Sun in Gemini and Moon in Libra

SunMoon-Gemini-Libra.jpg Sun in Gemini and Moon in Libra

Sun in Gemini gives you an intellectual, flexible and witty personality. You are a quick thinker and skilled communicator. You are drawn to knowledge in all its forms and love to express yourself, especially through writing and speaking. Your penchant for self-expression is also enhanced by Moon in Libra.

You have an instinctive sense of beauty and romance. You are eloquent, poetic and always trying to understand others and the world around you. You seek balance and avoid confrontation. You are sensitive to drama and criticism and can be easily hurt. In spite of this, you are also quick to forgive because you genuinely want to make sure everyone gets along.

You are diplomatic, kind and charming. You easily attract friends and romantic partners. You love being in love and enjoy all of life’s pleasures. You also love to learn new things. You are sensitive to others’ feelings though you tend to intellectualize your own emotions. You are also inclined to avoid rocking the boat and may become a people pleaser.

You don’t mean to be dishonest but you can bend the truth if you think it will spare someone’s feelings. You are also good at making sure people are included and have a fair chance to voice their opinions. If need be, you may speak up on behalf of someone you feel is being overlooked, however you avoid confrontation.

You are artistically inclined and may be drawn toward art, music, poetry and performing arts. You dress to impress and have a romantic sense of style.

In your desire to create harmony, you can become indecisive and non-committal. You never want to choose a course of action that may limit you or cancel out other options. You may become dependent on others to help you make decisions and you thrive in partnerships.

Sun in Gemini square Moon in Libra

Sun in Gemini square Moon in Libra creates friction between your emotional desire for romance and harmony in relationships and your intellectual, detached nature. You may want intimacy in theory but avoid commitment by spreading your energy in too many different directions.

You may seek romance but bury yourself in books or other media which keep you distracted from developing your relationships. You are peace loving but may need to work on asserting yourself and expressing your boundaries when needed.

You can be flirty and popular but struggle with conflicts in relationships, trying to avoid dealing with challenges or focusing on pleasing others rather than communicating your needs.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Gemini trine Moon in Libra

Sun in Gemini trine Moon in Libra creates an easy flow of energy between your intellectual nature and your sense of beauty and romance.

You are highly attractive to others. Your wit and charm commands the attention of others and you are perceived as beautiful and kind hearted. In love and romance you may seem lucky and are seldom single for long. Even outside of romance, you thrive in partnerships.

You can also be artistic and have numerous talents in music, the visual or performing arts. You are a true romantic and your personality and style reflect your thoughtful, sensitive nature.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

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