Water and Air as the most important elements in a birth chart

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Elements-WA.jpg Elements combination: Water Air

Dominant Water, Air, No Fire or Earth

When Water is your dominant element followed only by Air and an absence of Fire and Earth, you are emotionally driven and relationships are of utmost importance to you. Your intuition and instincts guide you yet you can easily become carried away and even misinterpret your perceptions.

You are highly empathic and sensitive and may feel constantly tossed here and there by every passing emotion. You are also likely to fall in love easily and wear your heart on your sleeve.

Though you are deeply emotionally driven, you also are likely to overthink things. Sometimes this is done to avoid feeling your emotions to their fullest extent because for you this is like a full time job, complete with tidal waves of lability and sensitivity. Your rational mind or the realm of fantasies and even anxieties are a natural retreat from reality. Unfortunately you may have a hard time grounding yourself and boomerang between feeling and thought without slowing down enough to evaluate and plan.

Air can contribute creativity and talents for writing, music, speaking and communication. With practice you can become like a therapist, speaking the language of emotional healing and keeping lines of communication open and authentic.

You can express your emotional nature through your many creative talents and may easily tap into the energy of the collective unconscious because you are so empath yet also tend to be a messenger. You may work in an intuitive way and have ideas and messages to share with others that are inspired by compassion and spirituality.

The absence of Fire slows your motivation. You may easily become overwhelmed and procrastinate or you may struggle with confidence and assertiveness without the passionate energy of Fire to focus and inspire you.

You can be more compassionate than intense and may drift from one interest to another because your motivation is not easily triggered. You may also seldom express anger and it is easier for you to put yourself in others’ shoes and show compassion and mercy.

You may find others’ intensity and anger to be overwhelming and dramatic. It is not in your nature to act impulsively unless your instincts and intuition are involved and you don’t rush into things.

The absence of Earth can result in frequently feeling untethered. You may struggle to handle money in practical ways and may invest based on your whims and ideas rather than measured, careful planning. You are more intuitive and creative than practical and you may be turned off by people who are detail oriented and earthy, perceiving them as too detached.

You are free from the confines of the Earth element as well and this can help you trust your intuition and delve into abstract thought. If anything, it is difficult for you to reign in your energy and limit yourself to routines, tasks, traditions or schedules and your sense of timeliness may be an issue because you follow your own rhythms and can’t easily stick to superficial structures and demands of society.

It may seem like you have commitment issues but in reality you are always moving and flowing and don’t like to be restricted or confined.

Rarity of this elements combination: Extremely rare

Elements combination: Water Air Earth

Dominant Water, Secondary Air, Tertiary Earth, No Fire

Dominant Water energy gives you empathy, compassion and consideration for the feelings of others. You are intuitive and sensitive. Relationships are important to you and you want to connect deeply with others.

Your secondary element, Air, adds to your desire to connect with others only this element brings the desire for intellectual understanding. You want to connect with the heart and mind of others. You communicate well and are diplomatic and peace loving.

You try to express yourself as accurately as possible without creating strife or controversy. You are social and outgoing but may be a wallflower until you feel emotionally secure with your surroundings, only then coming out of your shell and networking with others around you.

You are curious and interested in people and learning new things but if your intuition doesn’t corroborate with intellectually derived information you will trust your gut first and academic learning second.

Earth is represented in your chart as well but to a lesser degree. You are practical and grounded and can be concerned with financial success and having something to show for your efforts but this is not your main drive. You can be patient when you need to be but usually let your emotions lead you first. Your career will be most successful when it allows you to express your compassion for others and work in mentally stimulating capacities. You crave financial and physical security but you have to work a little harder to stay on task when it comes to budgeting and other routine (which to you means somewhat boring) obligations.

What your chart is missing is the Fire element. You are slow to react and this can help you weigh information with greater discernment but can also lead you to slow down just enough to procrastinate and miss an opportunity. You aren’t typically domineering and may actually lose focus easily.

You may also let others dictate your actions and succumb to the will of those around you rather than standing your ground, mostly because you doubt yourself or don’t want to create strife. At times you can be too mentally versatile and fail to stick with one course of action long enough to work through obstacles.

You may be prone to taking the easiest road available and as a result may not always reach your full potential because you won’t push yourself past a certain point.

Rarity of this elements combination: Rare

Elements combination: Water Air Fire

Dominant Water, Secondary Air, Tertiary Fire, No Earth

Your dominant element is Water and this gives you a primarily compassionate, sensitive and emotional nature. Like water, your energy may be flowing and fluid and you can adapt to your surroundings though you tend to gravitate to matters of emotional security.

You are nurturing and sensitive and have a strong intuitive connection. You are empathic and can pick up on the feelings of others as well.

Similarly, your secondary element is Air which is fundamentally different as it is not concerned with emotions, but like water, also leads to adaptability. Air element helps you channel your intellect and intelligence and opens you to creativity and the realm of ideas and potentials.

