Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Scorpio

SunMoon-Scorpio-Scorpio.jpg Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Scorpio

Sun in Scorpio gives you a sharp intellect and deep, probing personality. You are a truth seeker and have a strong sense of intuition and discernment. The charming, mysterious and sometimes dark yet alluring power of Scorpio is doubled thanks to your Scorpio Moon.

You can be intense and dramatic and always dive below the surface to reach the core of the matter. You easily convey power and authority. Your instincts are strong yet if you haven’t dealt with your inner insecurities you can sabotage yourself. You may become possessive and jealous.

Unchecked desires for power and control can also be a major lesson for you. You are deeply emotional though you also go to great lengths to conceal this behind an aloof or enigmatic exterior personality. You would rather see into the inner psyche of others than have your own inner world revealed.

You have a great knack for sizing up others and seeing through their defenses. This can make you an excellent counselor, detective, salesperson or healer. You can tell instinctively what others are lacking or fearing. Whether you feel it or not, you do a great job conveying confidence and this leads others to trust you.

You don’t take anything at face value and this can make you an excellent researcher or student of spirituality or occult studies. You can also overanalyze your relationships and drive up your anxiety.

Sometimes this is a result of your keen alert system telling you something is off. Yet other times the red flags you think you see are based on your own inner fears which you haven’t dealt with.

You can be a natural leader and inspire confidence in others. You can also turn this gift toward manipulation of others. With maturity and experience you will learn to carry your power effectively without abusing it.

Sun in Scorpio conjunct Moon in Scorpio

Sun in Scorpio conjunct Moon in Scorpio gives you an ambitious, dynamic and intense personality. You have a probing desire to get to the core of all situations.

You are a keen intellectual but also have strong intuition. You will research your interests, including people you care about, to the degree of near obsession.

You follow your instincts but also carefully research your options and you don’t make any decisions lightly. You can be passionate, influential and magnetic. You may also use your strong attraction power and ability to see into others’ inner worlds in a manipulative way. Usually, though, your intentions are to be a catalyst for transformation and healing.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

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