Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Gemini

SunMoon-Scorpio-Gemini.jpg Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Gemini

Sun in Scorpio gives you an intense personality. You are deep, intuitive and motivated to succeed. You are like a detective, always following clues and seeking out hidden truths behind every mystery. Your Moon in Gemini causes you to intellectualize your emotions steering you toward rationality.

You like to keep your private life a secret but are still outgoing and social. Instead of divulging your inner world, though, you listen to others. You are adept at taking in key pieces of information which you store away for a later rainy day.

When your anger is triggered, you have a database of potentially embarrassing blackmail-worthy information to fall back on. You are persuasive and charming and others eagerly confide in you, not realizing they are potentially giving away secrets that can be used against them later.

You associate security with being in the know. Information is power and you are great at absorbing details and reading the fine print both in what people tell you and what they don’t tell you directly. You are intuitive and have an ear for discovering people’s underlying fears and hidden secrets.

You are also energized and emotionally fulfilled from connecting with others. Reading, speaking, writing and researching are great outlets for your emotional energy as these activities help you process your feelings.

You prefer to deal with others in a rational and intellectual manner as well. You believe most problems can be solved through conversation and diplomacy. But not all problems and that is why you keep tabs on those around you.

You are intuitive but may doubt your intuition or second guess yourself because you overanalyze everything. Your excessive overthinking can also lead you to become unnecessarily anxious. You would otherwise procrastinate but Sun in Scorpio helps you find your focus and take decisive actions.

Sun in Scorpio trine Moon in Gemini

Sun in Scorpio trine Moon in Gemini creates an easy flow of energy between your emotional and intellectual sides. You are intuitive, perceptive and rational. You can communicate your inner world and feelings easily and can also give voice to confusing and mysterious concepts.

You may easily connect with the other realms and be a spiritual medium. You may also be fascinated with death, dying, the afterlife and occult ideology. You are fascinated by mysteries and rather than appearing strange, others see you as charming, powerful and sexy.

You are sharp, witty and love to debate. You can make your point yet you seldom have to raise your voice or act intimidating.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Scorpio opposite Moon in Gemini

Sun in Scorpio opposite Moon in Gemini makes it difficult for you to balance your desire for connection and understanding with your insecurities that drive you into secrecy. You may struggle to focus or express your views without being passive-aggressive or too obsessive.

You may talk yourself out of trusting your instincts when doing so would have been more effective. You will need to learn to balance your emotion, logic and intuition and this is not easy for you. You try to intellectualize your feelings but then are always second guessing yourself. You can be charming and informative or jealous and narrow minded.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Scorpio quincunx Moon in Gemini

Sun in Scorpio quincunx Moon in Gemini can create tension between your instincts and intellect. You may be obsessive, insecure and jealous, constantly researching and digging until you feel certain you know the truth.

Sometimes you are going in circles though because the problem was not with others but in your interpretation and personalizing of something someone else said.

You can also be mysterious, brooding and cynical and will have to grow to balance your deep emotions and intuition. You will need to learn to work with your personal power without manipulating others.

When you find ways to work with your power, you can become sharp, witty, charming and social while also having strong intuition about others.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

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