Sun in Taurus and Moon in Pisces

SunMoon-Taurus-Pisces.jpg Sun in Taurus and Moon in Pisces

Sun in Taurus makes you level-headed. You understand value and quality both in the material world and also in the arts. Your sense of creativity and beauty are channeled through materialism.

You may have a good sense of fashion, decorating or aesthetics when it comes to food for example. Your Pisces Moon amplifies your taste in beauty and desire for comfort.

Moon in Pisces makes you sensitive and extremely empathic. You may try to hide your vulnerability behind the stoic Taurean exterior, but your emotions eventually flow through. You may try to use materialism or food to stifle deep feelings. If you tap in to your intuitive and emotional side, however, you can find great strength and healing.

You are compassionate and sensitive to the point of being psychically in tune with your surroundings. Your earthy Taurus Sun can help you channel your emotional connection to the spiritual realm through work as a hands on healer or with crystals. Your connection to nature may also help you recharge.

Sun in Taurus also helps to balance your watery Pisces Moon so that you don’t drown in your own emotions. You can channel your feelings as motivation for business or to make changes in your life that support your practical goals.

You are dreamy and creative thanks to Moon in Pisces, yet also realistic enough to know your boundaries. Still, you can dream. You are inspired by your intuition and deep compassion and can be drawn toward healing practices.

In love, you may be attracted to people who need rescuing or healing. In fact, it may surprise those who know you to see how easily you can fall head over heels and abandon your typical rationality once someone has influenced your emotions. You are highly susceptible to kidding yourself especially when it comes to romance.

Sun in Taurus sextile Moon in Pisces

Sun in Taurus sextile Moon in Pisces creates an open flow of energy between your practical, grounded side and the depths of your subconscious and emotions.

You can delve into the spiritual realms and perceive psychic impressions. You don’t get carried away with fantasies, however. Instead you remain grounded.

You can be successful in business as an artist, therapist or healer or even as a psychic because you balance intuition and empathy with sound financial skills. You are also perceived by others as charming, beautiful and compassionate. Others feel secure and loved in your company.

You are kind, caring and sensitive and yet you don’t let others take advantage of your generous nature. You can set boundaries out of love when you need to.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Sun in Taurus square Moon in Pisces

Sun in Taurus square Moon in Pisces creates friction between your artistic, mystical, intuitive nature and your practical, grounded side. You want to be reliable, steady and rational. At the same time, your emotions overwhelm you and influence you to act in irrational ways that you don’t always understand.

You are drawn to the mystical and spiritual yet may also feel threatened by anything you can’t understand through your physical senses.

Your intuition provides a wealth of information yet you may dismiss your perceptions or fear your own inner wisdom. When you learn to trust your intuition, you can achieve deeper healing and greater intimacy.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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