Earth and Air as the most important elements in a birth chart

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    Elements-EA.jpg Elements combination: Earth Air

    Dominant Earth, Air, No Fire, No Water

    Dominant Earth element in your chart gives emphasis to your desire for security. You are most trusting of what you can perceive with your physical senses. You easily attract abundance and resources and may be focused on career and wealth. You are practical and concerned with creating a stable foundation. You act on careful analysis and aren’t rushed into decisions.

    Air as your secondary element helps to balance this energy and keep you from procrastinating or becoming stuck because it adds intellectual and adaptable energy to your personality.

    You can think and analyze your way out of problems that might otherwise cause you to become stagnant. You are social and outgoing though at first you may seem cautious and reserved. You excel in work that requires communication and networking.

    The absence of Fire may result in less motivation and initiative. You are hard working and patient yet may need the influence of others to kick start your motivation. You prefer to be a collaborator rather than a self starter or leader.

    You may have strong feelings about your mission yet you don’t easily assert yourself to others but may instead wait for the right conditions to move toward your goals. You prefer a slow and steady pace and are slow to anger. You prefer intellectual problem solving, logic, communication and understanding rather than dominating others or getting into power struggles.

    It may be difficult for you to focus when things become challenging however. You can have a concrete sense of what is best yet will try to wait for conditions to conform to your standards rather than going out on a limb to try to be a catalyst for change.

    The absence of Water can make you detached from your emotional nature. You are nurturing in a practical sense yet struggle with intimacy, vulnerability and expressing your compassionate side.

    You don’t like messy emotions and prefer to intellectualize than to get involved in emotional situations. Relationships can be a challenge because you are task oriented and overlook the emotional needs of your partners, family or friends.

    Rarity of this elements combination: Extremely rare

    Elements combination: Earth Air Fire

    Dominant Earth, Secondary Air, Tertiary Fire, Absent Water

    Earth is your dominant element and as a result you are practical and concerned with stability and security. The trait you look for most in others is dependability. Regardless of reason, you look to make sure people do what they say they will do.

    You are motivated by the desire to succeed in your career for both financial reasons and also for reasons of creating a legacy. Having something solid and tangible to show for your efforts is important to you. You can be definitive in your thinking as you prefer to break things down into rational, concrete concepts.

    Although you can be an all or nothing person and see things in concrete terms, you do have the benefit of Air as your secondary element. Air gives you an intellectual nature that helps to balance your earthy personality and helps you to expand your beliefs and mindset. You can be rigid at first but with careful examination and patient attention to detail, you become open to philosophical and more abstract ideas.

    You are a straight forward communicator but also a good listener and reasonable judge of character. You believe in giving others a fair chance and you are able to remain mostly objective when dealing with others. You don’t let passions and emotions rattle you or cause you to jump to conclusions.

    You may be creative and artistic though you prefer to channel this energy with a purpose especially if it will make money or add to your financial situation in some way.

    Fire is your third prevalent element and gives ambition and enthusiasm which helps to counter your dominant Earth element. You are susceptible to getting stuck and mulling over the same ground again and again before striking out in a new direction though when you need to start fresh or take a leap of faith, Fire helps you to do this.

    You can be assertive though you prefer to avoid conflict and controversy. If anything you will give the silent treatment or simply become unmoving and unwavering before you let your temper get the better of you.

    Usually however you go from stoic to talkative and can express in logical terms what is bothering you. Rarely will you lose your temper and become aggressive though you know your value and don’t let others take advantage of you as well.

    Water is absent from your chart and this indicates difficulty trusting your intuition. You believe in what you can see, hear, smell, taste and touch and only after this do you trust the deeper workings of your brilliant intellect. Your least trusted source of guidance are your emotions. To you these are impractical, messy and clunky and in your view they don’t add anything of value to your experience.

    Unfortunately, they are part of your human experience and so you may go to great lengths to avoid feeling them or dealing with them. In relationships it can be difficult for you to empathize with others or hold space for their emotions. You may approach relationships in a detached and practical way or work best when you can view a partnership or relationship through the lens of business affiliation.

    Rarity of this elements combination: Slightly uncommon

    Elements combination: Earth Air Water

    Dominant Earth, Secondary Air, Tertiary Water, No Fire

    Dominant Earth gives you practical sensibilities. You are down to earth, grounded and rooted in tradition. You are motivated by career and creating a secure foundation and you may become focused on financial matters, carefully monitoring your assets and becoming preoccupied with business.

    You are generous and nurturing though typically in a practical way, making sure others are comfortable, healthy and well fed. You can go to the extremes of being concerned with conservation and savings or indulging on luxuries and giving the image of wealth and success.

    It is important to you to have something tangible to show for your effort and experiences and you place higher value on what you can hold in your hands as opposed to memories or abstract ideas. Sometimes you have to see something to believe it.

