Sun in Leo and Moon in Gemini

SunMoon-Leo-Gemini.jpg Sun in Leo and Moon in Gemini

Sun in Leo gives you courage, creativity and confidence. You are a natural leader and love to charm others with your exciting stories and adventures.

Moon in Gemini adds to your charm and enhances your communication skills. You instinctively know how to share your message with others from all walks of life.

You relate to others through your intellect primarily. Even when you can empathize with others, you intellectualize your own feelings and so it’s easier for you to detach and try to understand someone’s world view. This can cause others to assume you are logical, detached and distant sometimes.

It’s easier for you to relate to others if you know their ‘story’ however this can also lead you to get lost in justifications for others rather than trusting your instincts and setting boundaries. Speaking of instincts, your intuition is sharp but you can talk yourself out of trusting it.

It’s not always easy for you to pinpoint the guidance from your intuition because you can become over-optimistic and downplay the need for caution.

You are creative, caring and have a larger than life personality. Your emotions are often steadied through your communication and intellect. For this reason, you find it helpful to process upsetting emotions by journaling, talking or staying in communication frequently. Some may think you are excessively chatting or texting, but this is part of your method of working through emotional issues.

You can be adaptable and flexible and this keeps you from getting bogged down in negative moods. You can see multiple sides of every issue and this helps you make sense of the vast array of feelings you experience. You generally keep your feelings on a surface level and avoid confrontation and conflict. You are diplomatic and cheerful. You know how to put others at ease.

Sun in Leo sextile Moon in Gemini

Sun in Leo sextile Moon in Gemini creates ease between your confidence and intellect. You are diplomatic, adaptable and witty. You can be charming and highly entertaining. You are an excellent story teller and know how to captivate an audience.

You process your emotions through your intellect and may have to make lists of pros and cons, journal or converse quite a bit in order to work through your feelings and come to clarity. You are generous and nurturing of others. You know how to speak to the emotions of others although you are also able to remain objective while doing so.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Sun in Leo square Moon in Gemini

Sun in Leo square Moon in Gemini creates tension between your desire for recognition and your ability to adapt and see all sides of a situation. You are flexible and lenient with others but often feel that as a result, you have been taken advantage of.

You are likely to feel underappreciated and go to great lengths trying to help others as a messenger or diplomat. You are also a natural leader but may need to adjust your core message to avoid keeping the focus on yourself rather than sharing the stage with others.

If you balance your confidence and communication skills, you can become an adaptable, diplomatic leader.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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