Sun in Taurus and Moon in Capricorn

SunMoon-Taurus-Capricorn.jpg Sun in Taurus and Moon in Capricorn

Sun in Taurus places emphasis on earthy wisdom, practicality and patience. You are steady and reliable. You can be hard working but will need to be motivated by your own agenda. Your emphasis on hard work and responsibility is further enhanced by Capricorn Moon.

Moon in Capricorn helps ground your emotions. You can seem detached to others, but really you know how to keep your feelings contained. You channel emotions in productive ways and will look for useful ways to transmute the energy of your emotions.

You are also intuitively connected to the past and traditions are important to you. The double dose of earth energy in Sun and Moon signs makes change difficult for you. You would rather go ten miles out of your way to complete a plan on your own terms than consider taking a new path that requires flexibility.

Your steadfastness often pays off but can also be limiting. To others, you may seem slow to motivate or lazy. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. You have an instinctive sense of timing and know when to build momentum and when to wait out an opportunity.

This can frustrate those who don’t share your instincts and perspective but you reap the rewards of caution and patience often enough to know the value of a slow and steady approach to winning.

You are also honest and direct. You don’t always consider how your message comes across to others. You are nurturing in a practical way but often miss subtle emotional cues.

Your strongest motivation comes from a need for security and this can lead you to stress about money and remain focused on practical goals. You are also motivated by self discipline and a feeling of responsibility for helping others to feel secure.

Sun in Taurus square Moon in Capricorn

Sun in Taurus square Capricorn Moon brings about tension between the desire for stability and tradition and resistance to change. Tradition and routines can stand in the way of your growth. You may have to work through insecurities related to financial stability in order to succeed.

Your insistence on predictability and order can stymie your progress. Attempts to be frugal may result in you spending twice as much as you save in the long run. You could also have a successful business or career if you are able to work through discomforts and not get distracted by materialism and complacency.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Taurus trine Moon in Capricorn

With Sun in Taurus trine Moon in Capricorn, everything you touch turns to gold or at least into opportunities to create abundance. You have an excellent sense of timing and your traditional values and steady persistence help you complete projects successfully.

You don’t let emotional triggers sway you from your overall objective. You are reliable and patient and are often rewarded for your efforts. Even during hardships, you embrace challenge and refine your purpose and strengths in the process of overcoming obstacles.

Financial investments and career bring abundance. Your reputation in career is solid and others know they can count on you.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

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