Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Aries

SunMoon-Scorpio-Aries.jpg Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Aries

Sun in Scorpio gives you an intense personality. You are like a detective, always digging to find the truth.

You are mysterious and some see you as dark and enigmatic. Your Moon in Aries adds to your already obsessive focus. Not only is relentlessness fused into your personality, you also are motivated by your emotionally fueled mission.

Your instincts and emotions are strong and lead you to act in focused and determined ways. You can hang on to an emotional wound and feed off of negative emotions. You may also find optimism and courage because of emotionally challenging situations.

You are passionate and your emotions, no matter how high or low, are given an added boost of intensity and power. When in the throes of emotion you are all in. Happiness feels like euphoria and you can’t recall ever being sad. On the other hand, when sad, you can get so deeply focused on low moods that you lose perspective.

You can become brooding and self focused with introspection if you aren’t careful. Your motivation feeds your actions. You can be impulsive and in a way this helps you to not get too lost in any particular mood for too long. You blow off steam and channel emotional energy to keep going and accomplish your goals.

You are highly intellectual and resourceful. You know how to reach others and try to get inside the minds of people around you. You are more perceptive than you let on.

You may be passionate and instinctive but you are also one for strategy and you know how to keep a secret. One thing you can’t hide is your frustration or passion when your feelings are triggered.

You are courageous and confident in your beliefs. You never second-guess yourself and this can be a drawback at times. You may overestimate yourself and have difficulty taking others’ feedback seriously because you already have your mind made up.

Sun in Scorpio trine Moon in Aries

Sun in Scorpio trine Moon in Aries gives you high energy and ambition. You are focused and fierce and when you want something you go for it, not allowing any obstacle to get in your path. You are outgoing and courageous. You have no problem showing emotions that make you appear strong and easily convey your authority and influence.

You are passionate and driven and you can keep a low profile when you need to. You are an astute observer of human nature and also intuitive. Your ability to tune in to what others are thinking and pick up on their inner fears. You use this perception to facilitate healing, growth and transformation.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Scorpio opposite Moon in Aries

Sun in Scorpio opposite Moon in Aries creates tension between your inner passions and mysterious outer personality. You want to hold on to your secrets but you exude passion and enthusiasm.

Your eagerness for power and advancement can get in the way of you actually accomplish your goals. You have a one-track-mind and can become obsessive. This singular focus can stop you from the success you otherwise deserve because it is difficult for you to adapt and change your plans.

If you learn to harmonize your powerful passions and your intense personality, you can succeed in your goals.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Scorpio quincunx Moon in Aries

Sun in Scorpio quincunx Moon in Aries creates friction between your deep, intuitive personality and probing intellect and your passions. You may experience frustrating lessons dealing with power and control.

Over time and with experience you will learn to manage your powerful feelings though you will have to make adjustments to your attitudes about power and control. You may either need to learn to trust yourself and build your confidence or to tone down your focus so you can collaborate with others.

Until you learn to manage your control issues and insecurities, you may easily become jealous or controlling.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

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