Water and Fire as the most important elements in a birth chart

By 12andus

Elements-WF.jpg Elements combination: Water Fire

Dominant Water, Fire, No Air, No Earth

Dominant Water element in your chart gives you heightened intuition and sensitivity. You are compassionate, nurturing and sensitive. You care deeply about others and are motivated by emotional connection in relationships and the desire for emotional security.

Your intuitive and emotional nature is easily balanced by your secondary element, Fire. You can focus and find your drive for change and assertiveness even though it may be outside of your comfort zone to do so. You can be protective of those you love and can channel your motivation to be an advocate for others.

You have strong romantic and sexual energy and can be attractive to others because you are compassionate, nurturing and exciting. You can be flexible when it comes to empathizing with others and are quick to act when a change of course is needed.

The absence of Air in your chart speaks to difficulty being mentally adaptive. You act on instinct, intuition and impulse and incorporating intellectual information or strategies is an uncomfortable stretch for you.

You may be less trusting of data and facts than you are of your intuition and motivation. It is hard for you to understand others’ perspectives even though you may be able to sense their emotions and this can lead you to become confused.

Communication as a two way street can be difficult for you. You may assume that you know what others are thinking without being open to the cues they are giving you. You may also try too hard to protect others’ feelings and avoid certain conversations.

The absence of Earth in your chart makes it difficult for you to ground yourself. You see practical details as boring and tedious and are more motivated by emotion, relationships and passion than by budgets, income and resources.

You may mismanage money or resources because attention to details in these practical areas is just not a priority for you. It isn’t exciting or emotionally charged so you may overlook important steps in securing your resources.

You may also be impatient and it can be hard for you to slow down. Any work that doesn’t appeal to your emotions and passions will bore you and you will move on in search of more meaningful vocation.

Rarity of this elements combination: Very Rare

Elements combination: Water Fire Earth

Dominant Water, Secondary Fire, Tertiary Earth, No Air

Water is dominant in your chart and as a result you are emotional, sensitive, intuitive and compassionate. You value relationships and may even define yourself by your connections to others.

You are sensitive and emotionally motivated. You care about others and want to make sure others feel emotionally secure. You are also likely to be ruled by your changing moods and this can make you feel overwhelmed and ungrounded.

You go from empathic to passionate very easily thanks to Fire being your secondary element. You are intense and focused and you have a strong sense of mission. Once you have your mind made up you can become focused and determined, not easily swayed from your mission.

You have a strong sense of willpower yet you may base your actions and decisions not on logic and study but on your mood one moment to the next. As a result you may constantly feel like you are flowing in different directions.

You may also feel overwhelmed by the intensity of your passions and emotions and can be quick to anger though also quick to release the powerful emotions and move on. You are excitable and can be sexually attractive and romantic.

Earth is your third most prominent element and this helps you to stay grounded. You can be easily swayed by emotion and desire though Earth helps counter this albeit in small ways. When it comes to career, money and financial stability you can find ways to slow yourself down and persevere rather than burning out because of your intensity.

You want stability though you may have to learn how to cope with your own emotions and handle relationships differently in order to accomplish this.

The lack of Air in your chart gives you a tendency to draw on information from intuitive sources and anecdotal stories rather than academic study. You may not entirely trust philosophy and abstract thought. You seek studies and information that will help you heal your emotions or improve your relationships or you seek to learn about topics that are emotionally charged for you.

Aside from that you aren’t interested in amassing information just for the sake of being a walking encyclopedia. You also communicate in emotional ways and don’t easily express yourself diplomatically. Instead you may take things personally or feel slighted easily but not know how to speak up until you are overcome by emotions. You may also be quick to anger or feel resentful but not know how to communicate your emotions or needs.

It is difficult for you to take the perspective of others intellectually although you are emotionally empathic. You may pick up on emotional signals from others only to misinterpret these cues and come to incorrect conclusions about others’ intentions.

Rarity of this elements combination: Slightly uncommon

Elements combination: Water Fire Air

Dominant Water, Secondary Fire, Tertiary Air, No Earth

Your dominant element is Water which makes you empathic, loving and nurturing. You treat others like family and are focused on relationships of all kinds. You may even define yourself by relationships or by your role in relationships. You are intuitive, emotional and in tune with the spiritual and creative. Your motivations are emotionally charged.

