Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius

SunMoon-Leo-Aquarius.jpg Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius

Sun in Leo gives you confidence, creativity and charm. You love to be in charge and to entertain others with your spectacular stories and adventures. Moon in Aquarius enhances your independent nature. You are intuitive, innovative and futuristic.

You love to be the center of attention but are also conscious of the needs of groups and communities. You thrive on social interactions yet can also alienate yourself at times by becoming too over the top.

You are creative and love to express yourself in unusual ways. Avant Garde art or futuristic forms of art and music appeal to you. Your intuition puts you on the cutting edge of new trends and this can lead you to become a popular influencer.

You seek status and approval but don’t always understand why because you need independence even in close relationships. Emotions are confusing to you and so you try to intellectualize them.

You can be attractive and alluring to others yet when you sense that a relationship is becoming too serious or others are getting too close to your vulnerable side, you will likely push buttons to try to reassert your independence.

You need freedom, change and status. You are out to lead others but have little patience for long term processes. You are likely to act on impulse and be filled with energy and enthusiasm and just as quickly become bored and move on to a new project or relationship.

You are unusual and stand apart from the crowd. Your reputation for being unique and even a little eccentric but this usually works in your favor. You follow your own instincts and even if others can’t relate initially, you prove the power of your intuition when you end up finding success in the long run. You can be a loyal advocate for others though you need to lead on your own terms.

Sun in Leo opposite Moon in Aquarius

Sun in Leo opposite Moon in Aquarius draws out the tension between your passionate emotions and desire to remain objective. You are highly intellectual yet can’t help reacting to the charge of feelings that grip you from out of the blue.

You need to find harmony between your individuality and desire for freedom and your desire to be acknowledged and fit in with the crowd. Finding your place in a group is difficult because you either want to lead or do things on your own.

With time and experience you can grow to find the balance between these extremes. This way your creativity and generous nature can help you inspire and uplift others.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Sun in Leo quincunx Moon in Aquarius

Sun in Leo quincunx Moon in Aquarius makes it difficult for you to fulfill your mission as a leader to others. You may vacillate between acting selfishly or alienating yourself from others altogether as you attempt to figure out the best way to bring forth your gifts and creative talents.

You can be eccentric and revolt against the status quo for important reasons or for no reason at all. With time and experience you will learn the difference between rebellion for a cause and rebellion just to maintain independence. Your ego can get in the way of your humanitarian vision if you are not careful.

Rarity of this aspect: Very rare

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