Sun in Gemini and Moon in Leo

SunMoon-Gemini-Leo.jpg Sun in Gemini and Moon in Leo

Sun in Gemini makes you versatile, flexible and charming. You are witty and knowledgeable on many subjects. Moon in Leo adds confidence and charisma to your personality. You are outgoing and friendly but also entertaining and artistic.

You wear your heart on your sleeve. Even though Sun in Gemini can give you an adaptable, detached personality, Moon in Leo ensures that you don’t keep a poker face for long. You just can’t help pouring your emotions out into the public for all to see.

You tend to be passionate and can be moved to anger if you feel unappreciated. However, you generally don’t dwell in heavy, depressing, brooding sentiments.

You have a big heart and show your nurturing instincts in relationships by treating others like royalty. You expect the same however and can become hurt when others don’t respond to your grandiose gestures with their own over the top displays of admiration.

You may analyze and overthink relationships, trying to figure out why others never seem to give as much as you do. Although you are typically secure and confident, you may also become jealous or resentful if it seems like others aren’t giving you the credit you feel you deserve.

You are adventurous and can be attracted to drama. You are a natural entertainer and love telling stories and hosting parties in your home. Your personality can be larger than life. You know how to command attention and can make a powerful impression because of your ability to tune in to others’ feelings and needs.

When your jealousy is triggered you will make your unhappiness known in dramatic, bold ways. Thanks to Sun in Gemini, you have no problem getting your message across. You can excel in theater and performing arts but can also create scene when the mood strikes you.

Sun in Gemini sextile Moon in Leo

Sun in Gemini sextile Moon in Leo gives you confidence and charm. You are inspiring, uplifting and optimistic. It is easy for you to relate to just about anyone and you are loyal and generous to those around you.

You have a big heart and speak the praises of those you care about. You have such confidence in your friends and loved ones that you may actually overestimate your connection to others.

You can easily take on new perspectives and weigh pros and cons of a decision before coming to a conclusion, yet you also instinctively know when it’s time to follow your gut instincts.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Sun in Gemini square Moon in Leo

Sun in Gemini square Moon in Leo can bring friction between your desire for admiration and praise and your need to adapt to your social network. You may have to tone down your larger-than-life personality in order to give others the spotlight and this is not easy for you.

You are flexible and adapt easily to change but this can lead you to ignore feedback from others that doesn’t flatter your view of yourself. If you are able to remain open to constructive criticism and not let pride interfere with your relationships, you can be a caring, dynamic and entertaining person.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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