Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Aquarius

SunMoon-Scorpio-Aquarius.jpg Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Aquarius

Sun in Scorpio makes you intense, mysterious and sensitive. You are intuitive and a natural detective as you dig deep beneath the surface and pursue the truth. Moon in Aquarius adds intensity to your intuition and to your emotions.

Your feelings can seem all consuming but you also have a tendency to get deeply involved in your inner, emotional life and then suddenly, abruptly, move on to something else.

You can be a mystery to others but you also prefer it this way. It adds to your mystique and attractiveness. You are creative, insightful and futuristic. You have a sense of trends on the horizon and are ahead of your time.

Highly intellectual, you can seem detached at times. You crave deep connection with others but are also baffled by intimate relationships. It’s easier for you to intellectualize your feelings and this can help you process things and come to higher understanding. It can also help you create emotional distance. You can come across as cold and unfeeling as a result.

A researcher by nature, you love expanding your mind and achieving breakthroughs which can be shocking or challenging to others. Your emotional life may seem erratic and hectic but also exciting. You are intuitive and may take an interest in psychology, the occult, sciences and taboo subjects.

You have the heart of a humanitarian and can be attracted to groups and grass roots organization. Yet once involved, you prefer to maintain the perspective of an observer and outsider, never really wanting to lose your sense of individual identity within the group.

This can lead you to constantly rebel even when you agree with those around you. Your inner life can be tumultuous even though you try hard to maintain an exterior of cool composure and want to be seen as being in control.

Sun in Scorpio sextile Moon in Aquarius

Sun in Scorpio sextile Moon in Aquarius creates balance between your innovative, rebellious and creative side and your aura of authority and control. You are strategic but also able to break new ground when you need to.

You can be impulsive but are usually following your instincts. You are intense but this helps motivate you. Your emotions can be powerful catalysts for change and this keeps you from becoming obsessed with one specific person or path.

You try to be intellectual and objective but can also be deeply sensitive and intuitive. Your creativity and originality helps you create significant strides as a humanitarian and advocate for others.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Scorpio square Moon in Aquarius

Sun in Scorpio square Moon in Aquarius brings out tension between your intuitive, deep and sensitive side and your desire for change and progress. You may spend time researching and creating a strategy only to sabotage this by suddenly changing direction or burning bridges.

You desire control and power but also want to topple the power structure in favor of the underprivileged and may struggle to reconcile your conflicting attitudes about wealth and status. You can be materialistic but also want to periodically cut ties with people and resources and start over. You are attractive and enigmatic but can sabotage relationships because you can go to extremes and alienate people.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Sun in Scorpio trine Moon in Aquarius

Sun in Scorpio trine Moon in Aquarius creates an easy flow of energy between your deep, powerful and intellectual nature and your creativity and intuition. You have a gift for breaking through others’ illusions but in a way that doesn’t trigger their defenses. You can break through defenses in an empowering way.

You may excel as a therapist, healer, advocate or in careers related to research and science. You easily attract others who are drawn to your eccentricities and mysterious nature. You have an uncanny sense of timing and may be on the cutting edge when it comes to investing or adopting trends or lifestyle changes.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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