Water and Earth as the most important elements in a birth chart

By 12andus

Elements-WE.jpg Elements combination: Water Earth

Dominant Water, Earth, No Fire or Air

With dominant Water energy in your personality, you are compassionate, emotional and intuitive. You are highly empathic and sensitive and can easily become overwhelmed by the energies and emotions of others. Your decisions and goals are based on your desire for emotional security and connection with others. Romance, relationships and family are important to you.

Earth is your next prevalent element and this adds to the nurturing side of your personality. You strive to create emotional and physical comfort and security for others. You can be practical and grounded and this helps you to balance your sometimes intense feelings. You are led by emotion but easily transmute this energy into manifesting what you value.

Your career is likely to relate to your compassion and desire to heal others emotionally. You look for security through amassing material items that give the illusion of reassurance. Whether it is money, clothes, jewelry or other resources, you feel more secure when you are surrounded by your creature comforts. You may also look to food and cooking to nurture others and yourself.

The absence of Fire element in your makeup can keep you from getting swept away with intense passions and prevent you from becoming quick to anger. On the other hand your motivation is likely to be slowed down. You are compelled to act based on the desire to connect emotionally and create security but your pace is gradual and you aren’t rushed into decisions.

You may also have a hard time focusing when you need to. Rather than committing to one course of action and sticking with it when obstacles arise, you may go with the flow and shift directions when things become difficult.

You don’t easily assert your confidence and while you are not a domineering person you also may let others set the tone for your relationships. On the other hand, your secondary element being Earth helps to keep you grounded and stable so that you don’t let others overstep your boundaries.

The absence of Air and prevalence of Earth can make you inflexible at times especially when it comes to ideas and intellect. Your flexibility and adaptability comes instead from empathy and emotions and not from philosophical tendencies. You don’t like intellectual tasks and trust your intuition more than your memory or cognition.

You may have a hard time communicating with others and it is difficult for you to understand those whose mindset is different from your own. You can be creative but prefer creative interests that have a practical outcome rather than exercises in abstract thinking or expression.

Rarity of this elements combination: Extremely rare

Elements combination: Water Earth Air

Dominant Water, Earth, Air, No Fire

Dominant Water element in your chart gives emphasis to emotional, nurturing and intuitive abilities. Relationships are the most important aspect of your life. You are highly sensitive and empathic and your decisions are made based on not only what you want but also on what is best for friends, family, lovers and those around you.

Earth element backs up your Watery nature providing an additional emphasis on nurturing and seeking security. In addition to emotional security, financial stability is important to you. You are motivated to work in careers that bring healing either emotionally, physically or both.

You are also patient and grounded and when you make a commitment you are dedicated until the end. Even when others lose interest or change course you come through on your promises. You can be a traditionalist and change is something you avoid whenever possible.

You may not stray far from your roots in terms of practices, routines and even geographic location. Even though you easily attract abundance you believe your harvest is meant to be shared with others and you make this a priority.

Air is a significant aspect of your elemental makeup as well and as a result you are intelligent, diplomatic and expressive. You can be mentally flexible and concerned with learning new things though you are more likely to examine the world in abstract ways and learn about different ideas yet follow the same routines and not rock the boat too much.

The absence of Fire in your chart speaks to low initiative and lack of confidence and assertiveness. Earth helps to make up for this to some degree as you respect and value yourself but you aren’t likely to push through challenges or confront obstacles head on. Instead you may dig in your heels and wait for others to conform to your wishes or simply procrastinate rather than taking the lead and inviting change.

You avoid anger and controversy as well trying hard to make sure everyone feels secure and cared for but not always setting boundaries or limits with others.

Rarity of this elements combination: Rare

Elements combination: Water Earth Fire

Dominant Water, Secondary Earth, Tertiary Fire, No Air

Your dominant element is Water and as a result you are compassionate, nurturing and sensitive. You are also intuitive and caring. Romance, relationships and family rank high on your list of priorities. You may define yourself by your relationships with others and are also likely to be flexible and accommodating of those you love.

You feel everything deeply and your empathic nature can overwhelm you at times. Your instincts are strong and when you trust in your intuition you are able to make the right connections to succeed at your goals.

Earth helps to ground your emotional and sensitive nature. Your empathy and compassionate nature can be transmuted into productive energy and can fuel your work or career. You may start a business involving real estate, healing, therapy, family care or relationship guidance.

You may also draw on your intuition and spirituality to attract abundance and build a career as a spiritual counselor or psychic. You are concerned with both emotional and physical nurturing. When you feel emotionally disconnected or uncomfortable you may look to food, work or indulgence in material luxuries to soothe your feelings or try to feel secure.

