Sun in Leo and Moon in Sagittarius

SunMoon-Leo-Sagittarius.jpg Sun in Leo and Moon in Sagittarius

Sun in Leo gives you courage, creativity and the desire to lead others. Moon in Sagittarius also enhances your individualistic nature. You are independent and need room to explore the world around you.

While you are primarily concerned with your own path and personal advancement, you are also inspiring and generous with others.

You have a strong sense of personal integrity and while you value status and luxury, you will not sacrifice your spiritual beliefs and philosophy in order to acquire success.

You love to expand your mind and grow in wisdom. Your intentions are to be unencumbered by any limitations, though it can come across as if you are materialistic and out for your own success.

You can be distracted by your desires for opulence as you are drawn to status and material comforts. You love to continually grow and expand and can be a beacon of encouragement for others. You are also likely to push yourself past any limitations constantly in search of bigger and better prospects.

Bigger is better, or so you assume. You may constantly trade up cars or houses. You may appear restless as you are always searching for a higher vantage point or new wisdom. You are drawn to interesting ideas, philosophy, religion, science and law.

You like to study cultures from around the world and adapt those that resonate with you. You may use your platform as an entertainer or leader to help advocate for those who are misunderstood.

You love to collect friends and admirers and may travel extensively, gathering new ideas and establishing home-away-from-home wherever you are. You can be dramatic and know how to capture an audience yet you don’t want to be fenced in even by your loyal admirers.

You need independence in your relationships and partners and friends need to understand your desire for a wide range to explore.

Sun in Leo square Moon in Sagittarius

Sun in Leo square Moon in Sagittarius causes friction between your independent nature and desire to roam and your love for the spotlight. You desire admiration and attention from others yet also don’t want to be smothered by intense relationships.

You are philosophical and have integrity yet you also crave power and authority and this may tempt you to disregard your higher nature in favor of instant gratification. You may run through money on your quest for status.

You may feel compelled to take big risks in order to prove yourself or with grandiose hopes for success. Instead of reaching your goals, you may find that you are spreading yourself too thin.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Leo trine Moon in Sagittarius

Sun in Leo trine Sagittarius Moon gives you a lucky streak. You can rise to power and authority and make it appear easy. You also find the right connections and resources to follow your dreams. No matter how unusual your individual path may seem, you defy the odds and land on your feet.

Even when you take risks, you are able to come out on top and it may even surprise you. You just have the right combination of intelligence, wisdom, intuition and guts to pursue your dreams. You are open to success and confident enough to expect it.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

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