    You are intelligent and intellectual as well thanks to the Air element which is prominent in your chart as well. You can get stuck in concrete thinking because of the dominant Earth energy though Air helps you to break out of stagnation and gives you greater adaptability. You may have to slow down and carefully consider your options before you really can appreciate how wide open your path is.

    You can be social and charming though you need to feel secure and may thrive in settings where you are performing a task or have some kind of business to take care of that involves socializing as well. You have numerous intellectual pursuits and are naturally curious about your surroundings.

    You prefer studies that have some practical application to them or that directly further your career prospects. You may also be shy in some situations but outgoing when it enables you to network in order to further your career.

    Your third prevalent element is Water. This adds compassion and empathy to your personality. You are compassionate and caring and may be quite sensitive but you prefer to mask the depths of your feelings by striving to present yourself with an intellectual veneer.

    Romance, relationships, love and family are important to you though you may prioritize your career because you see it as a path to stability and security for your loved ones.

    Your chart lacks the Fire element and as a result you may struggle to find motivation especially when things get challenging. You don’t like to cause conflict and may become stoic when upset rather than asserting yourself.

    You may also block yourself from progressing at times because you don’t easily channel your energy by acting on instinct or passion. Instead you carefully weigh your options and wait until you feel secure enough to make the next move.

    Rarity of this elements combination: Slightly uncommon

    Elements combination: Earth Air Fire Water

    Earth is your dominant element. You are practical, grounded and business oriented. You conduct your life in ways similar to a CEO conducting business. You evaluate the best ways to get a return on your investment of time, energy and money and you detest wastefulness.

    You are hard working, ambitious and detail oriented though you work at a slow pace. Solid foundations are important to you and you strive to create security. You are reliable, predictable and a creature of habit. You also try to make your surroundings as comfortable as possible.

    Air is your secondary element. This helps to balance sturdy and slow moving earth. You are able to be more flexible and adaptable thanks to the prevalence of air energy in your chart. You are creative, intellectual and curious about your surroundings. You want to understand how things work.

    Your first source of information comes from your senses thanks to dominant earth energy. Once your instincts and the wisdom of your physical body has provided all the information possible, you lean to the intellectual and academic. You can be a gifted communicator and earth helps you remain patient so you can understand where others are coming from.

    Fire is the third most prevalent element in your chart. You are focused, passionate and motivated to succeed at your goals though the prevalence of earth energy helps keep you stable and from going to extremes. You can draw on confidence and assertiveness when you need to but you don’t like to act in dominating ways.

    Water element is present in your chart though it is not as pervasive as the other elements. You are able to tap into your emotional, sensitive and empathic nature and this helps fuse your connection to loved ones and family. You aren’t driven primarily by emotional sensitivity or intuition but these forces are part of your personality.

    You may need to work to develop your intuition or trust in the wisdom of your emotions but when you do you will have additional resources to help you express your compassion, love and empathy. Emotional security is important to you but financial and practical forms of stability are given greater emphasis.

    Rarity of this elements combination: Average

    Elements combination: Earth Air Water Fire

    Earth is your dominant element and as a result you are practical, grounded and business oriented. You operate like a business person and are concerned with stability and security. You may run a business or be focused on your career and financial stability.

    You are slow to take action and would rather proceed cautiously than to jump in to action and controversy. You believe that slow and steady wins the race. You can be predictable because you value tradition and repetition.

    Air is your secondary element and this balances your earthy nature with a greater degree of flexibility. You can consider different sides of a situation though you are usually patient and grounded, cautiously reflecting on a situation before rushing to decisions or action. You can be highly intellectual, intelligent and diplomatic.

    You are creative and a strong communicator. You may be drawn to writing, speaking and teaching and you love to learn everything you can about your surroundings and about others. Your creativity and business acumen can give you the potential for entrepreneurial success.

    You can be social, witty and charming and networking is one of your strengths. You likely have a number of interests and talents and know a little about many subjects. You are frank but also diplomatic. You can elicit the trust of others because you are reliable and consistent and you embody your ideas and values. You can be logical and rational and this helps you plan for long term success.

    Water is present but not abundant in your chart. You are emotionally sensitive, empathic, romantic and sentimental, yet these are not your dominant qualities. You can be intuitive as well but will need to work through your intellectual side in order to hear the subtle communication of your instincts.

    Relationships and family are important to you though you focus on your work and career as a means to creating stability for those you love. You are uncomfortable revealing your vulnerability and emotional nature outwardly.

    Fire is your least prevalent element. You are capable of harnessing the passion, direction and focus of the fire element though it is not your most comfortable way of presenting yourself. When you are out of other options or when it is an urgent matter, you can draw on your confident, assertive, intense nature and overcome challenges.

    You can find your strength and conviction and let this motivate you to take action so that you can succeed regardless of conflicts, yet primarily you seek stability and consistency. Dynamic change and confrontations make you uncomfortable and you will weigh your options. When action and direction are needed you can harness these energies though you prefer avoiding conflict and confrontation.

    Rarity of this elements combination: Average

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