Sun in Virgo and Moon in Pisces

SunMoon-Virgo-Pisces.jpg Sun in Virgo and Moon in Pisces

Sun in Virgo gives you an earthy, practical and grounded personality. You are detail-oriented as well as being efficient and organized.

You can be a perfectionist and have high expectations of yourself and others. To help balance out your earthy nature, Moon in Pisces gives you strong intuition and creative energy.

You are artistic, romantic and sentimental. You can be extremely empathic and your Virgo Sun helps to balance out your deep emotional nature with solid practical foundation. You find security in your routines and are a creature of habit. You are obsessed with small details yet also able to see the bigger picture.

You have the ability to blend logic and spirituality. You are highly intuitive and psychic and can draw on your instincts to further your understanding of the mundane world. You don’t rely on instinct alone but use these intuitive senses as an adjunct to your analytical, intellectual side.

You can be artistic, creative, poetic and a naturally gifted musician or artist. You understand the practical value of the arts and of spirituality. You may blend these talents with your interests in healing and wellness.

You are compassionate, empathic and highly sensitive. You love to connect with others on an intimate level. You channel this emotional energy in pragmatic ways. You may seek opportunities to be a healer, counselor or guide to others.

You may also find yourself in the position to be a healer leading by example and turning your own emotional wounds into motivation for healing and transformation. You are creative, dreamy and can be a visionary.

When you combine your instinctive ideal vision for the future with your practical sensibilities, you can be successful as a mentor, healer and advocate for others. You can also be a spiritual guide or holistic healer.

Sun in Virgo opposite Moon in Pisces

Sun in Virgo opposite Moon in Pisces creates tension between your intuitive, creative artistic side and your practical, efficient side.

You struggle to bring these aspects of your personality into balance. You are driven by instinct and can be empathic and sensitive. At the same time you are efficient and value research and analysis.

If you can find ways to balance your spiritual and psychic nature with your analytical, intellectual side, you will be able to draw on two areas of strength more effectively. You may take an interest in metaphysics or quantum sciences or other practices that blend science and spirituality.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Sun in Virgo quincunx Moon in Pisces

Sun in Virgo quincunx Moon in Pisces creates tension between your spiritual and practical nature. You try to suppress your emotions, focusing instead on intellect.

This will serve a purpose at times but ultimately stands in your way. You are likely to repeatedly face lessons challenging you to integrate your intellectual and intuitive sides. You will face tests challenging you to embrace your intuition and artistic side rather than second guessing your instincts.

When you learn to appreciate the value of your emotions and intuition, you can draw on your empathy and intuition and your intellectual side to become an influential healer or compassionate partner.

Rarity of this aspect: Very rare

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