Earth and Fire as the most important elements in a birth chart

    By 12andus

    Elements-EF.jpg Elements combination: Earth Fire

    Dominant Earth, Fire, No Air, No Water

    Dominant Earth gives you practicality, grounding and stabilizing energy. You are solid and consistent, loyal and generous. Your powerful energy is enhanced by Fire element being your second most prevalent energy in your chart. You can be stoic and solid yet also passionate and protective. Your ambition and willpower feed off of each other yet Earth helps to measure your pace and grants patience.

    Earth working in conjunction with Fire helps you to avoid burnout and keeps you from becoming too impulsive, yet also gives you energy, determination and assertiveness. You are confident and focused and can endure any obstacle.

    When you have a goal in mind, you have a one track mind and will not be discouraged from your path. Conflict and hardship only further motivates you. Whether it takes a year or a decade you will succeed and you never compromise or surrender.

    The absence of Air can lead you to act only on what you perceive with your physical senses and this can limit you in the long run. You may resist new information that could benefit your cause. You may also become inflexible because it is difficult for you to take the perspective of others or adapt your thinking to include new information. You may skimp on research and analysis and go right for action.

    Communication is not your strong suit. You expect evidence to speak for itself and may also expect others to be able to read your mind as you stand silently waiting for them to figure you out. At the same time you can be abrupt and blunt in your communication with others. It may come as a surprise to you when others are hurt or offended by your strong opinions and proclamations and you don’t deal well with subtle hints and nuances.

    If someone wants to get a message across they had better spell it out loud, clear and direct. You have little tolerance for the philosophical or abstract and instead you value information that directly translates into productive outcomes. You place emphasis on work, profit, harvest and efficiency. Resources and security are important to you.

    The absence of Water in your chart hinders your ability to go deep into your own emotions and as a result you may have a hard time dealing with the emotional nature of others. Emotions are murky, illogical and interfere with productivity and therefore you prefer to avoid them. Intimacy is impacted by your resistance to being vulnerable and receptive to others on a deep level. You take things at face value and may miss subtle emotional cues.

    You are loyal and committed to others yet you prefer to be a guardian, protector or practical nurturer than to be an emotional confidant to those you love.

    Romance and sentimentality seem to you like an impractical waste of time and resources and you would rather show love by doing things for people as opposed to professing romantic notions through poetry or verbal expression of lofty promises and idealized love. Instead you will help provide financially for those you love, you will help protect them, cook for them and make sure they are physically comfortable.

    Rarity of this elements combination: Very Rare

    Elements combination: Earth Fire Air

    When Earth is your dominant element it is clear to everyone that you are solid, reliable and trustworthy. You may be an anchor or rock for others and you can be a fair minded person who treads cautiously and ensures that others are secure and stable.

    You have low tolerance for insincerity because to you, dishonesty is a waste of energy. Why go through all the trouble of deceiving others when it is much easier to stick to the facts and tell it like it is?

    Speaking of telling it like it is, you may be stoic and subtle but you pull no punches. Your secondary Fire element ensures that you have assertiveness and confidence. You trust yourself and know the value of your resources and abilities and if others are taking advantage you have no problem calling them out on it.

    You try to be fair even though you can be abrupt, it is not your intention to hurt others but to not waste precious time and energy or money doing more of what isn’t working. You are straightforward but diplomacy is not your style.

    Career is of utmost importance to you and you are fueled by a sense of mission and purpose as much as by the desire to attain security and stability.

    You have the ability to delve into the philosophical and abstract but you usually prefer to form your own opinions based on what is evident to you. You trust your physical senses and instincts and academics, as far as you are concerned, is just a means of supplementing information you already know.

    If you aren’t careful you may end up using the process of education and exploration only to fortify your already established preconceived ideas.

    Water is absent from your chart and as a result you may appear to lack compassion and empathy. You are caring but you show it in definitive ways by providing for others or tending to their practical needs. Last on your list of priorities are emotions.

    To you they are vague, abstract, unnecessary and a waste of time. They don’t accomplish anything as far as you can tell and therefore you harbor a belief that they aren’t necessary. Relationships may be of value to you but you tend to view them as business partnerships rather than sentimental connections based on emotions and empathy. Others may perceive you as detached or work oriented rather than romantic.

    Rarity of this elements combination: Rare

    Elements combination: Earth Fire Water

    Dominant Earth, Secondary Fire, Tertiary Water, No Air

    Your dominant element is Earth and this makes you hard working, concrete and practical. You don’t like putting energy or money into anything that doesn’t have a solid return for your investment.

    You approach life cautiously most of the time, especially when safety or money are involved. You may define yourself by the work you do or the physical assets you own. Accomplishment and success are of primary importance to you.

    Your secondary element is Fire which adds motivation, passion and courage to your otherwise stoic and solid personality. When you need to, you can jump into action though you prefer a steady and gradual path. You can be riled to passion and anger though you prefer to remain level headed. You are decisive and direct and when your mind is made up it is almost impossible to change your views.

    Honesty is important to you and you have no tolerance for deception or sugar coating things. You are hardworking and enjoy a challenge. You may sometimes do things the hard way just to be able to test your limits.

    Your third most prevalent element is Water. This adds emotional nurturing and compassion to your personality. Relationships are important to you as is family, tradition and the past. You don’t easily embrace change and you don’t tolerate disruptions to your home or family life.

    You are intuitive and derive wisdom from practical experience and being in tune with your body and surroundings.

    The element of Air is absent in your chart and this impacts how you think, communicate and adapt. You are direct and have no need for abstract ideas or philosophy. You need to be able to see, feel, hear or smell things to understand them.

