Sun in Leo and Moon in Leo


    SunMoon-Leo-Virgo.jpg Sun in Leo and Moon in Leo

    Sun in Leo gives you confidence, creativity and an outgoing nature. You thrive in the spotlight and know how to get the attention of others. You are charismatic, bold and colorful. Moon in Leo adds to this dynamic and powerful energy. Your instincts and emotions are fueled by your passion to uplift others.

    You are a firm believer in individualism. You don’t want to limit how others express themselves nor do you want your emotional expression hindered in any way. You easily gain recognition and call attention to yourself. You are flamboyant, creative and honest.

    You are also extremely loyal to those you love. You care deeply and show your emotions through passion and optimism or dramatic displays of emotion. You may be quick to anger and also quick to forgive and act as if nothing has happened.

    You have a big heart and generous nature, however you can also appear to be focused on promoting your social status and fueling your self image. You can appear grandiose and self absorbed as well.

    You are empathic but will initially react to situations you personally relate to. Once you have walked in someone else’s shoes, or once they have conveyed what you have in common with them, you can be a fierce champion for specific issues. Usually this hinges on your ability to see how this issue benefits you.

    You are classy and sophisticated and love to be associated with the powerful and trendy. You have an instinctive sense of what will or won’t be successful and can excel as a consultant in business, design, fashion or the arts.

    You know how to capture the attention of others and can be entertaining as well as charming. You convey an image of security and glamour and are attracted to wealth and luxury. Fortunately, you are also generous and aren’t interested in hoarding wealth for yourself.

    Sun in Leo conjunct Moon in Leo

    Sun in Leo conjunct Moon in Leo creates a balance between your dramatic, charming and creative outward style and your deep sense of loyalty. You draw on instinct and emotion to express your creative vision.

    You are empathic and need to see others’ situations through your own eyes or compared to your own life. You may have firm beliefs about a topic only to dramatically change your own understanding once you have first hand experience of the issues.

    You mask any insecurities with bravado and may go overboard to prove yourself by projecting an image of status and power. Others are moved by your confidence and regal nature.

    Rarity of this aspect: Average

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