Fire and Water as the most important elements in a birth chart


Elements-FW.jpg Elements combination: Fire Water

Dominant Fire, Water, No Air or Earth

With Fire as your dominant element you are feisty, passionate and determined. You can be a natural leader and you love to advance your mission by breaking new ground. You don’t back down from a challenge.

Water helps to balance out your fiery nature and soothe your restless side. You are compassionate and nurturing and may be a strong advocate for others, especially the vulnerable. You are protective and can be intimidating to others yet your core motivation is to help empower those you care about.

Water adds intuition and flexibility to your sometimes obsessively focused personality. You are compassionate and can reign in your intense and at times dominating energy by balancing it with your emotional side. Relationships are important to you and although you are independent and need your freedom you are conscious of how your goals impact others.

The absence of Air keeps your focus on what you feel and sense as opposed to research and planning. You prefer to trust your feelings and gut sense and may give less emphasis to research, facts and philosophy.

You aren’t curious about what you can’t immediately see or feel and when you have to study or learn new things you may be quick to form opinions before you have taken all information into consideration.

Likewise you are quick to speak your mind but not always a receptive communicator. You make decisions quickly and don’t always take feedback into consideration.

The absence of Air can also make it difficult for you to be flexible and adapt your thinking. It takes a lot for you to change your perspective and you may miss important cues in communication with others because you are so focused on your own goals.

The absence of Earth energy makes it difficult for you to ground yourself. You don’t like being restricted in any way and may perceive any structures or routines as unnecessary slowdowns. You aren’t motivated by money or material gain but by righteousness and mission.

As a result you may mismanage resources and a lifestyle marked by transition and change rather than being settled down. You don’t easily commit yourself because you crave freedom and the ability to follow your heart. You resent any situation in which you have to abide by others’ rules and traditions and not follow your own instincts.

Rarity of this elements combination: Extremely rare

Elements combination: Fire Water Earth

Dominant Fire, Secondary Water, Tertiary Earth, No Air

Dominant Fire makes you feisty, passionate and assertive. You are focused on your mission and can be driven by a strong sense of ambition.

You have an abundance of energy and are intense and sometimes obsessive. You can be dramatic and while you are generous and flamboyant at times your intentions are typically to protect others and use your innate courage and determination to help those around you. Sometimes you can become lost in your determination and become so focused on your mission that you confuse your own ego with your greater purpose.

Water helps to balance your Fiery personality and as a result you tend to vacillate between being motivated by passions and driven by your emotions. You are instinctive and emotional and can easily jump to conclusions when your buttons are pushed.

Relationships are of high importance in your life though you may attract unstable and erratic relationships. You are likely to become jealous and possessive of those you care about though you can also be empathic, nurturing and caring.

The Earth element gives emphasis to career and resources. Your tendency to constantly be on the move and easily embrace change thanks to dominant Fire is grounded by the presence of Earth in your chart.

You have no problem asserting yourself and taking on new directions, you are a self starter and highly motivated, yet you can slow down and attend to details when you need to. Especially when finances or career opportunities are at stake.

You are invested in changes that will create security and stability and you don’t mind shaking up the status quo in order to achieve solid ground in the long run. You are practical and concerned with budget, finances and other measures of security.

You think in concrete terms and may promote ideas based on anecdotal evidence or on your own experiences rather than trusting academic information.

You can become stubborn as your tendency to think in black and white terms blends with your willfulness and strong opinions.

The absence of the Air element results in difficulties expressing yourself. You communicate based on opinion and the desire to convince or dominate others. You don’t feel as confident with your intellectual skills and so you are more trusting of your intuition and willpower than you are of academic information.

You may communicate in dominating or manipulative ways and can be compelling because of your tenacity and forcefulness of your efforts rather than because of diplomacy or a knack for languages. You don’t easily adapt to the mentality and ideas of others though you are deeply empathic because of your predominant Water element.

If anything you are likely to empathize with the emotions of those around you so that you are in tune with intuitive signals though you are prone to jump to conclusions and misinterpret these signals.

Rarity of this elements combination: Slightly uncommon

Elements combination: Fire Water Air

Dominant Fire, Water, Air, No Earth

Your dominant element is Fire and this gives you a courageous, dynamic and intense personality. You are easily charged up and passionate and can act on instinct often without thinking things through.

You easily take initiative and can feel compelled to lead or act on behalf of others. You love a challenge and won’t back down even when it is in your best interest to do so.

Water is your secondary element and the powers of nurturing, love and emotion can help balance your fiery nature. You are motivated by concern for family, home and loved ones and emotional security is important to you. You are highly sensitive and may be moved to emotion without knowing why. You are also intuitive but may react to your impressions without fully understanding them.

Air is your third most prevalent element and gives you creativity, intellectual gifts and interests in understanding others through communication and diplomacy. Your flexibility and ability to understand others’ perspective comes from the presence of Air in your chart while your empathy and ability to understand others’ emotions is a gift from Water.

