Sun in Libra and Moon in Leo

SunMoon-Libra-Leo.jpg Sun in Libra and Moon in Leo

Sun in Libra grants exceptional grace, beauty and diplomacy. In addition to your desire for harmony, love and peace you are also loyal and protective. Your generous instincts are enhanced by Moon in Leo.

You are charismatic and authentic. You wear your heart on your sleeve and can’t help showing the world how you feel. Usually, you do this in dramatic ways and you may appear over the top to others. You are courageous when it comes to showing vulnerability, especially when doing so will help inspire or uplift others.

You may be quick to throw yourself into the spotlight for the sake of making a statement on behalf of others. You may have the best of intentions of speaking up on behalf of the underdog but you do so through your own storytelling or your own views. This can make it appear as if you are focused on yourself, even when trying to advocate for others.

You are romantic and loving. When you fall in love you pull out all the stops and go to dramatic measures to let others know you care. You are proud but also compassionate and it is not beneath you to serenade your love, propose via big screen at a sporting event or otherwise make a scene to let others know exactly how you feel.

Luckily, you mostly do this in an effort to show love and affection. When your insecurities are triggered, however, your dramatic antics can come to the surface in anger or jealousy. You don’t usually like conflict but you like being made a fool of even less. If you feel unappreciated or rejected you have no problem letting everyone in shouting range know.

You are loyal to those you care about and have an instinctive understanding of what others need. You may also doubt your instincts when your intuition is guiding you to take an objective look at the actions of someone you love who isn’t truly acting on your behalf.

Sun in Libra sextile Moon in Leo

Sun in Libra sextile Moon in Leo helps you draw on your exuberant, creative and individualistic nature and your harmonious side. You can balance people-pleasing and diplomacy with commanding the spotlight.

As a result, you are likely to take center stage when it will actually benefit partnerships or under-represented people. You may do this as a captivating entertainer with an important message or as an advocate who can speak to issues facing others.

You can be charismatic, bold and creative but can also tone down your passionate emotions when it is time to make space for others.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Sun in Libra square Moon in Leo

Sun in Libra square Moon in Leo creates conflict between your diplomatic, compassionate and harmony-seeking side and your potential for arrogance and self-centeredness. You can be caring and compassionate but also selfish. You may have to overcome insecurities so that arrogance and over-confidence don’t overshadow your peaceful, gentle side.

You may go to dramatic lengths to pursue your ambitions and this can cause problems in your partnerships and connection to others. You may unintentionally sabotage your relationships or partnerships by seeking praise and validation.

You can be creative and idealistic but also over-dramatic and demanding. Learning to reign in your passions can help you maintain balance.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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