Sun in Cancer and Moon in Pisces

SunMoon-Cancer-Pisces.jpg Sun in Cancer and Moon in Pisces

Sun in Cancer gives you strong desires to nurture, protect and love all those around you. You treat everyone like family and are drawn to making a secure home base for yourself and others. Moon in Pisces also amplifies your compassionate, nurturing and intuitive nature.

You are highly psychic and sensitive. You can pick up on signals from others and the world around you. You may not immediately know what these messages are or where they are coming from. This can cause you to doubt yourself or question your well-being. You may also feel confused in relationships when you sense emotions that others may not convey outwardly.

Because you are so sensitive and caring, you may feel the need to sacrifice yourself as a martyr in relationships. You can become so preoccupied with making sure everyone else is cared for that you neglect yourself.

You are romantic and sentimental and others consider you attractive. You have no problem falling in love or attracting romantic partners. Everything else involved in the relationship can be a source of confusion however.

Boundaries perplex you as you are a people-pleaser and hate to say ‘no’ to anything anyone else wants. You also have difficulty remembering that you and your loved ones do not need to be psychologically or emotionally fused together.

You can be affectionate, caring and nurturing but also become codependent if not careful.

You are highly creative and can channel your emotions through music and the arts. You are also drawn to the mysterious and spiritual and can find emotional healing through paths involving introspection, meditation and Spirit communication.

Your creativity and imagination can lead you to invest as much if not more time engrossed in spiritual and abstract realms as the material world. This can lead to escapism if you aren’t careful to ground yourself in the here-and-now.

You easily anticipate the emotional and security needs of your loved ones and can be attentive, romantic and compassionate.

Sun in Cancer square Moon in Pisces

Sun in Cancer square Moon in Pisces brings out friction between your intuitive, nurturing, sensitive side and your creative, spiritual, imaginative nature. You can get lost in fantasy and struggle to channel your emotional ups and downs in productive ways.

You can also get stuck when healing is needed and back down into fantasy rather than facing issues and insecurities and moving through problems. With some adaptation you can find creativity and art healing.

You may also find spiritual practices that help facilitate intuition and deeper healing as well. This will help you maintain your empathic nature but not become lost in a world of self-delusion and wishful thinking. It’s important that you not take everything personally and remain flexible but also grounded.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Cancer trine Moon in Pisces

Sun in Cancer trine Moon in Pisces gives you just enough practicality and shrewdness to be protective over home, family and some boundaries. At the same time, you can maintain your open, flowing, dreamy energy.

This helps you attract others and not get too caught up in minor details that bring stress and self-doubt. Instead, you are intuitively led. You know to trust in Spirit and follow your heart and that everything works out in the end.

You are also creative, caring and imaginative. You can be successful in work involving the arts, home, family and music. You appeal to the sentimental and romantic nature in others and find it very easy to charm and attract others.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Sun in Cancer quincunx Moon in Pisces

Sun in Cancer quincunx Moon in Pisces brings about difficulties trusting your intuition and discerning between inner wisdom and self-delusion.

You may spend years waiting for your crush to leave their spouse so you can carry on with the fantasy relationship you are convinced is destined, for example.

You may also retreat into fantasy rather than dealing with issues that need healing on a deeper emotional level. Even spirituality can become a cop-out if you aren’t careful.

With time and experience, you can learn to discern between your true intuition and wisdom and the wishful thinking that inspires your fantasy life. You can learn to heal your deeper wounds.

Rarity of this aspect: Very rare

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