Sun in Taurus and Moon in Libra

SunMoon-Taurus-Libra.jpg Sun in Taurus and Moon in Libra

Sun in Taurus gives you charm, loyalty and generosity. You are steadfast, honest and caring. You nurture others by focusing on practical things that make others feel secure. You are grounded and reliable. Your charming nature and desire for comfort is further accentuated by Moon in Libra.

With Libra Moon, you have a strong sense of romance. Your need for stability and security is also enhanced by Moon in Libra giving emphasis to harmony and balance. You dislike conflict of any kind. As a result you also avoid dealing with deeper emotional issues. Instead you would rather idealize your relationships or avoid confrontations altogether if you can’t make others happy.

You are generous and caring and have a deep desire to make others feel happy and cared for. You can become insecure if you feel unsupported by others. In spite of your strong exterior you actually look to others for approval.

You are charming, attractive, sentimental and highly creative. Your interest in the arts is apparent in both your personal style and the ways you decorate your home. You may also channel your emotions through creative practices such as making art, music or through dance or writing. You are cultured and enjoy the humanities.

You are seldom distracted from your goals and work steadily to achieve success, however on thing that can undermine your efforts is your desire for pleasure and luxuries. Materialistic pursuits can sabotage your financial or other goals if you aren’t careful. You are also susceptible to overindulgence in too much of a good thing, be it food, drink or other luxuries.

Libra Moon also helps balance the perspective of Taurus Sun, allowing you greater flexibility and granting a ‘live and let live’ philosophy. You are accepting of others as long as you don’t perceive others deceiving or disrespecting you.

Sun in Taurus trine Moon in Libra

Sun in Taurus trine Moon in Libra creates an open flow of energy between your exterior personality and emotional world. You are compassionate, peace-loving and create beauty and harmony everywhere you go.

You are also influenced by your desire for love and romance. Attracting partnerships and relationships comes naturally to you. Also, while many with Sun in Taurus struggle to compromise with others, your Libra Moon helps you to consider other perspectives.

Your Taurus Sun also helps ground you and direct your energy. Your intuition and inspiration to pursue many creative projects can be more easily directed into practical channels and you follow through with plans.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Taurus opposite Moon in Libra

Sun in Taurus opposite Libra Moon gives emphasizes pleasure seeking. Your practical nature is at odds with your idealism. You may lose yourself in partnerships and acquiesce to the needs of others, only to regret it and react to betrayal and heartache with firm boundaries that keep others at an arm’s length.

You can be swayed by appearances. Rather than taking people at face value, you become engaged in a tug-of-war fueled by insecurities. You find your initial instincts were correct after you have talked yourself into giving someone a chance.

Rarity of this aspect: Somehow rare

Sun in Taurus quincunx Moon in Libra

Sun in Taurus quincunx Libra Moon indicates a lifetime in which difficult lessons surface to help you understand the true value of your own beauty and the importance of partnerships. You may vacillate between trying to control and manage life on your own and wanting to share life with a partner.

Learning when to be demanding and when to compromise brings lessons about collaboration. These lessons force out of your comfort zone. This perceived threat to security can keep you stuck initially.

When you have gotten the hang of working with the energy of collaboration and compromise, you are able to express your creativity and create stability.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

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