Sun in Virgo and Moon in Gemini

SunMoon-Virgo-Gemini.jpgSun in Virgo and Moon in Gemini

Sun in Virgo makes you nurturing, grounded and intellectual. You are detail-oriented and cautious. Your analytical nature and love for learning is further enhanced by Moon in Gemini. You are thoughtful, rational and even when it comes to emotional issues, you would rather maintain a logical approach than get caught up in feelings.

This causes you to rationalize and intellectualize your emotional nature. You can be instinctive and intuitive but may second guess your inner wisdom because you emphasize reason over feeling. You don’t understand the purpose of emotions unless you can use them to focus your intellect.

You love to be of service to others and can be an effective and diplomatic messenger. You are adaptable and can take others’ views into consideration though you usually take your time thinking critically thinking before you come to any conclusion.

You love to inspire others to be the best version of themselves. You also hold yourself to a high standard and can become a perfectionist. You are likely to procrastinate, waiting for the perfect opportunity to show a polished, professional exterior. You don’t like to show any vulnerability and keep your inner world theoretical and idealistic rather than personal.

Though you try to maintain a stoic exterior, you actually experience a broad range of feelings. Even then, you try to keep your emotions on a surface level and hide in research and distractions to avoid experiencing deeper feelings.

You are a skilled communicator. You don’t usually like to be in the spotlight but you usually keep open lines of communication with those around you. You may even keep yourself distracted from dealing with your own issues because you focus your attention on others. It’s easier for you to worry about everyone else’s issues than to deal with your own.

Sun in Virgo sextile Moon in Gemini

Sun in Virgo sextile Moon in Gemini gives you the ability to draw from two intellectual aspects of your personality. You can carefully scrutinize and analyze, evaluating and researching before coming to conclusions.

While you are busy delving in to the details of any situation you encounter, you can also be diplomatic, social and outgoing. Friendly and outgoing, you balance your charming, friendly nature with a serious side.

You can excel as an expert consultant, teacher, writer or speaker. You are motivated by helping others and believe that all conflicts can be resolved through rational understanding and communication.

Rarity of this aspect: Very rare

Sun in Virgo square Moon in Gemini

Sun in Virgo square Moon in Gemini creates tension between your analytical nature and your desire to remain connected to others. You are social, outgoing and like to explore many topics on a superficial level. On the other hand, you also feel compelled to analyze every last detail and strive to project a perfect personality.

You may come across more critical and harsh than intended. You may also hesitate too frequently and keep yourself from making commitments to others until they prove their ability to live up to your high standards. You may try too hard to rationalize your feelings and this can backfire on you.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Sun in Virgo trine Moon in Gemini

Sun in Virgo trine Moon in Gemini creates harmony and easy flow of energy between your analytical nature and diplomatic side. You articulate your feelings in intellectual ways. You try to avoid getting too deeply immersed in emotional issues, preferring instead to apply logic and reason to your feelings.

You are able to connect with others intellectually and put yourself in their shoes. As a result, you are able to give practical advice that comes across as advocating for self-improvement for others and not as nagging or criticizing.

You can be adaptable, open minded and level-headed. You are inspired by new ideas but also patient enough to see ideas through to completion.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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