Sun in Aries and Moon in Aquarius

SunMoon-Aries-Aquarius.jpg Sun in Aries and Moon in Aquarius

Sun in Aries gives you determination. You are passionate about success and can be highly competitive.

You can have a one track mind when you are on a mission. This is amplified even more by your Aquarius Moon. Moon in Aquarius gives you a broad interest in the plight of society at large or particular groups in society. You nurture through group involvement easier than in one on one relationships.

You are passionate about your beliefs and are a humanitarian and activist. You love initiating change and may step into leadership in social groups. Your network is broad and eclectic. You initially judge based on your own experience, but can also be open minded and teachable. Your intuition and emotional connection to people from diverse backgrounds helps broaden your perspective.

You are an innovator and agent of change. You would rather embrace the new than rebuild the old. Your beliefs and actions can appear impulsive, careless or downright bizarre. Although you are drawn to groups, you can also be a loner. You need time and space to understand your emotions and intuition.

You act quickly and can be intense. Your energy can feel like a bolt of lightening that compels you in new and unusual directions. While you easily befriend others, you may seem emotionally detached. This is because you intellectualize your feelings. You can also have strong intuition which is not easy for you to put into rational terms but upon which you act with successful results.

Your path will seem unusual and you take an interest in topics that are bizarre, eccentric, fringe or unorthodox. You need adventure and can become bored easily. When it is time to change or move on, you can surprise others with your aloof nature and sudden disappearing act.

Sun in Aries sextile Moon in Aquarius

Sun in Aries sextile Moon in Aquarius creates the potential for an easy flow of energy between your unique, visionary ideas and your strong will and determination to succeed.

You can easily tap in to your determined, focused side and remain on track rather than getting distracted by the many ideas and social commitments that entice you. You can keep your mind open to new ideas and be receptive to change because Aquarius Moon compels you to consider new views and unusual ideas. You balance personal ambitions and sense of responsibility as a change agent within society at large.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Sun in Aries square Moon in Aquarius

Sun in Aries square Moon in Aquarius brings friction between your innovative nature and unusual insight and your outward focus on success and growth.

You want to be given credit as a leader and are motivated to finish what you start. At the same time, you also want to break free from tradition and challenge the system. You are a loner and have a very clear vision of what you want your path to success to be, however you may have to collaborate with peers to truly achieve your goals and this strains your desire to be autonomous.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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