Sun in Taurus and Moon in Taurus

SunMoon-Taurus-Taurus.jpg Sun in Taurus and Moon in Taurus

Sun in Taurus gives you practicality, patience and a reliable personality. You value stability and understand your worth. You seek luxuries and comforts and can be generous with others.

Your Moon is also in Taurus which reinforces these qualities. Your emotional side is nurturing but not labile. You don’t usually lose your cool but if anything can build resentments if you feel you are being taken advantage of. If this happens, you will not be likely to let others back into your inner life. You are slow to anger but also slow to forgive.

You have a knack for finding value and beauty. You can be interested in art but are also practical and express your creativity through making or investing in useful things that blend form and function. You are likely to dress to impress but also seek comfortable clothes. Your home or office décor reflects this need for comfort and practicality as well.

You can be nurturing of others’ physical needs, making sure those you care about have healthy food, comfortable surroundings and are well cared for. On the other hand, you shy away from murky emotional matters as you prefer to avoid conflict and drama.

You are dependable and hardworking yet also have a reputation for laziness. This is because you will work hard to accomplish your goals but will not work harder than you have to. You carefully select which activities deserve your attention and efforts.

If you don’t assess a particular activity to be beneficial or to add value to your life you will simply dig in your heels and stall. You may also put your efforts into other things, giving the impression that you are stubborn or unmotivated. In fact you are motivated but you must do things your own way.

Sun in Taurus conjunct Moon in Taurus

Sun in Taurus conjunct Moon in Taurus enhances the grounded energy of this sign. You are reliable and unshakeable but also slow and steady. You will hurry for no one and instead prefer to take your own pace. This can lead you to procrastinate. You value security and will not dive into new trends. Exceptions to this are in the arena of luxuries or food. You adore anything gourmet or associated with high status.

You value comfort and expect admiration and respect from others. Even if you offer help to others, you expect on some level that your efforts will some day be repaid.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

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