Sun in Gemini and Moon in Gemini

SunMoon-Gemini-Gemini.jpg Sun in Gemini and Moon in Gemini

Sun in Gemini gives you an optimistic, upbeat attitude. You are intellectual, charming, social and witty. You thrive on social connection and love to learn from and about the world around you. You are a gifted speaker, writer and messenger. Your can also be adaptable and fit in with people from diverse backgrounds.

Moon in Gemini further enhances this energy. You intellectualize your emotions and when it comes to sentimentality, you are more drawn to the story than the feelings behind the story. You keep things optimistic and upbeat in relationships. Some may consider it superficial but you just don’t see the purpose in getting beneath the surface when it comes to emotion.

You would rather understand how things work than worry about how you feel about them. This can make you seem flighty or detached. Your rational nature can also keep you from getting bogged down by overwhelming feelings.

You expect emotions and relationships to follow logical rules and also expect that with enough effort you can decode the language of feelings without having to actually experience them. You become perplexed when this doesn’t work.

You may also analyze or overanalyze your feelings rather than just accepting them or allowing them to exist.

You can be charming and cheerful and your mental flexibility helps you see the best opportunities and the best in others. Your adaptable nature works to your benefit. If nothing else, you know that a bad mood won’t last long and that with enough conversation you can find common ground with anyone.

You can easily change your perspective and you don’t form deep emotional connection to your own views and opinions. This can help you remain teachable but also lead you to procrastinate and waffle between different ideas rather than committing to one steady course of action.

Sun in Gemini conjunct Moon in Gemini

Sun in Gemini conjunct Gemini Moon enhances your intellectual energy. Your instincts and intuition are easily channeled through your numerous interests but especially through your love of language and communication.

You may find that your writing is inspired or channeled intuitive messages. You may also be drawn to the study of mystical alphabets or other forms of intuitive expression and communication. You may second guess your instincts or dissect your hunches.

You love to be in the company of others and need to feed your thirst for knowledge. You are boundlessly curious and always studying and reading or holding several conversations at once.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

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