Sun in Cancer and Moon in Sagittarius

SunMoon-Cancer-Sagittarius.jpg Sun in Cancer and Moon in Sagittarius

Sun in Cancer gives you deep, emotional, nurturing instincts. You are highly sensitive, warm and compassionate. Moon in Sagittarius adds passion and optimism to help uplift and expand your sensitivity. Rather than shying away from opportunities as Sun in Cancer may lead you to do, Moon in Sagittarius helps you open your heart and take big risks.

You love others, yet also need independence and freedom. You can find ways to balance these drives by becoming involved in relationships and caretaking roles which allow you freedom and breathing room such as long distance romances or work that requires frequent travel with or without family.

You have an ongoing love of adventure and exploration. As much as you can be an advocate and philanthropist, you are also a philosopher and can detach yourself emotionally to examine situations through the lens of spirituality, science and law. You try to see the logical and spiritual as well as emotional side of situations.

Though highly empathic and sensitive, you are also eternally optimistic and always see the best potential in people. You are not swayed from this enthusiasm by difficult life circumstances and this makes you an inspiring and compassionate cheerleader for others.

You instinctively feel that bigger is better and can become restless if you feel penned in. Your insecurities and instincts may lead you to seek out a bigger house or family. You may also expand your sense of family and home by adding friends, neighbors and colleagues to the roster of people who are in your inner circle.

Your desire for adventure can also lead you to make connections with influential people all over the globe. You may have several ‘homes’ away from home.

Though typically optimistic, anything you feel is amplified. You may experience epic highs and lows yet you seldom stay upset for long as you know life is too short to get bogged down with sadness or anger.

Sun in Cancer trine Moon in Sagittarius

Sun in Cancer trine Moon in Sagittarius gives you a nurturing, sensitive and outgoing personality. You are a caring person who can feel at home anywhere in the world and needs lots of room to roam and explore. You often have lucky breaks when you follow your intuition.

It’s easy for you to make influential friends as well. You believe the best of everyone and are usually not disappointed because you don’t dwell on the negative.

You seek security through wisdom and experience. You are lucky in business and financial matters though this usually is helped in part by your knack for befriending influential people who are attracted to your compassionate nature.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Cancer opposite Moon in Sagittarius

Sun in Cancer opposite Moon in Sagittarius creates conflict between your optimistic and idealistic desires and your deep longing for emotional security.

You can become disillusioned when you build people or situations up and they fall short of your expectations. You can also struggle with inner conflict between the desire for independence and the need for security found in relationships and family.

Your desire to be a homebody is often at odds with your instinctive longing to explore new territory. Though you try to remain optimistic, you may become overconfident or leap into new endeavors without carefully planning first.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Cancer quincunx Moon in Sagittarius

Sun in Cancer quincunx Moon in Sagittarius creates tension between your desire for security and longing to explore and be independent of others.

You may have deep instincts that others can’t relate to. Your desire for freedom and adventure can also conflict with your family or business goals.

You may need to adjust your understanding of security and stability in order to feel fulfilled. Spirituality and philosophy can help you break free from insecurities and overcome fears that keep you stuck as well.

Lucky opportunities arise on your path, if you will only open up to taking risks outside of your comfort zone so you can take advantage of them.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

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