Sun in Taurus and Moon in Leo

SunMoon-Taurus-Leo.jpg Sun in Taurus and Moon in Leo

Sun in Taurus makes you reliable, practical, generous and down to earth. You have a strong sense of value and can be quite materialistic because you are drawn to luxuries. You don’t mind sharing your sense of luxury with others, though. Moon in Leo adds to your desire for opulence.

You may seek status and influential friends to elevate yourself. You love being in trendy venues and want your home to be a place of comfort and sanctuary. Also a place where you entertain others and show off your accomplishments.

You are likely to have success in business as well as a steady focus on career. This is because security and stability are important to you. You are concerned about having a solid foundation and seldom take risks unless you deem it completely necessary to do so. You are consistent and reliable.

You are also loyal and expect unwavering loyalty from others. Anything that leads you to believe your generosity or loyalty are not appreciated or reciprocated by others will cause you to shut down. You will go above and beyond for anyone until you feel they have betrayed you or taken advantage of you. When someone has fallen from favor in your opinion, you are slow to forgive and never forget.

You can be entertaining and charming but can also show your disapproval in dramatic ways because your emotions are ruled by passions and the desire to protect your ego. Though you are optimistic and good natured, your patience has limits. You can be a strong advocate for others though as you don’t give up as long as your efforts are appreciated.

Your desire to feel comfortable and pampered can lead you to self indulgence and materialism if you aren’t careful to pace yourself. Though you are typically financially savvy you can also seek emotional security through materialism.

Sun in Taurus sextile Moon in Leo

Sun in Taurus sextile Leo Moon creates an easy flow of energy between your practical and emotional nature. You are able to easily put reasonable limits on self indulgence and balance materialism with practicality. You are also able to draw on your generosity and flair for drama and entertainment to make a lasting first impression.

You charm others yet you also show sincerity, only saying what you mean and never giving your word unless you can commit. You prove yourself as a loyal friend, partner or business partner. You also love to share and entertain at home and may throw memorable parties.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Taurus square Moon in Leo

Sun in Taurus square Moon in Leo creates conflict between your earthy, practical and solid exterior personality and your passionate inner world. Your emotions are fueled by a need to be admired and praised. This can disrupt your otherwise level nature.

You don’t like drama and yet are drawn to it. You also feel insecure when your finances are out of control yet will be tempted to rack up expenses in order to soothe emotional insecurities.

It will take some effort but you can overcome self sabotage when you recognize that acting out of pride is not in your best interest.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Sun in Taurus trine Moon in Leo

Sun in Taurus trine Moon in Leo brings an easy flow of energy between your practical, earthy nature and your inner passions. Your charm is apparent and your sincerity, loyalty and generosity help you attract others. You can be a leader or work steadily behind the scenes, following your creative passions to success.

You find influential connections with others that also help you create stability and prosperity. Others may see you as lucky because it is easy for you to rise to positions of power and status in anything you set your mind to. You understand value and can make wise investments that lead to luxury.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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