Sun in Leo and Moon in Taurus

SunMoon-Leo-Taurus.jpg Sun in Leo and Moon in Taurus

Sun in Leo makes you charming, charismatic and confident. You are dramatic and entertaining and love to be in the spotlight.

Your desire for admiration and comfort is amplified by Moon in Taurus. You can be materialistic because you seek security through status and creature comforts.

You can be dramatic and grandiose but deep inside you are level headed and grounded. You make sure practical details are covered and try to make your surroundings as comfortable as possible. You channel emotions through your senses and can be drawn to gourmet food, designer clothing and other luxuries that make you feel comfortable and pampered.

You are loyal, generous and dependable. Stability is important to you. You are motivated to finish what you start and this includes sticking by friends and loved ones no matter what. The only caveat to your loyalty is that you demand and expect absolute loyalty in return.

You will not tolerate being disrespected, deceived or lied to. When you feel that others have a hidden agenda, you won’t be able to trust them and may become insecure. This is one of the few times that you will struggle to keep your calm demeanor.

You are creative and entertaining. The visual and performing arts appeal to you but so do culinary arts and decorating. Practicality is part of the appeal. You love to create beauty and comfort wherever you go.

You will also go the extra mile to indulge in luxuries, rationalizing that you are worth it. You are, of course, and generally you are also prudent with money but can overspend when feeling insecure.

You understand value in a way others don’t, beyond money and pricing. You understand that your time and talents are valuable and can be discerning regarding the company you keep. You are hard working but also expect to receive the recognition you feel you deserve.

Sun in Leo sextile Moon in Taurus

Sun in Leo sextile Moon in Taurus gives you an easy flow of confident, creative energy that you can channel in practical ways. You know when to be reserved and when to make a scene.

Though primarily level headed, you can also be dramatic and use your charm and appeal to entertain and captivate others more often than to create drama.

You have a strong sense of self-worth and can teach others important lessons regarding self esteem and perseverance. You have an optimistic outlook and will remain grounded through any obstacles until things turn around for the better.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Leo square Moon in Taurus

Sun in Leo square Moon in Taurus brings out friction between your confidence in your talents and the need to be patient as your efforts pay off. You may feel compelled to get ahead of yourself, expecting too much recognition too soon.

You may also have difficulty working behind the scenes to establish a foundation which will lead to your success. Jealousy and insecurity can cause you to become demanding and this works against your bigger goals.

You can learn to remain grounded and not take things so personally. If you can trust the process and wait for your efforts to bear fruit, you will be more successful in the long run.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Sun in Leo trine Moon in Taurus

Sun in Leo trine Moon in Taurus makes it easy for you to express your creative and artistic side. You have confidence in your talents and your belief in yourself is contagious. Others don’t doubt your authority because you are so level-headed and anchored.

You easily charm others and can attract both friends and romantic partners by just being yourself. You are low on admirers and love the attention you gain from being in the spotlight.

You can achieve status and recognition easily and are often asked to lead others or share your experience as a consultant. You are relatable but also entertaining and inspiring.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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