    Your concrete thinking also relates to your communication style which tends to be direct and black and white. You don’t easily compromise and can be inflexible. If you do ever change your mind it will be easier for you to deny ever having had a different perspective than to admit to making a change.

    To you, learning is a prerequisite to doing and accomplishing. You don’t waste energy and time gathering information just for the sake of being knowledgeable.

    Rarity of this elements combination: Slightly uncommon

    Elements combination: Earth Fire Air Water

    Earth is your dominant element and as a result you are practical, patient and business oriented. You think like a CEO and may treat even family or relationships like business partnerships and collaborations. You are down to earth and value consistency and reliability. You don’t trust what you can’t perceive with your senses and as a result you operate on instinct rather than emphasizing research or academics.

    Career is your primary focus and you devote yourself to your work in order to create stability and a legacy. You are a creature of habit and value repetition. You may become mistrusting of people who are unpredictable or who don’t walk their talk.

    You look for consistency as a measure of stability in your relationships and may frequently find yourself disappointed when others don’t live up to your standards. When you are stressed you may try to control situations by becoming obsessive and compulsive.

    Your obsessive and passionate nature are reinforced by your secondary element, the Fire element. You prefer to keep a low profile but you have an intense streak and your temper can easily flare up. You can become obsessive, dominating and insistent on having your own way.

    On the other hand, fire gives you courage, confidence and assertiveness. You can become driven and focused because of the energy of Fire and when you have your mind set on a goal you will overcome any challenge in order to pursue your agenda.

    While you can be focused and determined, fire can help you adapt to changes but you can be unyielding and not open to change.

    The Air element can add potential for flexibility allowing you to change your views and adapt to different perspectives however the gifts of the air element are not dominant in your personality but accessible when you need them. You trust your instincts and senses first and foremost thanks to your dominant Earth element but when your sensory information leads to a road block you turn to academics, logic and the intellectual.

    Your primary purpose in learning is to gain applicable knowledge that can increase your skills in business or practical matters.

    You can be social and outgoing but your primary objective is to further your career and find financial stability. You don’t like to chit chat aimlessly but can be an excellent networker.

    The element of Water, which grants empathy, emotional connection and places value on relationships, is your least prevalent element. You have concern for others and emotional sensitivity but you don’t function primarily from the standpoint of emotion.

    You care about relationships and family but may focus on work and career as a means of providing stability for those you love. You aren’t transparent about your emotions and may even be mystified by them yourself.

    Rarity of this elements combination: Average

    Elements combination: Earth Fire Water Air

    Earth is your dominant element. You are practical, grounded and patient. You value stability and security above all else. You don’t embrace change easily and prefer to stick with what you know.

    This can result in repeating the same behavior, going to the same places, not venturing far from home and not being open to new ideas because you are comfortable with tradition. It takes a lot for you to be willing to risk your sense of security to make significant changes.

    You are career focused and view work and money as not only a means to obtain what you want but also as a measure of status, power and control. You may define yourself by your career and at a young age you may have had an idea of what kind of work you wanted to pursue, or at least began your work experience early.

    You can be slow moving as you gradually weigh all options before making a determination. You are also objective as much as possible because your practical side outweighs your emotional reactions.

    Fire is your secondary element. You are committed to stability, tradition and security thanks to dominant earth, yet your sense of passion, integrity and strength fuel you to push through obstacles and make changes when you are ready. Fire gives assertiveness, confidence and strength to your personality.

    You may be more stoic than others with as much fire in their chart because your prevalence of earth energy compels you to keep your poker face in most situations, but beneath the surface you are passionate and can be intense.

    You can be a solid leader because you are courageous, fair minded and have high integrity and the desire to create security for others and blaze a trail for others to follow. You aren’t impulsive thanks to earth balancing out your fiery side, but when your mind is made up you are unstoppable.

    You are slow to anger but also slow to forgive because your earthy side can hold a grudge once you have become angry with someone.

    Usually however you try to approach things in a practical, business like way. You don’t take most things personally and instead of feeling insulted when things don’t go your way you view it as a matter of obstacles which need to be removed or plowed through. Fire helps you endure and overcome the obstacles on your path whether you sprint around them or blast through them.

    Water introduces an emotional, compassionate and empathic component to your personality. Though it is not present in abundance, water soothes you and calms your intense fiery passions and can also soften the rough edges of your stoic, stubborn earthy side.

    When you tap into the water element in your chart you are working from love, compassion and concern for the wellbeing of others. You are also approaching situations from an intuitive and empathic standpoint. You prefer to be in control and so may easily brush this aspect of your personality under the rug but it is still a source of power when and if you decide to draw on it.

    Relationships, love and family are important to you though you will usually act on what you believe to be the best options for your career, reasoning that anything that brings financial stability and security also benefits those you love. You can take the time to empathize with others but it is not usually your first reaction. Instead of considering the feelings and emotional needs of others, you typically focus on more practical aspects of nurturing, considering whether others are safe, well fed, healthy and secure.

    Air is the least represented element in your chart and as such it places the lowest priority on intellectual pursuits. You are intelligent and can be analytical and rational but you prefer practical knowledge to book smarts. You will take the time to research and explore through your intellect usually after your instincts and conventional wisdom have been proven insufficient.

    You also have a difficult time being flexible and insist on having things your way. You can be concrete in your thinking and obstinate because it is not easy to yield to the ideas of others or compromise. You can be diplomatic but you have to work from a different perspective and either grow in to a more flexible, intellectual mindset or fake it in spite of the discomfort of adopting this strategy. Either way it is usually a practice you employ only when necessary or after much reflection, growth and mastery of different aspects of yourself.

    Rarity of this elements combination: Average

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