Sun in Aries and Moon in Leo


SunMoon-Aries-Leo.jpgSun in Aries and Moon in Leo

Sun in Aries gives you strength, determination and a knack for leadership. Leo Moon adds creativity, generosity and extravagance to your energy.

You are charismatic, charming and outgoing and you know how to entertain others. You have a dynamic personality and can easily take the spotlight. Although you can be over the top and exuberant, your cheerful disposition and optimism can also mask deeper insecurities.

Thanks to Leo Moon, you are sensitive to the perception of criticism or rejection. You thrive on the admiration of others and need to feel as though others are praising you.

The last thing you want is to lose face socially or publicly. Being in charge or dominating others is likely because you create momentum and intensity easily and don’t always know how to slow down your pace.

You are ambitious and driven to succeed. You are brutally honest though seldom out to intentionally hurt others. Humor and a penchant for storytelling helps you captivate others. You can easily inspire those around you. You have a competitive streak and will stop at nothing to achieve success and recognition. Even when it would benefit you to change course you will not back down from a challenge.

You are known for your generosity and will go to great lengths to protect and provide for those you love. At the same time, however, you come to expect loyalty and appreciation from those around you and can become intensely disappointed or even angry if you perceive others to be ungrateful for your generosity.

You are creative and the arts and theater serve as a positive outlet for your energy. If you can channel your competitive streak in a productive way, you can be highly successful. You know how to attract attention and further your mission.

Sun in Aries square Moon in Leo

Sun in Aries square Moon in Leo brings tension between your natural sense of confidence and authority and your need for approval and attention.

If you can work through the need for persistent admiration and praise, you can become quite successful as a leader, entertainer and advocate. In the process of aligning your creative talents and your courage and persistence, however, you are likely to experience friction because of your need to influence others to follow your personal agenda.

You may become possessive or competitive to the point of sabotaging your opportunities to collaborate with key people. You may also become unnecessarily jealous of others if you feel threatened by opportunities given to those around you.
Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Aries trine Moon in Leo

Sun in Aries trine Moon in Leo brings out the best of your creativity, charm and charisma.

You are a natural leader and can be funny, entertaining and a great performer. You aren’t afraid to be in charge or in the spotlight. You can also be extremely generous with your time, money and energy.

If there is a problem or challenge, you will go overboard to solve it. Especially if doing so allows you to showcase your strength and courage. All you ask for in return is admiration, appreciation and loyalty. You are also quick to act on behalf of others and can be protective.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

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