You may be a visionary and can be imaginative. With Water and Air as your most prevalent elemental energies you easily trust your intuition and are open to big dreams and possibilities.

Air also rules communication and you can be an insightful and empathic messenger. You are diplomatic as long as strong emotions don’t compel you to over-react to situations and overwhelm others.

Fire is present in your chart as the third element represented. Fire element gives you enough of a spark of energy to keep yourself motivated and striving for success and to get your message and ideas out. At the same time you don’t have an abundance of fire and this can help you to calm your emotions rather than giving in to intensity and passion. On the other hand, fire also potentially helps you to focus and overcome challenges.

When you need to, you can draw on the strength of fire to pursue your ambition though your desire to create harmony and understanding override any egotistical ambitions that fuel your actions.

You may be slow to take initiative but when it counts you jump in to action.

Earth is absent in your chart. As a result you may have a hard time grounding yourself in practical matters. Finances, diet, resources and budgets are likely the least of your worries. You may not always plan for the best outcome when it comes to stability, economics and long term gains and it can be difficult for you to be patient.

What you lack in practical focus you make up for in adaptability, creativity and nurturing.

Rarity of this elements combination: Slightly uncommon

Elements combination: Water Air Earth Fire

Dominant Water, Air, Earth, Fire

Your dominant element is Water. You have an abundance of empathy and are predominantly a compassionate, caring and nurturing person. You are highly sensitive and intuitive though you may have to overcome challenges like learning to regulate and harness your intense emotions so you can more clearly access your intuition.

Relationships, home and family are of great importance to you. You are adaptable and flexible and can easily adjust to the situations or people around you, but in doing so you can also become a people pleaser and lose your individuality.

Your adaptability and flexibility are also enhanced by the Air element being secondary in your chart. You prefer open flow of communication and easily express your feelings and ideas. You are intellectual and love to learn as much as possible about subjects which are important to you, in particular topics that you are emotionally moved by.

You can be flexible in your thinking and consider every side of a situation or argument.

You prefer to appeal to people through emotional and cognitive understanding and can be a diplomatic and supportive communicator.

You may be drawn to careers such as counseling, therapy, healing or other paths that facilitate healing and understanding through emotional connection and communication.

Earth is present in your chart as the third dominant element and this helps you to ground and stabilize your energy. Though earth is not abundant in your chart it’s presence can help you anchor yourself when you need to.

Patience is not easy but it is also not impossible. You are also mindful of career, security and finances though emotional security tops your list and financial security is a consideration but not a top priority. You find comfort in tradition and reflecting on the past.

Fire is present in your chart though it is the least prominent element represented. You can be assertive and decisive, passionate and strong willed but you have to remember these attributes exist within you, learn to harness them through experiencing conflict, or both.

You prefer to please everyone than to assert yourself or dominate others yet you are capable of finding your determination and strength, it may just require extra mindfulness or a push from others or outside circumstances.

Rarity of this elements combination: Average

Elements combination: Water Air Fire Earth

Dominant Water, Air, Fire, Earth

Water is your dominant element, meaning compassion, empathy, sensitivity and intuition are your strong suit. Relationships, family, home and emotional security are of great importance to you. You thrive in settings where you feel emotionally validated.

You are nurturing and caring and your empathy can make it difficult for you to deal with overwhelming feelings at times. You may also adapt to situations or people around you, sometimes at the expense of your own identity or will.

Air adds to the flexibility of your personality, though the Air element is secondary it balances your emotional nature with cognitive strengths and intellectualism. You may try to avoid deeper feelings at times by striving to use logic and knowledge to intellectualize your feelings.

You are curious about the world around you and want to understand and interpret your intuitive perceptions and experiences. You may excel in academic settings and are drawn to research, reading, writing, speaking and learning all you can about topics that move you because of your emotional connection.

Fire is present in your chart though not abundant and this gives you direction, focus, drive and motivation yet in balance with your ideas and emotions. This can either help you to not dominate others by aggressively asserting your will or it can result in emotional issues triggering anxieties and interpretations that lead to quick reactions.

Earth is present in your chart as the least represented element. You can be grounded, patient and practical though you prefer not to be. It may take additional effort or mindfulness to draw on your earthy traits. You may seek calm, steady routines and frameworks only when your preferred flow and reactions aren’t working anymore.

Earth also links you to the past and tradition and you can draw strength from the foundation set by those before you though you prefer to be free flowing and on the move.

Career is important to you as it serves the purpose of providing resources you need but you don’t live for your work, instead you keep connection to work, finances and your profession as a means to an end.

Usually the goal of your work is to fund resources that bring emotional security and the ability to learn, experience things and care for others. You may inconsistently keep a budget but then splurge on investments that bring you emotional comfort or gifts for your loved ones.

Rarity of this elements combination: Average

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