Fire and Air as the most important elements in a birth chart

By 12andus

Elements-EA.jpg Elements combination: Fire Air

Your dominant elemental energy is Fire and this gives you added charge of energy and passion. You are determined, willful, strong and focused. You can have strong opinions and a habit of expressing yourself in ways that are forceful or intense. Others may be intimidated by your direct and assertive personality.

Air is your second dominant element and as in nature, when it comes to your personality Air feeds Fire. Your intellect and communication are used to promote your mission and fuel your passion.

You may be quick to react to new information and you love to expand your mind in search of the truth. Your passionate nature attracts others to you and you love to share ideas and debate with others, though you can be willful and demand that others see things your way eventually.

Without Water and Earth to balance your Fire and Air energy, it can be hard for you to empathize with others. You expect others to conform to your will or to at least present their views in logical ways that you can understand. You have difficulty expressing and sitting with your own emotions and may channel any uncomfortable feelings into a debate or argument, preferring to exert control rather than to appear vulnerable.

You are also likely to try to intellectualize your feelings as a means of avoidance.

You are passionate but struggle with compassion and have high expectations of how people should act. You may be drawn to friends and relationships in an intellectual or theoretical way but it is difficult for you to allow yourself to be intimate because you don’t want to be confined or restricted.

You are intelligent and creative yet you may burn out easily, losing interest in projects and going from one pursuit to the next. You play to win and have low tolerance for compromise. The lack of Earth energy makes it difficult for you to stay the course when patience is needed.

You may keep yourself busy yet find that you aren’t always as productive as you had intended. Experience is more important to you than outcomes and you may look for opportunities to prove your strength and skills even if your methods add little to your financial prospects.

The absence of Earth element can create difficulties when it comes to managing money and assets. You don’t give much thought to practical matters and may become bored by mundane details.

Rarity of this elements combination: Extremely rare

Elements combination: Fire Air Earth

Dominant Fire, Secondary Air, Tertiary Earth, No Water

You have Fire as your dominant element and as a result you are feisty, passionate and courageous. You can be focused and determined and when you want something there is no standing in your way. You can be opinionated and reactive as well and may act first and ask questions later.

Air plays into your fiery nature by fueling your motivation and drive. You seek out new information and this helps you further your desire and motivation. You can be mentally adaptable and versatile and can see things from various perspectives when you slow down your initial reaction just long enough to allow for multiple views to be explored. You are a truth seeker and value intellect and academics.

Earth element factors in to your personality though not in a predominant way. For you, the earthy tendencies of being patient, grounded, consistent and craving material security and success is like a spare tire that you carry with you but only really draw on in emergencies or when needed.

You can slow down and show discretion, you can be practical and detail oriented and you can find value in tradition and structures yet you prefer to go at a faster pace and experience excitement and adventure.

Water is absent from your chart and therefore your biggest obstacle is emotional vulnerability and compassionate connection to others. You are passionate yet you don’t like to delve into deeper emotions. You prefer to keep things controlled, logical and orderly or at the very least you like to show a powerful exterior, proving that you are not easily rattled. It is harder for you to be present for others and hold space for expression of emotion because doing so makes you feel weak and doesn’t translate into any tangible gain. You may not understand how important romance and sentimentality are to others and you may try to stifle your own feelings.

Rarity of this elements combination: Rare

Elements combination: Fire Air Water

Dominant Fire, Secondary Air, Tertiary Water, No Earth

Fire is your dominant element. You are passionate, powerful and focused. You are easily motivated by instinct and express yourself in confident and assertive ways. You can be quick to anger because you feel things so intensely.

Air is your secondary element and can fuel your dominant fire. You can be motivated by information you receive or ideas. You are concerned with conveying your message and you may be powerful and at times forceful with your communication style. You want to share your ideas and help others understand issues that ar important to you.

You love to read, write and research though you may speak or act first and then try to back up your position with facts later.

Water is your third dominant element and helps you express your emotional, nurturing and compassionate nature. You are loving and sensitive and can be moved by intuition when you slow your reactions down enough to delve beneath the surface and pay attention to your feelings.

Family, relationships and love are important to you though you will prioritize ideology and conviction over loyalty to relationships.

Earth is not represented in your chart and therefore it is difficult for you to keep yourself grounded. You may have great ideas and then struggle to find practical ways to implement them. You may also have little patience for budgeting, repairs, frameworks or foundation.

The abstract and ideological can be more of a comfort than the practical and you may prefer travel to settling down. You may even prefer a bit of chaos as long as it keeps life from getting boring.

