Sun in Libra and Moon in Libra

SunMoon-Libra-Libra.jpg Sun in Libra and Moon in Libra

Sun in Libra gives you a diplomatic, peace-loving and romantic nature. You are compassionate, considerate and artistic. You love to create balance and harmony. Your desire for equality and comfort is further enhanced by Moon in Libra. You are charismatic, charming and considered beautiful. You can be nurturing and have an intuitive sense of what others need in order to feel included and valued.

You also have an instinctive sense of beauty and can excel in several artforms. You are likely to express yourself in diplomatic ways. Even when your feelings are triggered you never make a scene. You value fairness, equality and sharing and you try to think carefully tally your resources to make sure you are giving everyone their fair share of time, money, attention or energy.

You can be caring but prefer to be intellectual in your approach to love and romance. You are dreamy and idealistic. It may be difficult for you to finish projects if your mind wanders from one enticing prospect to another. You are more attracted to ideas than to the manifestation of these ideas.

The same can hold true for relationships. You may become enamored with the idea of being in love or with a particular love interest. The bright lights fade however when you realize they are just a mortal and not the demi-god or demi-goddess you built them up to be.

When real life takes over and you are left with the heavy challenges of relationships, you can become disillusioned and restless in the relationship. You also don’t like to feel confined and will want to keep your options open.

This fear-of-missing-out can cause you to sabotage relationships that could have been long lasting, because you are reluctant to commit if you feel you will end up confined.

Sun in Libra conjunct Moon in Libra

Sun in Libra conjunct Moon in Libra creates strong instincts toward the artistic and creative. You are friendly, charming and optimistic. You love to be in love and can be quite romantic. You are concerned with equality and fairness and will make sure everyone is given a platform to share their views.

All the effort you put into sharing the wealth and being open to the ideas of others can lead you to lose track of your priorities. You may waiver on your own beliefs. If you are making others a priority you may end up putting your own needs last.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

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