Sun in Virgo and Moon in Libra

SunMoon-Virgo-Libra.jpg Sun in Virgo and Moon in Libra

Sun in Virgo gives you a precise, detail-oriented, grounded personality. You love to be of service to others and can be humble and analytical. Moon in Libra gives you a sentimental, romantic and artistic nature.

Your desire for balance can lead you to weigh pros and cons and strive to see things from various perspectives. You can also end up procrastinating because you try to wait for perfect circumstances before making a commitment or decision.

You are romantic and creative but will likely put your talents to pragmatic use. Decorating, stagecraft, design, cosmetology and other forms of practical art appeal to you. You are sensitive to the need for balance and try to make sure every viewpoint is accounted for.

You can be diplomatic because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. At the same time you can be brutally honest without realizing the impact your words have on others.

You don’t mean to be critical, but in your efficiency you don’t always consider how your message comes across to others. You are all about problem solving and resolving conflicts. You believe rationality and diplomacy will always win over base emotions and antagonism. As a result you are polite, gentle and communicative rather than aggressive or pushy.

You are caring and love to create beauty and harmony. You desire peace and collaboration and have no need to command the spotlight. You would rather work with others who have common goals and improve society. You value partnerships and channel your passion for helping others through shared effort rather than working in solitude.

You can effectively channel your energy through the arts, music and performing arts. As much as you emphasize efficiency and practicality, you also love creating beauty and comfort, helping others feel pampered and loved.

Sun in Virgo conjunct Moon in Libra

Sun in Virgo conjunct Moon in Libra creates powerful desire to be of service to others. You want to create peace, harmony and love. You also care about others’ practical needs. You can be an effective healer. You are efficient and detail oriented.

You try to bring understanding and balance in relationships and present a platform that gives voice to the unheard or underserved. You don’t seek the spotlight for yourself but can be artistically talented. You are likely to use your creative and artistic talents to help others solve problems or to improve society. You are intelligent, analytical and efficient but also appreciate beauty and culture.

Rarity of this aspect: Somehow rare

Sun in Virgo sextile Moon in Libra

Sun in Virgo sextile Moon in Libra gives you the ability to draw on your analytical, rational and sentimental nature. You can be eloquent, artistic and sensitive but also practical, detail-oriented and down to earth.

You are sensible but also appreciate beauty and romance. You don’t let your emotions override your rational side and believe that problems can be avoided if people are able to learn to understand each others’ perspectives and communicate diplomatically.

You are loving and graceful but can also be detached and a bit of a perfectionist. You will review a project repeatedly, refining your work until it suits your standards. You are accepting of others but also have high expectations of others.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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