Rarity of this elements combination: Slightly uncommon

Elements combination: Fire Air Earth Water

Fire is your dominant element. You are passionate, confident and intense. You pursue your ambitions with ferocity and your courage can help inspire others. You can lead others because of your persuasive nature and determination. You can be opinionated and forceful in your ideas. You can also be impulsive because you react to your surroundings and are easily triggered to action.

Air is your secondary element. You are intellectual, communicative and naturally curious about your surroundings. You easily feed off of idealism and creative energy and act on your innovative ideas.

You can inspire others and your determination helps you uplift and empower others.

You are a messenger and can be flexible and adaptable in your thinking. Your opinions tend to be strong because of fire being dominant but you can back down and consider other perspectives to balance out your intense personality.

Earth element adds practical energy to your personality. You can be grounded and detail oriented though it is not your most comfortable energy. You prefer to be quick moving and engage in excitement, change and drama. When you need to however you can slow down and practice patience. You can find value in stability, tradition and investing in a solid foundation.

You will need to work through your intense energy and sometimes flighty nature in order to access your grounded foundation. Career and finance are important to you yet you see career as a vehicle to help you carry through your mission.

Your integrity, purpose and ambitions involve more than a job title or professional affiliation. Your work may be an extension of your idealism and vision for change and you are drawn to work involving protection, advocacy, defense, and change.

Money is not a motivating factor for you though you are sensible with your financial management, taking risks to promote your ambition.

Water is your least dominant element. You can be compassionate and emotionally sensitive but you don’t make your decisions based on what others want. In fact you may overlook the needs of others because you are focused on your directives and ambitions. You can be intuitive and empathic though your subtle emotional side and vulnerability are often overtaken by your passionate and logical side.

Family and relationships matter to you but you are on a mission and those you love need to understand this and not take it personally when you invest energy in your ambitions. You may need to work to overcome emotional wounds and to even get to a place where you consciously recognize your feelings. Crisis or challenges may be experienced before you are willing to accept your vulnerability and work from an emotional level.

Rarity of this elements combination: Average

Elements combination: Fire Air Water Earth

Fire is your dominant element. This gives you intensity, passion and leadership abilities. You are courageous, assertive and can be dominating. You are a force to be reckoned with once your mind is made up and usually your mind is made up rapidly.

You would rather jump to reaction on any level rather than remain complacent and inactive. You are also intense and highly motivated to accomplish your goals. You can be direct and some people are intimidated by your forceful nature.

Air is your secondary element. You are intellectual and inspired by your surroundings. Ideas and ideals fuel your fiery energy and further compel you to obsessively pursue your goals. Air does lend some flexibility however and this makes you more adaptable. You can see things from different perspectives even if you are still closely tied to your own opinions.

Air gives you the gifts of the messenger, communicator and diplomat. You try to be fair and just but you also want people to understand each other. You too want to understand people and situations and so you are frequently reading, learning and studying. You prefer to trust both academic learning and actual experience and will jump to conclusions as you are developing your knowledge base which can lead to hasty decisions at times.

Water is your third most prevalent element and you can draw on this aspect of your personality to connect with others on an emotional level. You are empathic and intuitive yet you have to work through your intellect and fast paced reactions in order to tune in to your intuitive side and hear your inner wisdom.

You can be adaptive and compromising when your emotional and compassionate nature are triggered but it is not part of your dominant nature to let your feelings about others influence your decisions. You care about your loved ones and family but are also fiercely independent and pursue your ambitions and goals first and foremost.

Your empathic and emotional nature can help to soothe your fiery side and help you open up to considering the feelings and needs of others. You don’t like to expose your vulnerable side and so you may suppress your emotional nature. You may also need to work through deeper lessons in order to feel comfortable managing your emotions and trusting your intuition.

Earth is your least prevalent element. You can slow down and become patient and grounded, pouring over details and carefully laying the foundation to secure your goals. Usually however you prefer to be on the move, quickly asserting your opinions and striving toward your goals.

In the same way that practicality and patience are an awkward but possible aspect of your personality, so are career and finances an important but not central to your decision making. Career serves to help you fulfill your ambitions and achieve success in your crusades.

Finances are a means to help you maintain control and engage in numerous experiences. In this case, money is not a means to amplify your status or provide security. You are too busy living in the moment and jumping from one crusade to the next to really put much energy in to sticking to a budget, retirement plan or investment strategy.

Traditions are not typically important to you but you can work to embody your earthy nature in order to bring out the best lessons from the past while striving for change and transformation.

Rarity of this elements combination: Average

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