Sun in Aries, Ascendant in Virgo and Sun in the houses

SunAcHouse-Aries-Virgo.jpg Sun in Aries, Ascendant in Virgo and Sun in House 7

You are a powerhouse of energy and passionate about your views. Sun in Aries is typically bold, confident and sometimes short sighted because of the speed at which thought translates into action with this placement. Fortunately for you, Virgo Ascendant grounds the typical fiery powerhouse of Sun in Aries.

Virgo Rising’s gift to Sun in Aries is the ability to slow down just enough to consider details and analyze your prospects before moving full speed ahead to achieve your goals. You are also more likely to attend to practical matters with this placement, rather than getting swept away leading the charge and overlooking important smaller steps.

Virgo Ascendant emphasizes your role in the world as a humble service person, preferring to heal and organize in the background rather than needing to receive recognition and glory in the spotlight.

Virgo Rising helps tone down Sun in Aries’ typical need for recognition and attention, placing the focus instead on using your gifts of charisma, optimism and even some of your eccentricities to make a powerful impact as a leader or protector for others.

Since the Sun in Aries is in the seventh house of partnerships and relationships, this placement further emphasizes that it is not all about you. The natural ruler of the 7th house is Libra, which lies in polarity to Aries.

Therefore balance between warrior and collaborator energies ensures that you can be a strong advocate for justice and protection of others when need be, but you can just as easily direct your passion and focus to empowering and inspiring those you love.

Both the Sun’s seventh house placement and Virgo Ascendant result in Aries typically impulsive and bold style being softened. You are still bold and assertive, but less likely to leap without looking. You are also likely to excel when working on the behalf of others or in a partnership, going to lengths for others that you wouldn’t pursue just for your own agenda.

When out of balance, your Virgo Rising energy can limit your views and cause you to become critical of others, holding yourself and those around you to standards of perfection. It may seem as if nothing is good enough and the passion triggered by Sun in Aries in the 7th house can be directed as anger toward those around you for not living up to your ideals or not supporting your dreams and ambitions in ways you think they should. You may also become resentful of others if you perceive they are holding you back. Rarity of this Sun-Ascendant and Sun in House combination: Average

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Sun in Aries, Ascendant in Virgo and Sun in House 8

You are a passionate truth seeker with a strong sense of confidence, creativity and enthusiasm which may border on zealousness at times, with Sun in Aries in the eighth house. Virgo Ascendant adds devotion to facts, details and research into the mix.

You are easily mentally energized. Your priority is to be of service to others and make an impact though you are not likely to seek out the spotlight for yourself. Virgo Rising is the quintessential service person operating behind the scenes to make sure that all practical matters are taken care of.

Further adding to the appeal of introversion is the Sun in Aries’ placement in the 8th house. You are interested in deep, probing research and searching for hidden truths. A born researcher, you may pioneer new ideas or lead the way toward breakthroughs in health or wellness, psychology, or metaphysical studies, but you typically lead by empowering those around you.

You may be the driving force behind a team or organization and yet you would prefer to remain immersed in your studies, or setting plans into motion off the radar of others.

Your quick mind and decisiveness combined with high stamina and physical energy allow you to accomplish a great deal and yet Virgo Ascendant and the eighth house Sun enable you to keep a low profile. Sun in Aries packs power into everything you do. In career or work settings you may be like the generator, providing a steady stream of energy so that all the gears of the machine run properly yet without exerting a commanding presence.

In personal life you may be an instigator who stirs others to action through empowering or provocative suggestions though without being confrontational or aggressive.

The Sun’s 8th house placement also suggests the importance of other people’s resources and assets. An inheritance or financial assistance from someone close to you may significantly help your career or boost your success. The eighth house placement also suggests power of destruction and regeneration. Virgo Rising emphasizes health, the body and wellness as key interests.

You may pursue a career as a surgeon or other type of healing provider especially using modalities that go beneath the surface to reconstruct or rebuild. This could also include psychology or various alternative healing techniques such as Shamanism.

When this energy is not balanced you may become passive aggressive or highly critical of others, and your quick mind and knack for strategizing can be channeled for the purposes of manipulating others for monetary gain rather than for healing and transformation. Rarity of this Sun-Ascendant and Sun in House combination: Average

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Sun in Aries, Ascendant in Virgo and Sun in House 9

Fiery Aries empowers your sense of identity. You are bold and charming and your enthusiasm and creativity empower and uplift others. Placement of the Sun in the ninth house adds to your ability to captivate audiences and influence others. In addition the 9th house placement gives you a philanthropic and spiritual focus rather than becoming fixated on your own ambitions and personal power.

To help balance your energy, Virgo Ascendant brings forth interests in healing and attention to practical details which Sun in Aries would otherwise find tedious. You are highly intelligent and able to focus on the big picture thanks to Sun in the ninth house, but are equally inclined to build incremental steps to ensure your success thanks to Virgo Rising.

You are passionate about being of service to others and motivated by spiritual beliefs and morality likely dealing on some level with beliefs in Karma or divine justice. You may feel like you were born to assist and protect others, and advocating for the mistreated is a big part of your mission.

Highly intellectual, research and facts are important to you as is the philosophical underpinnings of your mission. You will want to follow your path as far as it can possibly go and will leave no stone unturned. You may feel like you are on a quest to bring healing and social change in or out of your chosen career field. When you become interested in a topic you seek to become an expert, channeling the warrior energy of Sun in Aries to dominate your chosen field of study, rather than dominating through physical battles.

If not balanced you may carried away with your ideals and even take your beliefs to the level of zealotry. For the most part, Virgo Ascendant protects you from extremism yet even this placement when not balanced can result in a harsh view of the world in which you are critical of the shortcomings of others or resentful when others lack appreciation of the lengths to which you are going to empower or benefit those around you. Rarity of this Sun-Ascendant and Sun in House combination: Rare

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