Sun in Taurus and Moon in Cancer

SunMoon-Taurus-Cancer.jpg Sun in Taurus and Moon in Cancer

Sun in Taurus gives you a patient, loyal and earthy personality. You are grounded and practical and appreciate value. Since you know your worth and the value of your time, you are clear about your expectations and have no problem setting boundaries. Your good financial sense and practicality are accentuated by Moon in Cancer.

Your Cancer Moon gives deeper emotional connection though you try to hide this sensitivity behind a shield of business-like exterior. Your no-nonsense approach to life helps you to conceal your vulnerability. You are intuitive and protective over family, business and home.

You can be generous and loving though you expect respect and won’t tolerate deceit. You may seem aloof and candid at first but as people get to know you they will see that you treat everyone like family and will go to any lengths to show your support and loyalty as long as you aren’t taken advantage of.

You are level headed and can keep a cool exterior even in the face of crisis. However behind the scenes you are highly sensitive. Your emotions may be reeling all over the map but you will not let others see you sweat.

Security is paramount for you. Any perceived threat to financial security or any disruptions to the stability of your home will stress you out. You may hide this anxiety by turning to food or materialism. You may also become fixated on trying to secure a financial foundation to protect you from downfalls.

You approach life with great caution and will sleep on a new idea, sometimes for an extended period of time, before making a decision. Others may perceive you as slow to commit or complacent. This is not actually true. You take commitments seriously and are hesitate to make promises you can’t absolutely keep.

Sun in Taurus sextile Moon in Cancer

Sun in Taurus sextile Cancer Moon makes you reliable and patient but also empathic, nurturing and generous. You have a strong sense of discernment and know value when you see it.

You can easily succeed in business because you have a good sense of financial management but also have keen people skills. You easily set boundaries with others and can instinctively appeal to the emotional needs of others.

You also easily channel your nurturing and stabilizing energy in home and relationships. Others can count on you for an empathic yet straightforward opinion. You are calming and grounding to others, especially children.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Sun in Taurus square Moon in Cancer

Sun in Taurus square Moon in Cancer creates friction between your personality and inner, emotional nature. You are highly sensitive but try to hide or deny your emotional nature. This is actually a disadvantage and you would be better off accepting and embracing your intuition and sensitivity as strengths.

Your vulnerability makes you more relatable. Your strengths as a nurturer are enhanced when you allow others to see your inner world.

You need to overcome insecurities by learning to distinguish between inner fears and intuition. Until you learn to trust your instincts without letting insecurities cloud your intuition, you may fear your inner wisdom.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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