Sun in Virgo and Moon in Leo


    SunMoon-Virgo-Leo.jpg Sun in Virgo and Moon in Leo

    Sun in Virgo gives you a practical personality. You are a perfectionist and will take your time to make sure nothing threatens your reputation. You would rather be slow and thorough than rush and make mistakes. Your concern with public image and perfectionism are enhanced further by Moon in Leo.

    You try to keep a low profile and humble personality but your emotions are fueled by a quest for greatness. You are out to serve others and make a difference and are drawn to dramatic measures to show you care. You can let your passions motivate you to take dramatic action in pursuit of your goals.

    You try to not allow your emotions to make you vulnerable, at least not as far as others can see. In truth, though, you are driven by your many passions and will go to extremes to prove yourself. You may help others in search of validation and admiration, even if you downplay your desire for approval.

    Your quest may be benevolent, intended to serve and heal humanity, though you subconsciously crave the spotlight as much as you portray an image of humility.

    You are concerned about health, wellness and hygiene. You have high standards and are likely to be selective about who you allow into your circle and who you align yourself with. You can be discreet but also intuitively drawn to those whose power and influence can aid your mission. On some level you also feel personally empowered and validated when in the presence of those you see as celebrities or as having status.

    You can be clean, organized and analytical but also creative and intuitive. You express your emotions through your numerous talents for art, music, theater. You are generous and giving though strategy and careful planning are balanced with impulsive displays of affection and emotion.

    Sun in Virgo conjunct Moon in Leo

    Sun in Virgo conjunct Moon in Leo creates a powerful combination of practical, sensible, cautious personality and inner drive to channel your passions in a way that helps you to be of service to others.

    You are caring, charismatic and generous yet you don’t always need to be in the spotlight. You are determined to succeed and optimistic about the impact you can make if you follow your instincts. Your analytic skills and talents for organizing and research help you to succeed.

    You are also a natural leader. You aren’t motivated by a desire for fame but also aren’t afraid to step in to the spotlight if you need to.

    Rarity of this aspect: Somehow rare

    Sun in Virgo sextile Moon in Leo

    Sun in Virgo sextile Moon in Leo helps you draw on passions and analytical abilities. You can absorb and break down information in practical ways and have ongoing stamina and motivation to work through even the most mundane tasks.

    You know how to bring playful, fun energy to tedious work and can be both creative and efficient. You can also be generous and entertaining without being all drama. You are sensible and down to earth. Your passions can fuel your motivation but you don’t let emotion override logic and reason.

    You can be independent and individualistic but also are motivated to be of service to others.

    Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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