightly uncommon

Elements combination: Fire Earth Air Water

Fire is your dominant element. You are passionate, confident and courageous and you may act on your instincts without taking time to research all of your options. You can be direct, focused and highly opinionated.

Once you are motivated to achieve something you will not let anything deter you or convince you that you are on the wrong path. Sometimes this works in your favor, other times it causes you to spin your wheels following impossible quests.

You are driven by your convictions and your sense of mission and you may have the disposition of a warrior whether you get involved in militaristic careers or not.

Earth is secondary in your chart and this can help balance and slow your impulsivity brought on by dominant fire energy. You can keep yourself grounded enough to make sure you aren’t jeopardizing your finances, business or security when you follow a new course of action.

You can also be highly motivated to take risks for the sake of developing security in finances, career and business. You are practical and want to make sure you know where your money, time and resources are going. You always weigh your actions against whether you are getting a good return for your investment or not. You don’t like to deal in abstraction, things are black or white and you think in concrete terms.

Air is present in your chart though it doesn’t dominate. You are intelligent, curious and intellectual. You like to consider your various options though you often research after you have already begun to take action or made up your mind about what you think is right.

You may also only seek out information that reinforces what you already believe to be true. You can be diplomatic and a good conversationalist but in order to draw on your charm and social graces you must work through some of your intense fiery energy.

You are creative and may enjoy travel and learning about new places but you have to justify most of your intellectual pursuits by either aligning them with your mission or your business or both.

Water is present but not prevalent in your chart. You have a compassionate, sensitive and nurturing side though it may surprise people whose first impression of you is your dynamic, intense fiery side.

You can be home loving, romantic and family oriented and beneath the warrior like exterior you are a sensitive and compassionate person. If you consciously align with your watery side you can also strengthen your intuition and create warm, nurturing relationships in which others feel protected and secure.

Rarity of this elements combination: Average

Elements combination: Fire Earth Water Air

Fire is your dominant element and you are passionate, feisty and focused. You are determined and not easily swayed when your mind is made up. You can be intense and forward and can be a motivational speaker because you are persuasive.

You have the potential to lead others because you are assertive and driven by mission. You can be confident and assertive but don’t always recognize when you are overwhelming others or becoming dominant in relationships.

Earth is your secondary element and helps to balance out your dominant fire element. You find patience and stability to carry out your agenda and stick with your mission. Career, financial stability and security are of great importance to you. You try to create a strong foundation through investing in your career, business and ambitions.

You don’t like to take unnecessary risks and earth adds a note of caution to your personality. Your dominant fire energy can cause you to jump to reactions impulsively. Earth slows you down and gives you the time to cover the details and evaluate your path.

Water is your third most prevalent elemental energy. Your exterior can be defensive and stoic but you have deep emotional tides which you can tap in to because of the watery side of your personality. You can be intuitive and sensitive and your empathic side can help you connect with others emotionally.

You prefer to make decisions based on instinct and visceral reactions but if you draw on your emotional underpinnings your decisions are made based on empathy and consideration for your loved ones.

Air is your least prevalent element. You can be intellectual and academic and have the capability to research and think in flexible ways but this is not your primary way of operating.

You prefer to act first and delve into research later. You are also likely to pursue a narrow and focused path and only open your mind to creative options. Your flexibility and adaptable nature is often a last resort as you are usually fixated on your agenda and ideas.

You can be social and outgoing when you need to be but you would rather focus all your energy on your mission and view casual social engagements as frivolous.

Rarity of this elements combination: Average

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