Fire is represented in your chart though it is not a dominant force in your personality. You have enough will, passion and motivation to fuel your mission though you don’t tend to dominate others. You can adapt and remain open and receptive to the feelings of others.

You can focus and become determined and assertive when you need to though other emotional baggage may sometimes block you from finding clarity on your own needs and opinions. You are more likely to become melancholy and depressed than angry and even when you are upset you seldom lash out at others, instead retreating inward to try to deal with your feelings.

The Air element is absent in your chart and as a result you are not primarily intellectual or academic in your approach to life. This is not to say that you are not intelligent, but simply that your motivation is not to gain information for the sake of being a wealth of knowledge on any subject.

Instead your intellectual style may be fueled by your desired career or by your emotions. When you feel intuitively drawn to a subject you may study it to learn more but you aren’t inclined to be concerned with data, facts and figures just for the sake of gathering information or learning philosophy.

Your communication is more emotional than objective as well. You can express yourself best when you have dealt with your deep emotions otherwise you may confuse others by expressing yourself based on labile and changing emotions.

Rarity of this elements combination: Slightly uncommon

Elements combination: Water Earth Air Fire

Water is your dominant element and this gives you a sensitive, compassionate nature. You are nurturing and romantic, sentimental and empathic.

You easily connect with others’ emotions and you are primarily motivated by emotional reactions. Family, love, home and relationships are of great importance to you. Your main motivation stems from making others feel cared for.

Earth is your secondary element and helps to balance your emotional side with grounded practicality. You nurture on both an emotional and physical level, trying to ensure that others feel validated and comfortable. Security is important to you. Career and finances serve an important role in your life and you give much energy to planning and building your career for the purpose of finding greater stability.

When not identifying yourself through your social roles and relationships you are likely to identify with your work and career.

You can be grounded and patient and when something is important to you, you will work diligently to accomplish your goals. You cautiously pour over details to make sure you are making the best choices as you plan for the long term and don’t like to act impulsively.

You easily things in black and white terms, though it isn’t impossible for you to adapt your mindset and be flexible. This is because Air is your tertiary element and gives you the ability to take various perspectives and weigh pros and cons before taking action.

You are also potentially intellectual, insightful and data driven though your initial reactions are formed by emotion and not logic. You can tap into your cognitive and academic side when need be but your initial instincts are emotional and sensual.

Fire is your least prevalent element and lends focus, determination and confidence to your personality, just not in large doses.

You can be confident and assertive but you prefer not to be dramatic or intense. You would rather not be confrontational or domineering so you try to reserve your passionate side and only show your fiery nature when you really need it most.

When matters are urgent or when you feel the need to protect yourself or others you can draw on your feisty and assertive nature. You can be slow to anger and also slow to forgive as earth helps you hold a grudge.

Rarity of this elements combination: Average

Elements combination: Water Earth Fire Air

Water is your dominant element. You are compassionate, nurturing, loving and emotional. Your intuition is strong though you may doubt yourself because of emotional insecurities. Relationships, love and family are your priorities. You may define yourself by your role in relationships to others.

You also can lose sight of your own needs and values when in relationships because you become receptive to the ideas and needs of others to the extent that you neglect your own boundaries at times.

You can be romantic and sentimental. As an empath, you easily take on the energy and feelings of those around you and this can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, Earth is your secondary element and this energy can help to counter some of your overaccommodation of others. Earth stabilizes you so that you don’t drown in the intensity of your emotions and sensitivity. It gives you practicality and patience so that you are less inclined to act in irrational ways when responding to your intuition and emotional urges.

Earth also gives importance to business, career and stability. While family and love come first in your life, you place great focus on your career path and work mostly as a means of creating stability and security for those you love. You are nurturing in practical as well as emotional ways. The comfort of others is as important to you as emotional validation.

You are connected to the past and to tradition and it is not easy for you to break away and start new trends or practices. You may remain physically close to family or your hometown or maintain family traditions as well as holding on to views and perspectives from the past because they bring comfort to you.

Fire is present in your chart though not in abundance. You can become determined, passionate and motivated though you have to work through emotional insecurities to draw on the confidence and courage fire gives to your personality. When it is urgent or when other options fail, you can become decisive and direct.

You are also protective of your loved ones and assets and your anger is not usually provoked easily but when those you love are threatened your ferocity surfaces.

Air is least prominent in your chart. As a result you can be intellectual and logical but you are primarily driven by instinct and emotions. You don’t seek academic information as your first response to confronting a new situation nor do you typically take classes or read for fun unless it relates to a subject that is emotionally important to you.

You can be friendly and outgoing when you need to be but this requires you to come out of your comfort zone and emerge into new territory and you prefer to stick close to home, family and long standing relationships. You can be dreamy and creative but you don’t typically show your innovative side because you tend to resist change.

Rarity of this elements combination: Average

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