Fire is especially strong in your chart as well and this helps to balance your compassionate, nurturing side with your assertive, focused demeanor. You are passionate, confident and direct. Your emotions may stir you to motivation but once your interest is triggered you easily pour your energy into action to accomplish your goals.

As much as you love others and want to create harmony and understanding though you can be overbearing. You may dominate others with the intentions of being protective or nurturing.

Your third strongest element is Air and this gives you gifts of communication and understanding. You are intellectual and idealistic. Your emotions lead the way but you have a knack for diplomatically expressing your ideas in ways that others can relate to. In order to access your diplomatic and flexible nature you may have to work through intense emotions and your own strong willed opinions which can limit you from perceiving your options.

Your chart has an absence of Earth energy and this can lead you to feel ungrounded at times. You are carried on the tides of emotions and passion and even your intelligence and cognitive gifts are filtered through your intense feelings and strongly held opinions.

You don’t usually consider details but rather jump to action based on your instincts and feelings. You aren’t the most patient person and get bored with practical issues. You may be careless with finances because you would rather experience life and attend to your relationships than keep a budget or worry about your net worth.

Rarity of this elements combination: Slightly uncommon

Elements combination: Water Fire Air Earth

Water is your dominant element. You are compassionate, empathic, loving and nurturing. You can be adaptable and intuitive as well. Your emotions motivate the majority of your decisions and perspective on things.

While you can be understanding and nurturing to others, you can also easily misconstrue situations because you are responding only to your own emotional reactions which may or may not be accurate to the situation at hand.

Fire is the secondary element in your chart and this element adds passion, direction and motivation to your personality. You are ambitious and driven. When your emotions are engaged you focus in on how you can create change, protect others or overcome obstacles.

You enjoy being challenged because it helps you find ways to prove yourself. You can become a champion campaigning for causes close to your heart including family, children and home.

You can be courageous and confident but your primary nature is to respond with outpouring of emotion or to seek validation and security.

Your focus and mission can be obscured by unresolved emotional issues.

Air is present in your chart. This element gives you intellectual gifts and the desire to understand how things work. You are curious and may express yourself in creative ways especially through speaking and writing. You can be flexible and adaptable and when you soothe your emotional reactions and intense passion you can work diplomatically to create understanding and understand others’ perspectives.

Earth is present in your chart though not in abundance. You can find practical ways to ground yourself and deal with mundane details though these are not your favorite tasks. Career, finances and business are a means to an end and you define yourself by relationships and not work.

Work is something you do to care for and support those you love and to create security, not something you do for status or because you love money for its own sake.

You can be patient but it takes a lot of work and mindfulness to cultivate this talent. You are much more prone to reacting on impulse and emotion.

Rarity of this elements combination: Average

Elements combination: Water Fire Earth Air

Water is your dominant element. You are compassionate, nurturing and sensitive. You can be intuitive and are primarily motivated by your love for family and friends. You can experience a broad range of emotions. Your perspective is based on your emotions and perceptions and may not always be objectively accurate.

You can be flexible and adapt your personality to keep the peace or to please others.

Fire is your secondary element and balances your watery nature. You can be emotionally sensitive as well as intense and passionate. You can direct your focus and pursue your agenda because of the assertiveness and focus given by the fire element. You don’t back away from confrontation and dilemmas. Challenges can stimulate you to pursue your goals and direct your focus, making sure you succeed no matter what.

Your ambition is strengthened by your emotional connection to people and to specific issues that hit close to home for you.

Earth is your third prevalent element and while you have the ability to ground yourself and remain practical when under fire, you may only come to logical and practical decisions after you have exhausted your emotional and instinctive reactions. You can slow your pace and practice patience but you have to work through your intense emotional reactions in order to find your roots and create stability.

Career and finance are important to you but not of primary importance. Your first concern is emotional connection and relationships and career serves the purpose of providing for your loved ones. You aren’t concerned with status and personal gain from career and finances.

Air is your least present element and as a result you are often disconnected from your intellectual gifts. You can be mentally flexible and academic though you must work through your emotional reactions first in order to get to your intellectual gifts. You may ignore information that is accurate because your gut level instincts take you in a different direction. You can be mentally flexible, social and a diplomatic communicator.

Rarity of this elements combination: Average

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