Your ability to inspire others and embrace change also comes from air though you may tend to react to situations first, then sit with the emotional impact before coming to greater understanding.

Earth is not represented in your chart and this can lead to difficulty with practical decisions. Finances, budgets, economics, health and mundane matters are likely to bore you. You also likely prefer to be on the move and keeping busy rather than dealing with the slow and tedious process of combing through details as the Earth element assists us in doing.

Others in your life will help to anchor you so try to not see those with a slower pace as creating obstacles, they are trying to ensure your stability and growth.

Rarity of this elements combination: Slightly uncommon

Elements combination: Fire Water Earth Air

Fire is your dominant element and this gives you passion, power and confidence. You are assertive and strong and you can become motivated to act with little time to reflect or research. You are focused and goal oriented.

You never step down from a challenge and at times you prefer to do things the hard way to prove your strengths and capabilities. You can be persuasive, intense and at times intimidating. You have clear direction and boundaries and easily embrace change as long as it is change that promotes your goals. You can become obsessed with your ideas of success and this can make you inflexible at times.

Water can help balance and soothe your intense nature by bringing in harmonizing energy. You may flare up at times because of your intense passions, but your watery energy adds compassion, sensitivity and empathy and helps you to settle down and be open to flow.

You may have an independent and stubborn streak but when you step back and cool off, it is not difficult for you to consider the feelings and needs of others and be open to compromising. You may be protective of those you love and can be a fierce advocate for family and friends. You are vulnerable and sensitive and you may try to hide this by posturing behind a tough exterior. Your intuition can guide you if you slow down enough to listen to your inner wisdom.

Earth is your third most prevalent element. When you bring your intense energy down to a simmer, it is easier for you to be patient and draw on the qualities of this element. You can be practical, grounded and business oriented. Your drive to succeed can be channeled as much through your work and business as through your many interests and campaigns.

You view work and finances as a means to further your agenda and status and to leave a mark on the world. You strive to bring what you believe to be positive change to the world around you through your courage and leadership. You can also work to achieve your ambitions through your chosen career path.

Air is the least prevalent element in your chart. As a result you are only academic and intellectual under certain circumstances. You may act first and rethink and evaluate your convictions after the fact. You prefer to take action than to spend time researching. You can be creative but you need to work through your strongly held views in order to invite the flexibility that allows innovation.

You can also draw on aspects of your personality that can help you accommodate change and find excitement in new things though typically you prefer control and predictability.

Rarity of this elements combination: Average

Elements combination: Fire Water Air Earth

Fire is your dominant element. As a result you are passionate, intense, feisty and driven to succeed. You are assertive and quick to respond even though you may not always spend the time creating a solid strategy. Any decision or action is better than no action as far as you are concerned.

You can be bold and outgoing and are attracted to leadership though it is easier for you to jump in head first and take initiative than it is for you to delegate. You are also not one to back down from difficulties and you love proving your strength and audacity. Being the first to do something appeals to you as well.

Water helps to balance and soothe your intense nature. You are motivated by your own drive and ambition but the emotional needs of others and your own emotional security are also major factors in your actions and decisions. You are concerned with family, home and relationships and though your intentions are usually benevolent you can easily dominate others and assume authority in most of your relationships.

You have a sensitive side though you try to cover it with your warrior-like external personality. You are caring and compassionate and your intuition can guide you to make the best possible decisions if you can slow down your ambition and frenetic energy long enough to heed your inner wisdom. Water helps to soften some of your determination and can help you extend your views and become receptive if you allow it to.

Air brings further adaptability and flexibility to your personality though it is through your intellect. You may have to let your emotional storms settle before turning to your logical nature but you are a reasonable person who is intelligent and able to research and learn ways to advance your mission. You don’t usually embrace intellect just for the sake of gaining new information but rather for the sake of furthering your agenda and feeding in to your own already strongly held beliefs.

If you slow down enough to stop and reconsider your views and perspectives you can be adaptable but typically you would rather hold on tightly to your convictions and instincts. When you need to, you can draw on your diplomacy and communication skills.

Earth is the least prevalent energy in your elemental makeup. You have the capacity to learn from the wisdom of this element but it is your least comfortable way of operating. You would rather take action and make swift decisions than slow down and evaluate options carefully. Yet when you decide to work with the Earth element you are able to tap in to your solid, stoic, patient side. You can be practical and grounded and create abundance and stability.

Career is important as a backdrop to your strong ambitions. You don’t like being limited with numerous rules and restrictions but when you need to you can draw on the past, traditions and structures to further advance your goals.

Money is a means to an end and you see financial stability as important but potentially lower on the list of priorities because power, status, control and the ability to be autonomous rank higher than having a hefty savings or bank account. Money is a form of power and for that you give it some value but you don’t need to collect it for its own sake.

You aren’t afraid to break from traditions that feel too confining or challenge your need for autonomy and direction. You can be patient but it is not easy for you to remain grounded and cautious when your impulses and emotions are triggered.

Rarity of this elements combination: Average

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