Sun in Libra and Moon in Capricorn

SunMoon-Libra-Capricorn.jpg Sun in Libra and Moon in Capricorn

Sun in Libra gives you a friendly, charming and artistic personality. You are romantic, peaceful and love creating beauty and harmony in your relationships. Moon in Capricorn grounds your idealism in practical aspects of reality.

You are sentimental, old fashioned and traditional and may reminisce about past loves or bygone eras. You want to be courted in a traditional sense and you avoid anything too dramatic or extreme.

You are outgoing and social and can be a skilled artist or performer. Aside from creating art, however, you prefer to remain behind the scenes working diligently to being under the spotlight.

You can come across as whimsical or mature and serious depending on your mood, though you value commitment and sincerity. You feel a sincere concern for society and may feel personally responsible for others’ wellbeing. You take your duties seriously. Once you commit to a relationship you will not let go.

You value security and stability. You love to dream and create new things but you don’t easily adapt to changes in your routines or work. You can be insistent on maintaining the comforts and luxuries that makes you feel secure. This can lead you to become materialistic.

You may look to money and resources to reinforce your sense of security and comfort. In relationships you may expect to be pampered by your partner as a sign that they are proving their interest in you.

You can be warm, loving and flirty but also prefer to keep your deeper emotions reserved and in control. You enjoy sharing your abundance with others and prefer low-key gatherings to wild parties. You can be level headed and reliable but when others want to talk about deeper emotions it overwhelms you and you shy away from showing vulnerability.

Sun in Libra sextile Moon in Capricorn

Sun in Libra sextile Moon in Capricorn creates harmony between your earthy, practical nature and your idealism and romantic personality. You are dreamy but also anchored in reality. You can be gentle and loving but also self disciplined.

You keep a handle on your emotions but can turn on the charm and show your affectionate, gentle nature when the time is right. You actually have an instinctive sense of timing and follow your heart regardless of others’ doubts.

You can become materialistic and tempted to indulge in too much of a good thing because you enjoy luxuries and you work hard. It’s only natural that you want to reward yourself with treats and pampering.

Rarity of this aspect: Very rare

Sun in Libra square Moon in Capricorn

Sun in Libra square Moon in Capricorn creates friction between your romantic, gentle nature and desire to please everyone and your gritty, down to earth practical instincts. You are both affectionate but also reserved. Your desire for security can interfere with your longing for connection and collaboration.

You may seclude yourself in work or other solitary activities to avoid dealing with emotional issues or conflicts when what you really desire is the chance to go out and socialize with friends or a partner.

You may want to find the ideal partner but hesitate and second guess your instincts when it comes to love and romance. This gets in the way of trusting your decisions and making commitments.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Sun in Libra trine Moon in Capricorn

Sun in Libra trine Moon in Capricorn gives you a free flow of energy between your practical nature and your lofty idealism. You can be romantic and sensual or hard working and self-disciplined.

You channel energy from your imagination and work steadily to manifest your dreams. You won’t give up on your partnerships or friends and may have relationships that are serious, committed and long lasting.

This is easy for you because others are attracted to your personality, appearance and charming nature. They are also attracted to your comforting, compassionate nature. You know how to make others feel secure but not smothered.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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