Sun in Virgo and Moon in Cancer

SunMoon-Virgo-Cancer.jpg Sun in Virgo and Moon in Cancer

Sun in Virgo gives you a practical personality. You are detail oriented and love to be of service to others. Your desire to help those around you and your humble and loyal personality are enhanced by Moon in Cancer. You are sensitive, nurturing and crave security.

You know how to set a secure foundation and are patient enough to see your plans through to the end. You are intuitive, caring and sensitive though you hide your vulnerability behind a perfectionist exterior.

You are cautious by nature and don’t jump into risky ventures. You tend to hesitate until conditions are ideal and as a result you can miss opportunities that challenge your sense of security. You love to nurture others and can often focus on health, wellness and practical ways to nurture others.

As sensitive as you are to criticism, you often overlook your own critical tone when giving feedback to others. Although your intention is to be helpful, you can come across as critical or condescending if not careful.

You are organized, efficient and helpful. You love to manage the details behind the scenes and you don’t seek the spotlight or crave recognition. Your instincts can guide you to understand what others truly need though you tend to not trust intuition without also seeing evidence of ways you can be of help to others.

You can be conservative as you understand the value of your resources and don’t like to be wasteful. You also value traditions, family and home. You are motivated to keep the budget balanced and to manage finances either at home, work or both. You can be creative but will channel your talents into business and pragmatic.

You can be sentimental and dreamy but know how to channel your emotions to take care of business and tend to the dry mundane details that will ultimately help you succeed.

Sun in Virgo sextile Moon in Cancer

Sun in Virgo sextile Moon in Cancer creates an easy flow of energy between your intuitive, dreamy and sensitive nature and your practical side. You can dream up new business ideas or draw on your intuitive side to manage family affairs. You always find ways to ground your dreams in reality.

As a result you are sure to see your goals through to completion. Whatever you put your energy into, the outcome usually involves creating security and nurturing others. You may be a source of wisdom, helping others find healing or improve their diet and routines. You are a creature of habit but it works for you instead of becoming confining.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Sun in Virgo square Moon in Cancer

Sun in Virgo square Moon in Cancer creates friction between your desire for security and emotional sensitivity and your perfectionist personality. You try to project the image of having everything under control.

At the same time, you are sensitive, emotional and always on alert for criticism, real or imagined. Your hypersensitivity can lead you to take things personally that weren’t intended as criticism. At the same time, you don’t always extend the same sensitivity to others that you expect them to show to you.

As a result you can appear detached and critical of others while expecting they will treat you with sensitivity.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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