Sun in Cancer and Moon in Taurus

SunMoon-Cancer-Taurus.jpg Sun in Cancer and Moon in Taurus

Sun in Cancer gives you a warm, nurturing and emotionally sensitive personality. You are compassionate, empathic and creative. Moon in Taurus adds to your instincts in business. You are motivated to create security. Although you are highly sensitive, you are also able to ground your emotions in practical outlets.

You seek comfort and security. You are also creative and talented in creating comfort and luxury at home. You have a strong sense of decorating, cooking and attending to people’s physical comfort.

You are sentimental and romantic but are also able to keep a level head even in love. You will go to great lengths for those you care about. You have no problem setting firm boundaries to protect yourself or those you love.

When emotionally triggered, you will look to the concrete and dependable. Finances, food, work and activities that ground you in the material world. You may find outlets in gardening, eating or spending for example. You may also get involved in crafts.

You prefer to keep yourself on an even keel and don’t want others to see you lose your temper or control over your emotions. When you do feel pushed to the brink, you can become defensive and are slow to anger but even slower to forgive.

You have a good sense of perspective and can relate to others emotionally without losing sight of practical details. You are charming, comforting and know just how to make others feel at home. You treat those around you like family regardless of your relationship to them. Others know you are a source of sound advice.

Though you don’t like to make a scene, you also value security. If you think others have lied to you, it can be earth shattering. One of the few times you throw an epic is when you suspect that others have taken advantage of your good nature.

Sun in Cancer sextile Moon in Taurus

Sun in Cancer sextile Moon in Taurus gives you the potential to be intuitive, empathic but also earthy and practical. You are sentimental and value security though you also tend to be a steady source of support and comfort for others.

Your instincts serve you well, especially in business and financial matters. You can be creative, intuitive but also practical and down to earth. You seek comfort and luxuries and feel driven to create a secure foundation. You may look to work, money or food to feel secure but will also likely excel in endeavors related to these outlets.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Sun in Cancer square Moon in Taurus

Sun in Cancer square Moon in Taurus can make you sentimental, patient and emotional. You can also let your insecurities get in the way of progress. You can excel in business and relationships but must adjust to not being able to always follow your plans. Learning to pivot between standing your ground and being receptive to others is essential.

Frustration arises when you feel insecure. You may struggle with jealousy and personalize everything. You may also feel the need to be overprotective of those you love and of your resources. Your persistence can pay off but can also become an obstacle. Learn to distinguish insecurities from intuition.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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