Sun in Aries and Moon in Aries

    By 12andus

    SunMoon-Aries-Aries.jpg Sun in Aries and Moon in Aries

    With Sun and Moon in Aries, your inner world and outward personality are fueled by ambition and motivation. You are highly energetic and focused, driven to succeed.

    Sun in Aries compels you to seek recognition and praise by taking the lead and demonstrating your courage. Moon in Aries adds emotional intensity. You are driven either by emotional desire, passion and even insecurities.

    You may go to extremes to seek admiration or to prove your strength and audacity to others. Feelings of insecurity or an inner need to compete and win can compel you to push yourself to your limits.

    Athletic pursuits are important to you and can be a great outlet for your excessive energy. When you don’t get adequate physical activity, however, you can become nervous, agitated and tense. You are not known to be patient and your desire for forward momentum can lead you to take impulsive actions and make quick decisions.

    Your feelings are easily triggered and your reactions are swiftly expressed, no poker face for you. Although you are generally optimistic and cheerful, inspiring and motivating others, you can also have a jealous streak. This is particularly true when you feel others are taking credit for your initiatives, blocking your progress, or overstepping your boundaries.

    You are deeply passionate about your ideas and attitudes but also about your relationships and family. If you feel your family or loved ones are threatened, you can become fierce.

    It’s hard for you to empathize with others, not because you aren’t caring, but because you interpret the world first and foremost from your own viewpoints.

    Emotional issues are difficult for you to deal with and it is easier for you to distract yourself with challenges, competitions and activities that help you feel productive and show your strength. You don’t like to show vulnerabilities.

    Sun in Aries conjunct Moon in Aries

    Moon and Sun conjunction in Aries in your natal chart can lead you to show nurturing energy in passionate, intense ways.

    You are protective of others but can overstep and appear domineering if not careful. Your creativity is easily channeled by intuition and emotional needs as well. Though you take strides to conceal your vulnerability, your emotions are always brewing just beneath the surface.

    When you start something, you jump in wholeheartedly and give projects your full focus. You never give up until you have reached success. This can help you achieve your goals against all odds, but can also distract you, chasing windmills, rather than approaching life with flexibility.

    Rarity of this aspect: Average

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